Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 114-116)

Pakhi gets stunned to hear about Kalpi's marriage, while Nettu feels glad. Then again, Kalpi begins her arrangement for the next exam, as she needs to make her family proud. In the interim, Aai also begins her arrangement to find a groom for Kalpi. 

Aaji discloses to Vithal's family that she has found a marriage request for Kalpi. Kalpi tells that she has as of now says that she isn't prepared to get married. Aaji about to slap her yet Kalpi's mom comes in between and gets the slap. Afterward, Kalpi tells that she has a job in a big hotel and in the wake of working for a month she will be made a permanent staff.

In the mean time, Paki's car broke down and a some blockheads begin insulting her on the road. Raghav comes and saves her. Paki asks Raghav that does he have a girlfriend, however Raghav doesn't answer her and leaves Paki at her home. In the mean time, Kalpi on her first day at work guarantees her mom Kamla that she won't let her feel down concerning her ever. 

It is first day of Kalpi at a hostel as a waitress, and she gets trained by the manager for the same. Then, Pakhi cautions her mom that she shouldn't abuse Kamla Ma. Pakhi goes to meet Kamla Ma and invites her for lunch. Pakhi and Kamla go for lunch in the same hotel where Kalpi is working as a waitress.

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