Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 361-363)

Shayl tells her to go but SD says she has no time to keep coming here but she has come to take aafat ki pudiya Rachna. She tells the family that Rachna has told the police about Vihaan s innocence she comes in asks Rachna about the call. She blames her for Vihaan being in jail so its her responsiblity to get him out. The police want to hear from Rachna s mouth. SD wants Rachna to speak the truth as Vihaan will go to jail for seven years and his fututre will be spoilt. Rachna remembers Mayank s job being in danger and is crying. Gunjan says Rachna does not know anything and Prabhu says someone must have made a prank call. SD taunts Rachna that she was painting the town red with Vihaan and the whole family is covering her deeds. She promises that she will not sit silently and leaves. Rachna is crying and runs to her room and Gunjan follows her . Rachna says what Vihaan might be thinking about her they hear a noise and come out to see what happened.

Dayal is upset and Prabhu tells him SD is taking advantage of the situation but Dayal shuts him up and goes.

Mayank is thinking he needs to help Dayal with money so he needs the job. A colleague comes and tells him to take rest as he says he has a headache.

Seema and Sangeeta are in the kitchen talking when Shayl comes in. Sangeeta tells shayl that SD and police coming is not a good thing as its a shareefon ka mohalla Seema says she cant stop the police from coming but Rachna is not a kid to pamper her its time to tighten the reins 

 Seema continues that Rachna should become responsible now and she is also her daughter. Gunjan thinks she needs to talk to Mayank as Vihaan is suffering. Mayank comes in the room when Gunjan asks him for tea he walks out. Shayl apologizes for the trouble they are facing and tells them she will take care . Mayank walks in the kitchen and Seema tells him about the police coming and Rachna s phone call. Mayank comes to the room and Gunjan tries to explain but Mayank is upset as she is choosing a man who stabed their back once. They argue and Mayank tells her that Rocky is his boss s son. He tells if Vihaan is innocent he will come out on his own but why do you want to put your husband s career at stake.
Dholu gets food for Rachna but she does not eat shayl comes
in and tries to feed her Rachna says she wont eat. Shayl is angry that she has nt eaten for three days Rachna says there is no one to ask Vihaan for water. Shayl is angry and lectures her that his lawyer will take care of his innocence and she should only worry about her family s prestige. She says you should not be allowed to go out and locks Rachna in the room Dayal sees .
Sangeeta is telling Seema that teej has come Seema wants to talk to Gunjan and tells Dholu to call her.

Rachna s door opens its Dayal he tells her she has started to earn while he is the unemployed father but pleads not to ruin his prestige more and asks Shayl not to lock her.

Seema asks Gunjan to stay away from Rachna as she is her daughter in law but Gunjan says she cant as she is her sister and best friend Mayank hears everything and is tensed he calls her and asks her to come up with him and says he wants her help in typing his resignation letter. Gunjan asks him to stop but he says its better to resign than being kicked out.

Gunjan tells him to stop emotional blackmail and asks him who is he protecting Rocky a criminal over Vihaan who was helping his sister. Vihaan s future is at stake while he can get a job . Mayank holds her hand and asks if she will help her. Gunjan leaves. Rachna thinking about her dad s words while Gunjan in tears between who to chose Rachna or Mayank. She goes out and Shayl is there she tells her she is missing her mom. Gunjan says Sneha would praise Shayl in handling situations and would consider her idol. She cries her heart out saying what should she do , support the truth or her family and asks Shayl what would she do in her place. 

Shayl tells her would always chose her family as she is because of her family. Gunjan asks what if she had to chose between truth and family would nt she feel ashamed. Shayl says its very late she should sleep Gunjan says Sneha told her to listen to her heart in such situations Shayl says her mom was right and leaves. Next morning Gunjan gets up remembers Shayl s words and wakes Rachna taking her to the terrace. She gives her a cd with proof of Vihaan s innocence Rachna remembers her dad and Mayank s words and says she wont go. Gunjan peps her that Vihaan did so much for you and tells lets go to the police station. She tells you were also taught to tell the truth and if she does not open up Vihaan will be branded as a drug peddlar Rachna takes the CD and agrees to go. Gunjan is pleased and says today is teej so no one will know if we go missing Rachna tells her not to come as its her fight and Mayank is upset with Gunjan. Mayank gets up and sees Gunjan is trying to wear a saree Mayank compliments her and asks her what s the occasion. Gunjan says she is a modern cum traditional wife. Mayank agrees to fast with her. He hugs her and when he leaves Gunjan thinks not to judge her love by one action of hers. Gunjan is getting preparations done Dholu is clicking her pictures and they promote a new movie channel. Seema and Shayl are impressed but Seema tells her she forgot to apply sindoor. . Gunjan agrees to apply . Mayank tells Rachna to learn everything so that it will be good when for her when she gets married. Rachna offers to help Gunjan and when everyone leaves she confider she is scared but Gunjan tells she has set everything and to wait for her isha ra. Shayl looks at them whispering.

Piu comes , the ladies are happy she tells them Gunjan has invited her. She goes to meet Gunjan and Rachna who are talking and Gunjan is about to hand over the cd when Piu walks in and screams CD

Garg’s house decorated for teej all by Gunjan and Pihu enters bringing a saaree and a suit for both the girls as the family invited her at their home. Gunjan calling Mayank at home early than the normal time as Mayank is on fast for teej. Celebrations going on in Garg’s house. Some lady complementing Rachna that she is looking pretty so they should marry her. Gunjan on swing( I dont know exactly what to call it) and as soon as Rachna calls her Gunjan dramatize to fall from the swing. Here Vihaan asking for tea in the lockup and asking if a girl named Rachna came there or not? Rachna searching for CD. Family treating Gunjan’s feet. Gunjan got successful in diverting family’s mind. Here Rachna goes by hiding her face to piolice station . Here family completing their pooja. Mayank’s boss asking him if everything is all set as tomoorow is the hearing of court in drugs case n Mayank assured that all is fine as the boss is also threatning him with his words related to his job. Here Rachna in police station giving that CD to Inspector with a letter containing that their are some evidences through which Vihaan could be proved innocent. There was also present the same person who called the drug paddler to alert him about the proof.

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