Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 153-155)

Neetu is getting restless waiting for Sahil. Sahil comes and she informs him about Tai. Kalpi is waiting at the bus stop and thinking about her Holi with Raghav. She thinks if he reaches before her then what she will say. Just then Raghav comes there in his car. He asks Kalpi to sit in it. She refuses and says will go herself, but he insists her and she sits. She keeps calling him ‘sir’ which he doesn’t like. He asks her to call him Raghav. Kalpi says how can she call him with his name. They stop at a signal. A boy comes to sell flowers. Raghav tells him to tell Kalpi to call him with his name and after that he will buy flowers from him, but the boy also calls him sir. Raghav buys the flowers regardless and then gives them to Kalpi. Kalpi smiles. Raghav then asks her for dinner. She doesn’t say anything and smiles. Raghav takes it as a yes.

Vitthal wants to go with Kamla, but he has to go on his duty as well. Kamla tells him to go and she will manage it. Vitthal gets Kamla and Tai an auto. Sahil and Neetu are in their car outside. Sahil is shocked to see Tai. He orders the goons to shut her mouth. The goons say there is another lady with her. Sahil asks them to do same with her as Tai. Neetu asks how he can kill Kamla. Sahil says he doesn’t have any other option. The goons’ car follow the auto.

Kalpi is thinking how she alone can go to dinner with Raghav, but then thinks nothing is wrong with it. She thinks of asking Kamla and also tell her everything. She calls her and says she is in a confusion. Before she tells anything more, the goons attack on Kamla and Tai. They try to take Tai away. Kamla fights. Kalpi gets worried hearing their screams. Raghav comes and he takes the phone. He hears the screams and leaves from there with Kalpi. Sammy gives Kamla’s location to Raghav and they get in the car to go there. Raghav tells Kalpi not to worry, Kamla will be fine.

Kamla tries her best to stop the goons, but they push her. Kamla takes the soil and throws it at the goons. She runs with Tai. The goons chase them. Kamla asks Tai to go and she beats the goons with a rod. She then again runs. The goons chase her and ask about Tai. Kamla asks them why they want to kill them. Raghav’s car is coming there. They push Kamla and Raghav stops his car on the last moment. They get off and ask Kamla if she’s okay. Raghav beats the goons up and they run away from there. Raghav asks Kamla about the goons. She says they came to kill Tai. She doesn’t see Tai anywhere and searches for her. Raghav and Kalpi stop her. Kamla says they will need to go to police station. They leave. Tai is reading a newspaper when Raghav’s car passes from there and they fail to see her. Tai is not feeling good and she is walking on heavy-trafficked street. Several cars and bikes pass by her. She bends down to adjust her slippers and just then Pakhi is driving from there. She spots Tai and stops the car on last moment. Tai sees the car very close to her and gets scared.

The lady falls on the road. Pakhi stops her car, she has hit her little. People are so angry at her. Pakhi asks are you okay ? She says yes I am okay. Kamla, Pakhi and Kalpi come to the police station. Sammy calls and says that the pay can’t be paid. Raghav says but I can’t come. Kamla says no you should go a lot of houses depend on the salary you give them. We will fire the report. I will call Vitthal if we need any help. Raghav says no I will come with you. Kamla says no you should go. He says okay call me if there is some problem. A guy asks Pakhi that her treatment will cause 20 thousand give it to me. The lady says ;leave. I don’t need any help.

Kamla enters the police station they say that you have to eat its lunch time. She says but its 3 pm. He says what when you call us at 3 am isn’t that sleeping time. Kamla says please its too urgent. The inspector is so rude. Kamla says 20 years ago we met a lady. She tells the whole story to the inspector. Kamla says 4 men attacked her I tried to save her but she is missing since then. Please find her. He asks what’s her name. She says I don’t know. He gets angry and says you know nothing what can I write in the report. Pakhi says thanks to the lady. She says I want to go home. Pakhi says yes let's take you. The lady says turn on the AC. Pakhi asks where is your home. She says there. Pakhi asks where ? The inspector is so rude to Kamla. Kalpi says how dare you to talk like this. I will go to higher authorities and complain to them about you. He says do you know about this what higher authorities mean. He asks a lady cop to make them sit and says don’t let them go until we find that lady. Kalpi says this is illegal. How can you blame us. He says this is our duty. Now see how this English will get out of you. You will be here until we don’t find that lady. Kamla says you are wrong. She is in danger. A cop says these small people are so after money.

