Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 386-387)

Roshni tells her mother that Siddharth was pressurized to sign on the divorce papers and that Siddharth is right, but she didn’t believe on Shabnam. She apologizes to Shabnam. Shabnam also apologizes to her. Roshni says it might be Siddharth’s plan. Durgardevi then looks for her phone. Kunal tells Bansi that they should leave with Roshni, before Siddharth does anything and that Siddharth can also get them arrested. The servant gives Durgardevi back her phone. Durgardevi calls Siddharth, but his phone is unreachable.

Shaku calls Bansi and informs her that they have betrayed her. She tells Bansi Raj pretends to be in love with her and betrayed her. Bansi asks her to do as she says to take revenge. Shaku agrees. Siddharth comes to Nirona and asks where is Dr. Shah. Durgardevi gets worried for Siddharth. Just then, she gets the kidnapper’s call informing her that Siddharth is kidnapped. The goon asks her to come to Nirona and meet him. They make her hear Siddharth’s voice. Durgardevi informs Naani that Siddharth is kidnapped and is in Nirona. Naani is shocked too. She hopes that Siddharth is fine. Naani asks Durgardevi not to waste time and go to rescue Siddharth. Durgardevi asks her mother what about Roshni and her (Naani)?

Nanni assures Durgar that she can get Raj and Simran’s help and asks her to go. Durgardevi agrees. Premal asks Bansi, what is her plan? Bansi tells him their way is cleared now and they will make them reach to the right place and it will be their last attack. Siddharth still in the kidnapper’s captivity. Siddharth hears someone voice and asks who are you? The man replies he is asked to come near the hospital and then he was kidnapped. Siddharth asks who are you? The man says he is Dr. Shah. Siddharth realizes that he is the same doctor whom he is searching for. He frees his hands and tries to talk to Dr. Shah.

Bansi asks Premal to keep all the stuff of Naani in the bag and that she will send her to old age home. Roshni asks how dare you? Nanni tells Bansi either she will go to old age home or jail and that her grand daughter will not sign on the papers. Roshni asks why will she go to jail, and asks what has she done. Naani folds her hands and asks her not to do this. Bansi threatens her that she will tell the secret to her grand daughter. Naani folds her hands. Roshni says it is all rubbish and asks Naani not to cry. Kunal says Bansi can spoil anything. Roshni asks him to stay out of it. Kunal says he will tell the truth and Roshni should know. Roshni asks Naani to tell her what the secret is all about. Kunal tells Roshni her Naani can’t say it. Bansi then tells Roshni that Alaknanda is not her Naani ( grandmother). Roshni is shocked. Shabnam is shocked too. Naani sits down in shock. Kunal add that Durgardevi is not her mother.

Roshni is more shock when Bansi Maasi add that Durgardevi is not her mother. She is shattered knowing the bitter truth. Naani tell Roshni that she is her Naani. Roshni cries badly. On the other hand, Siddharth tells Dr. Shah that he came in search of him. Dr. Shah asks why was he searching for him. Siddharth takes out the brick to talk to him. Dr. Shah asks who is he? Siddharth tells the doctor he came to solve the puzzle. Durgardevi comes to Nirona and asks a person about Siddharth. He says he saw her and asks her to come. Meanwhile, Siddharth asks Dr. Shah about Durgardevi's delivery. Dr. Shah tells him that Durgardevi gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby but Bansi Maasi made him lie to Naani and kept gun on his head. She swapped Durgardevi's alive baby with Heera Lal's dead baby, and then forced Naani to steal her own baby. He says further that Naani thought that she is stealing Heera Lal's baby, but the baby is actually Durgardevi's baby.

Siddharth asks him if he will give his statement. Dr. Shah says yes that they will also get the DNA done. Siddharth tells him they have to leave from here. Bansi tries to throw Naani and Shabnam out of the house. Naani asks Shabnam to rescue her. Bansi tells Naani either she will go to jail or the old age home. Roshni comes that she is ready to sign on the divorce papers. Naani also tells Roshni she is ready to go to hell for her and asks her not to sign on these papers. She folds her hands and asks her not to sign. Roshni tells Naani that it is a small thing for her and that Naani have given her love and kept her like a princess and it is her duty to protect her. Naani again asks her not to sign and cries. Roshni gives the papers to Bansi after signing on it. Bansi gets happy and says Roshni will marry Kunal now. Naani cries. Roshni is in tears. Kunal looks at her and says his wait is over. He will get her forever. On the other hand, The man takes Durgardevi to the place where he had kept Siddharth. Siddharth frees Dr. Shah’s hands.

