Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 340-342)

Seema reminds Shayl that she had left Rachna s studies to her in laws. Mayank supports Gunjan .Gunjan replies that she should have been informed earlier and she would have waited for her college to finish. Prabhu comes in and supports Gunjan and Seema argues that before marriage Mayan never even searched for his hankie. Mayank says she is his wife first and tells her to finish her studies. Seema is furious and say s the only thing left now is that she should press her Gunjan's legs.

Prabhu tells them to go as this will keep continuing , Mayank tells Gunjan to cheer up and tells her that his mom s heart is soft and he will make sure she agrees to her going to college and they leave. Rachna is counting money and Vihaan comes and gives some more she asks him from

where did he get it and he says he stole money from his father s safe and Rachna says she does not want it.They end up arguing and Rachna threatens to break the partnership and Vihaan agrees saying he will party with the money. Vihaan says that let s go to a bankas they give loans to small scale industries as he knows someone in the bank. Rachna is touched and thanks him as he is her biggest support he tells her to rest on his shoulder and Rachna stops s the converstion saying they have work.

Mayank drops Gunjan to college and Chaya and other girls tell him to drop Gunjan till class room. He agrees and they take them to a room which is decorated to congratulate them. Mayan are happy and the whole college cheers and even Rachna comes. They cut a cake and everyone enjoys. Chaya tells them to take pheras around a chair and they will decide the vaadas. Gunjan sits on a chair and wjile Mayank has to promise by taking pheras around a chair that

1 he will let her roam with her friends
2 every year he will take her on a trip
3 he will help n household work
4 he will take her weekly once on a date
5 will be the first person to wish her on her bday
6 will give his credit card when she goes to shop
7 he will keep her happy life long and make sure she never cries

The girls tease that they will ask Gunjan about the honeymoon. The girls tell Gunjan that she is lucky she can dress up as she wants as in their house even studying is an issue after marriage.

Rachna wants to tell Gunjan something but Gunjan tells her instead that Seema does not want her to continue college and Rachna is shocked.She thinks how can she tell her problems when Gunjan has her own.

Mayank comes to pick Gunjan up and is waving at her classmates Gunjan feels possessive and drags him out. He tells her he made an excuse of field work so that can go for a movie but Gunjan says let s go back and fix his mom s mood. They come back and try to talk sweetly and Gunjan apologizes and says she is lucky to be a part of this family and she will learn everything . They have even got her fav sweets and even kachori s which Seema loves.Gunjan says she will make tea. Shayl thinks that Rachna has not come home.

Vihaan and Rachna have opened a joint account and then the manager asks that are they married they say they are partners. They ask for a loan of 1 lakh and Vihaan keeps his car as guarantee for Rachna Creations and the manager promises them 70000. Rachna hugs Vihaan in front of the manager.

Mayank thanks Gunjan for handling Seema. Gunjan says his family is hers and she will do everything that they accept her. During dinner Gunajn comes down in t shirt and pyjamas Seema and Sangeeta dont like it and Seema tells her to change Rachna and Gunjan question them. Rachna get s angry and says that earlier Gunjan was allowed and when Mayank does not have an issue why should they. Shayl get s a taunt that this is the reason of educating girls , the girl who never opened her mouth is answering them. They even taunt Rachna that she has ruined so much and she get s up and goes . Mayank and Gunjan are informed about Rachna s carelessness and the resulting fire destroyed the entire shop.

When Seema is blaming Rachna Prabhu get s angry and asks her to shut up and tells Dayal and Shayl not to feel bad. Mayank asks Shayl and Dayal why he was not informed. Prabhu tells him about the short circuit Dayal leaves the dining table. Slowly everyone leaves in disgust and only Seema and sangeeta are left.

Gunjan tells Shayl she is very brave , and Shayl tells her to be with Rachna as she is having a tough time.

Rachna is lost in the taunts and Gunjan comes in and they eat . Gunjan sees few of Rachna s bags and the decoration stuff and she get s curious. Rachna then tells her everything. Seema and Sangeeta are talking and Sangeeta tells her what if Mayank leaves the house so tells her to act smart and apologize to Gunjan. Seema comes to Mayank s room and acts that she is sorry and he t ells her that Gunjan is in Rachna s room and she decides to go there and say sorry to both.Gunjan is very excited and happy as she is the only one who knows . Rachna says she does not want to tell her chachis and wants to become her dad s son. Gunjan supports her and Rachan says Vihaan is with her and Gunjan screams Vihaan and Seema enters . Both the girls are shocked but Seema talks about the incident on the dining table and Gunjan says she does not mind then she says the same to Rachna who says she does not mind either.

Rachna thinks something is fishy as Seema apologized and Gunjan puts her doubts to rest. Gunjan gets up early next morning and tells Shayl she will learn everything and start with pooja. Seema is happy and thinks its better to use ‘Love’ like Sangeeta suggested. Gunjan does arti and offers prasad to Seema and bua. Seema tells her to get medicines for Bua and make a glass of warm water for her.

Rachna says she needs to go to college early and cant have breakfast which Gunjan prepared. Gunjan gives her a box with breakfast for two. Gunjan wakes Mayank with coffee and asks him if he can take a loan to help Dayal. Mayank says he will do something and not to worry.

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