Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 376--378)

Rachana’s father tells Shayl to start preparations for tomorrow. Rachana doesn’t seem happy, but she doesn’t say anything.

Mayank returns home and he sees someone watching TV. He goes to check and it’s Gunjan watching their wedding photos. They both recall how many difficulties they had to face before finally getting together. Gunjan says that she is not taking anyone’s side because both sides are right and then asks him if they didn’t get another chance, then would he have lived his entire life with Charu? Mayank says Gunjan is life for him and both hug each other. Gunjan now explains to him that it’s same case with Rachana. She loves Vihaan and if she marries to someone else, then her life will become hell as well, just like Mayank’s life.

Mayank thanks Gunjan for making him realize this.

Rachana is crying and remembering all the memories with Vihaan. Gunjan and Mayank come there. Mayank tells Rachana that even when she was 1 year old, he made her tie rakhi to him and everyone was laughing. Every time, he takes off all the rakhis, except the one that Rachana ties him and today his hand is empty. He asks her won’t she tie rakhi to him? Gunjan gives rakhi to Rachana and she ties it to Mayank. Mayank then promises her that he will fulfill his brother’s duty and will never let Rachana be sad. They hug.

Rachana is sleeping and Shayl comes there. She forwards her hand to touch her, but cant’ do it. She then just adjusts the blanket and then turns to leave, but Rachana holds her hand and stops her. Rachana asks her what’s the matter. Shayl asks her if today she feels like if she was born in other family, then it would be much better. Rachana covers her mouth and asks her why she is saying like this. Shayl says in this age, heart-relationships matter more than blood-relationships, but Rachana says it’s nothing like that and she knows that her parents will never think anything wrong for her. Shayl is very happy to see such maturity and sensitivity in Rachana. Shayl hugs Rachana, and in her mind asks for forgiveness.

Next morning, Gunjan and Mayank tell each other how they can’t live without each other and last few days were so difficult for them. Rachana asks him never to leave her like this because he is her strength.

Rachana’s father is on the phone, checking preparations. His battery dies and he has to leave his phone in the house. Gunjan and Mayank see that and Gunjan comes up with a plan. After he leaves, buaji comes there. Gunjan tells Mayank to keep her busy and she will take the phone. Mayank is able to take buaji elsewhere, but then Mayank’s mother comes there. When Mayank returns, he tries to keep her busy. When she leaves, now Shayl comes there. Gunjan acts of cleaning the desk and quietly picks up the phone. Shayl doesn’t see it, but finds Gunjan’s behavior strange. She tells Gunjan not to do anything in front of the guests.. if they can’t do anything, then at least respect whatever decision they took for Rachana. Gunjan says in her mind that she always respected Shayl’s decision, but not today. Today she has to think only about Rachana.

Gunjan calls the family who is supposed to come to the family to see Rachna as Shayl. Dayal gets lot of food stuffs home and Prabhu helps. Seema and Sangeeta want to taste the preparations and on seeing Prabhu helping she tells him that she needs some saree which is kept on top. Dayal tells him that the outsiders should think family is one while Seema takes him away. Rachna sulking thinking about Vihaan holds the saree kept in front of her. Mayank comes up to Dayal and Shayl while Gunjan is hiding Piu comes in and asks Shayl why she does not want to get Rachna married and she told them not to come. Shayl says she dint call anyone , Piyu again accuses her and she says she dint even know the number. Piu tells she has convinced them to come. Seema is trying to eat sweets but Prabhu catches her. Some ladies come to collect money for janmashtmi and the prize money for krishna leela is one lakh. Prabhu taunts her how she will go without Krishna(shayl). Seema says she will take Sangeeta. Mayank goes to Rachna s room where Shayl is to talk to her but Pihu does not let it happen. Mayank and Gunjan want to go to the boy s house but they are already at the door. ( the guy is better than the cartoon bobby ) Gunjan is cooking some story of Rachna falling down but Pihu tries to handle it but the father leaves Mayank is happy. The whole family is angry and Pihu adds masala taunting Seema that they had their revenge by breaking Rachna s rishta.

Seema is taunting Shayl and includes financial matters, Mayank tells her to stop. Seema continues that they dont have any relations with them , bua is shocked . Shayl says Rachna is ideal but Seema balls her fake but Dayal tells her to shut up and he wont hear a word against his wife. He praises his wife that she stood by everyone in their happiness and he was always relieved of the family matters because of Shayl. He tells they can stay separately and leave gunjan Mayank and everyone leaves. Only Sangeeta and Seema remain Sangeeta says how can they celebrate festival now after so much but Seema vows to celebrate on a grand scale.

Seema and the whole family are shocked to see Shayl. The crowd cheers and They perform beautifully they get a standing applause . Gunjan and Rachna are happy and conclude that its Lord Krishna s blessing . In the performance Seema tells Shayl ie Krishna not to go but shayl s lines are she has to go . The host says judges praised garg family and even crowd is screaming their name. SD is upset , some ladies come and praise Shayl who credits everyone and says that she did it for family prestige but now she has to do something for her small family. Two criminals have run away from jail they have a gun and police is hunting for them. Mayan are also searching for two men. Gargs win. SD feels its like match fixing , Shayl does not go to the stage and reminds Rachna that they need to go as they are leaving the house. Prabhu wants to call Shayl but Seema butt s in. Gunjan and Mayank are searching for men in pink scarf even the criminals have donned the same. Seema has a cheque of 1 lakhs and is boasting and Prabhu praises Shayl. Seema wants to go to mumbai or some exotic place Gopal and Prabhu want to give money to Dayal but she refuses. Gunjan tells the criminals to scare her family thinking they are actors.

The family reaches home Seema is putting food in the kitchen Sangeeta enters and tries to butter her with sweet talks and gets scolded . Sangeeta praises Shayl which irritates Seema and she leaves. The actors are caught by police but they are released when their faces are matched to a photo. The actors have no idea about Gunjan s address and decide to call her . Gunjan and Mayank come home with the criminals . Dayal, shayl prabhu are all thinking about tomorrow but Seema is sleeping peacefully. Gunjan calls the criminal in and they ask where the kitchen is they remove a knife and she says this is not required , they tell her she need not teach them about their work. 

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