Durgardevi tells the man that the place seems to be strange. She gets inside. Meanwhile, Naani tells Roshni that what she will she tell her mother's Durgar and Siddharth. Roshni replies that Siddharth will return and will make everything fine but she couldn’t leave her alone. She is her responsibility, how could she let her Naani leave. Her life starts with her Naani and ends on her. Naani says our life too. They wait for Siddharth and Durgardevi to come. Roshni tells her Naani they will take the police’s help. She hugs Naani and cries. Shabnam hears their conversation. Naani hopes Durgardevi and Siddharth should come soon. Later, Bansi comes to Roshni’s room and asks her to come for her mehendi. Naani asks her not to do this. Bansi asks Premal to kept Naani closed in the room till the marriage happens. On the other hand, the man take Durgardevi there and is about to lock her there. Siddharth beats him up and asks who have sent him here. He asks Dr. Shah and Durgardevi to come with him.

While in the car, Dr. Shah informs Durgardevi that Roshni is her own daughter. Durgardevi gets emotional and tell the doctor she have been living in guilt that Roshni is not her daughter. Siddharth says they have to reach Mumbai soon. The goon calls Bansi and informs her that they have eloped. Bansi asks the goon to kill them and project the murder as accident. Dr. Shah tell Durgardevi he can understand her emotions. Siddharth declared he will teach a lesson to Bansi and her family. Bansi calls the flowers merchant and asks him to send flowers as her grand son is getting married to his wife again. Premal tells Bansi he has cut the wires of the landline phone. Bansi says well done and hopes the marriage happens fast.

Premal takes Naani to a room. Shabnam asks Premal what is he doing? She can’t let him do this with her sister? Bansi takes Shabnam to a room. Roshni sadly looks on.

Durgardevi calls Roshni, Nanni, Mona, and Raj, but their phones are switched off. Shaku is seen kidnapping Raj and throws his phone away. Simran gets worried about Raj. Bunty comes and says father ( Raj ) isn’t at home. Kritika tries to call Siddharth, but his number is unreachable. Kritika tells them there is something wrong for sure and they all get worried. Bansi pushes Shabnam on the floor. Shabnam asks Bansi why did she change their plan, when they have decided. Bansi replies that she was worried that their plan will fail and that’s why she changed the plan. Shabnam tells Bansi that her plan will never fail and that’s why she took Roshni out of that car and she knew that it is the only way to enter the house and her plan is to separate Roshni and Siddharth. She further tells Bansi that she had killed Siddharth, but lost her heart in that Raghu game and she can’t leave him. Kunal will get Roshni and she will get her Siddharth and she won’t let this family stay peacefully. Bansi tells Shabnam that Siddharth has to die and asks her to forget him. Shabnam tells Bansi that her dreams are safe and warns her asking not to mess with her. The goon says that he had compromised with Siddharth’s car brakes.

Roshni sits for her mehendi. Siddharth realizes that his car brakes are not working, and tells Durgardevi. He loses the balance. Dr. Shah falls down and dies instantly. Durgardevi and Siddharth try to wake him up and says they have lost the only proofs. Kunal receives the call from the goon and he is happy. Roshni prays to God. Kunal comes to her and asks her to stop praying and asks her to show her ego during their wedding night. Roshni asks him not to dare touch her. Kunal writes his name on her hand. Roshni cries asking him to leave her. Kunal tells Roshni he is her real husband. Roshni replies that Siddharth’s name is written on her heart and on her every breathe. Shabnam thinks she will remove Siddharth from her memory. Durgardevi and Siddharth try to take a lift. On the other hand, Mona, Kesar and Naani try to open the door. Raj is seen in Shaku’s captivity. Shabnam tells Kunal that she will do everything and asks him to concentrate on his marriage. She signal to Bansi. Bansi asks Roshni to come as the mahurat time has come.

Durgardevi and Siddharth somehow manage to get lift and reach home. Kunal seeks Bansi’s blessings and sits for the marriage. The pundit starts the mantras. Durgardevi and Siddharth try to take lift to their apartment, but it was stuck, so they walk to the stairs. Shabnam says her sister is ready for marriage and smirks. Just then, Siddharth and Durgardevi knock on the door, but nobody opens the door. Siddharth then says he will break the door. Just then Roshni opens the door. Siddharth is shocked to see her in villager look. Durgardevi is also shocked and couldn’t believe on her eyes. Roshni looks at them.

Roshni greets them and asks whom they want to meet? She tells Bansi that someone came. Durgardevi and Siddharth enter the house but are shocked to see that Roshni does not recognize them at all. Siddharth calls her and asks why she is not recognizing him. Roshni asks him to move back. Durgardevi and Siddharth are shocked.

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