Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Epiosode 326-327)

Everyone sadly sitting at the dining table, and not eating anything. Tanu thinks she can’t eat until Abhi eats the food else it will look bad. Robin tries to serve rice to Dadi, but Dadi stops him calling Pragya’s name. Everyone is sad. Pragya walks on the road and comes home. Abhi recalls their wedding. Jo Pal Ka Khawabon ka Karwan plays…………..Pragya recalls their moments and cries. Abhi breaks down and cries in room. They hold their respective head and cry, strange!

Sarla is making food and waits for Pragya. They hear radio. The RJ tells about Abhi betraying the viewers and divorcing his wife Pragya. He says Abhi is marrying his old girl friend Tanushree. Sarla and everyone get sad. Bulbul tells that this news shall not reach Pragya. Pragya comes.
Bulbul starts reading the newspaper and is shocked to see Tanu and Abhi’s marriage, and his break up with Pragya. Pragya insists to take newspaper, but Bulbul takes the paper making an excuse.

Tanu gets excited with the news and shares with Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to think about Pragya’s condition hearing the news. Pragya switches on the TV and hears about Abhi and Tanu’s upcoming marriage. Tanu says she must be crying and we shall give sympathy to her. They laugh on Pragya’s condition. Pragya thinks to congratulates Abhi and family. She comes to Mehra house and sees Rachna with the baby. Rachna tells her that she delivered the baby when she left the house. Pragya thinks good about Tanu and her baby and walks in Tanu’s room. Tanu is talking to Nikhil and says it doesn’t matter if the baby is of Abhi’s or yours. Pragya hears her and faints. Tanu thinks why she has fainted. Tanu hears Abhi calling her, and thinks to hide Pragya so that Abhi didn’t get emotional seeing her. Tanu drags Pragya and hides behind the door. Abhi tells Tanu that he want to show her something. Tanu thinks Abhi might see Pragya and takes him out saying she is suffocating here.

Tanu tells Abhi that she is fine now. Abhi shows her card and asks her to approve. Tanu approves it. Abhi tells her that Dadi asked them to invite their relatives personally. Tanu thinks she can’t come because of the appointment with the designer. She thinks to see Pragya and says she can’t let her ruin her marriage plans. She goes to Pragya, while Pragya is still inconscious. She tells her that she can’t give her goodness, and says she can’t let her get closer to Abhi. She says Abhi has still feelings for her, and he will not let her come closer to him, but she can’t let Pragya come near Abhi. Nikhil calls Tanu and asks her to meet him else he will let Abhi know the truth about the baby. Tanu decides to meet him and thinks to hide Pragya before going.

Bulbul asks Sarla about Pragya and tells that she is not in the room. Sarla asks her to call Pragya. Bulbul calls Pragya. Rachna hears the ringtone and comes to room. She sees Pragya’s hand bag and looks for her. She finds her under the bed and is shocked. Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya and their happy, sweet, and love moments. He reminisces asking Pragya to ask him, whatever she needs? Pragya tells him about her prayer. Abhi says we shall wake up the God and asks him to wake up. Abhi looks at the small temple.

Abhi stepping down from his car at a small temple. He asks how can God do this to Pragya? He says Pragya will continue to pray to him and will puja, but he is mere stone for him. He asks her not to snatch him from Pragya. He says he don’t deserve him, but she deserves him. He says he wants Pragya back in his life and says he has to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks he will show his wedding card to Pragya, to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks to make everything fine once she gets emotional and agrees to his sayings. Rachna tries to wake up Pragya. Pragya wakes up and asks where is Tanu and Abhi. Rachna calls Akash and asks about Abhi. Akash tells that Abhi went to office for signing some papers. Pragya says she has to talk to Abhi and inform Abhi. She leaves from there. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya tells her that she needs to talk to Abhi. while in the auto, she thinks Tanu has been fooling her and compelled her to break their marriage. She thinks once she informs Abhi about Tanu’s truth then she can unite with Abhi.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and shows the wedding night. Sarla talks rudely and says Pragya is not at home. Abhi says he is marrying Tanu for Pragya, and if she stops him then he will back off. Sarla says she will not stop Pragya and is proud of her. Bulbul informs Abhi that Pragya went to meet him. Abhi leaves. Abhi sees Pragya’s miss call and calls her. Auto driver picks the call and tells him that she has forgot the phone in his auto. Abhi asks the driver to wait there till he comes. Pragya comes to office, hears Aaliya talking to someone and telling about ruining Abhi. Pragya thinks who is this woman? Aaliya speaks about ruining Abhi’s concert and says Abhi can’t figure out who is behind his bankruptcy. She says Purab will be framed. She says Tanu’s pregnancy will be hidden and they will buy doctor, reports and everything. Pragya thinks she knows about Tanu’s baby secret.