Raghav comes in and says let me call the authorities. He says please sir forgive me. Vitthal comes with him as well. He begs Kamla to stop him. He is so scared. Kalpi is so disappointed. Raghav asks Kalpi are you okay ? She says yes. Kamla says Vitthal I am so worried for her. Where can she be.

Raghav comes to Kamla’s home with them. Kamla thanks him. He says don’t be please have some rest. Kamla says let me bring biscuits. Vitthal says I asked you to stay away from all this now see what has happened ? Kamla says she is in trouble I can’t leave her alone. I am so worried about her. She serves biscuits to Raghav he says please sit. Don’t worry I will talk to commissioner we will find her. He says I have to leave now, take care.

He finds Kalpi downstairs. She is remembering all the accusations of the inspector. She is in tears on the way he insulted them. Raghav comes and sits beside her. He says I am planning on taking your ai baba on dinner tomorrow. It will diver their minds. She says please sir. He says we will go in your favorite bus. I can go now I am used to it now. Kalpi stands up and says do you find it easy / What you think that our worlds are so different. The same cop who insulted us started begging when you came. You don’t know how he saw me, what he said to me. Because I live in a chowl and they respect people like you. You can’t come in my world neither can I be in yours. We are like two different ends that can’t be bridged. You are my boss and I am your employee and that’s our truth that I face today.

Raghav says to Kalpi please give me a chance to talk. I know what happened today did hurt you but don’t blame me. You say there are two types of people. Everyone is different, so am I. So will be the world of our love and it will have nothing to do with rest of the world. Look into my eyes don’t you see my love and respect for you. Love doesn’t care about world. Whats my fault if I am Raghav and I live in a bungalow and you live in a chowl. Does these things change the thoughts ? Kalpi says yes they do sir. You don’t know that a daughter who is pride of her mom what happens to her when her mom is insulted in front of her. The cop said I have a lot of warmth in me, should I end this. You came and it was all like magic. Suddenly we got respect. Why ? When the differences
can change his thoughts then why can’t ours. Love is just a dream. World speaks and listen on the power of money and I don’t have it. We are so different nothing can bridge it. Please leave me alone. I will solve my problems. Thanks for what you did. She turns on the other side. Raghav comes closer to her and says this maybe truth that I haven’t suffered like you but your pain hurts me more. There is a bridge that transfers all the pain and happiness. I wish you could understand me. He leaves the chowl and Kapi turns towards home. Pakiya asks is everything okay ? Kalpi nods.

Doctor dresses the lady’s bruise. She says she is okay now. Pakhi asks do you remember any number or address. She says no. Pakhi asks where are you going and she says where can I ? Where will you take me. Pakhi says there is a place.

Pakiya comes up and asks kamla is she okay ? She says yes but we have to find the lady and the people who attacked her. Pakiya says you never take care of yourself. Kalpi says yes I wonder why they want to kill her. Tell me how you know her? Kamla says its about 20 years ago. We were in mandir and saw a lady chased by some thugs. They wanted to kill her. When we came closer she held Kamla’s hand. Kamla says I held it forever. She seems to be from a well off family. No one knows where she belongs to. She has lost her memory. Vitthal says I didn’t want Kamla to take care of her. Then we sent her to an institution. They sent her out two weeks ago that’s why I took her here. Kalpi says what will happen if someone will kill her now.

Pakhi stops her car and the lady rests in it. Sahil calls someone and says I want her dead body. Nettu says what will we do now. Sahil says its because of you. She says i told you about her. Pakhi enters the house. Nettu says you are angry at me. Mummy ji says don’t know why they are fighting since morning. Pakhi says I will check it out. Sahil is about to slap Nettu. She says this was left. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have told you about her. Sahil goes out but Pakhi hides behind the door. Pakhi wonders how will they help her. I shouldn’t keep her here. Mummy ji stops Pakhi and asks where are you going ? She says I am coming in a few minutes. Sahil goes in his car. The driver stops the car. Sahil comes out and goes towards Pakhi. He asks where are you going ? She says to meet a friend.

Raghav recalls what Kalpi said to him. He is drinking. He says she is not understanding me. What did I do that makes her think that I care about her. Kalpi is also recalling Raghav’s words. Door knocks Pakhi is there. Kamla asks what are you doing here. She turns aside and the lady is there.psmiles.

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