Aaliya sees Pragya standing and cuts the call. Pragya says you wants to ruin your own brother and is framing Purab. She says you are going to ruin both. She asks who is helping you, and asks her not to do this for Abhi’s goodness. Aaliya says Abhi is not her brother and have no relation with him. She says Abhi gave her pain and her love purab hates her so much that he don’t want to see her face. She says Abhi will be pained when his name, fame and money will be snatched from him. Pragya asks Aaliya not to grow hatredness in her heart. She says you have forgotten humanity. She says I am sad that I gave pain to Dadi and Bulbul for you. She says you are selfish and think about yourself. Aaliya says she is selfish and says do you know how it feels how it feels when her loved one is snatched. She says it was her dream to marry Purab, and she will ruin Abhi for ruining her dream.

Aaliya asks why did you come back? You left Abhi naa. She says you are in problem now. You will save whom? At one side is Abhi and other side is Purab, and you can save none. She says nobody will believe you, as this is happening because of you. It is shown it was just Pragya’s imagination to confront Aaliya. Pragya looks at Aaliya and goes. Abhi comes to the auto driver and takes her phone. He thinks why did Pragya came here. He feels Pragya wants to come back to him. Pragya is in shock and thinks her own sister wants to ruin him. Even if I tell him, he will not believe me. Abhi comes to office and enquires with someone. He goes towards his cabin. Pragya leaves and he didn’t see her. He comes to his cabin and asks Aaliya about Pragya. Aaliya tells him that she didn’t come. Aaliya thinks if Pragya came there, and why Abhi is tensed. Pragya is walking on road and thinks about Aaliya betrayal. She thinks Abhi’s love confession and their romantic union. She cries while walking on road and thinks she can’t let wrong happen with Abhi.

Pragya walking on the road and tells that she will not let anything happen to her Kumkum. She thinks about Aaliya’s words and thinks Purab will be framed. She thinks of Tanu’s words about the father of her child. Abhi feels that something wrong has happened. He says please Pragya come to me and I will not let you go. Pragya meets with an accident from Arjun and Purvi’s (of Pavitra Rishta) car. People gathers around her. Arjun takes her in his car to the hospital. Abhi thinks Pragya is fine and will come to him, just as she came to music concert. Abhi looks at a tea stall and stops his car. He gets down and asks the tea shop owner to make tea for him. Some guys come there and identifies Abhi as Rockstar. Purvi asks Arjun to drive fast. Arjun stops his car and asks Abhi
about the address of the hospital. Abhi tells him address. He stops the car and tells that the dupatta is out. He opens the door to move the dupatta, but didn’t see her face. The People standing on the accident spot identifies Pragya to be Abhi’s wife. Abhi comes home and calls Dadi. Dadi is not at home. Abhi thinks where is Pragya then. Tanu asks why you are tensed? Abhi says nothing.

Purvi tells Arjun that the woman is holding mangalsutra in her hand. She blames herself for doing the accident mistakely. Abhi goes to room, Tanu follows him. Abhi calls Robin. Tanu asks what do you want? Abhi asks her to do her work. Tanu asks did Pragya tell anything? Abhi tells her that he went to her house to give wedding card. Tanu thinks Pragya is behind his tension. He says Sarla told that she is proud of her daughter. Tanu is irked and not thankful. She says she is feeling bad for pragya. She says Pragya wants them to be together for baby, who is his. She offers to massage his head. Abhi refuses. He recalls Pragya massaging his head and a flashback is shown. Abhi teases her if she was a massager before becoming a teacher. Pragya gets angry. Abhi makes her sit and massages his head. Pragya also says the same. Abhi says he is a professional massager. Pragya says she will proof that her massage is good. They argue. Tanu is massaging his head and thinks he is happy.

Pragya is rushed to hospital by Purvi and Arjun. Tanu thinks very soon she will take Pragya’s place in his life. Mitali comes and informs him that his fan came home. He told that Pragya went with an accident. Abhi rushes downstairs and asks the fan. The fan tells him about Pragya’s accident. Tanu wishes for Pragya’s death (how selfish). Doctor informs Arjun and Purvi that Pragya has a huge blood loss and asks them to sign on the papers so that they can go ahead with the operation. Arjun says this is ridiculous, a patient can die if we don’t sign. Abhi sees the traffic on road and takes a fan’s bike to reach hospital. Arjun and Purvi think how to contact Pragya’s family member, and is tensed about the h
ospital rule. Abhi is shown on the way to hospital.

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