Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 131-132)

Kamla is extremely worried about her daughter Kalpana. Her worry turns into fear when she finds out from Pakhi that both Kalpana and Raghav have not been traced. Kalpana and Raghav get help from a few people and a doctor. Raghav learns about how Kalpana had served him through out the night to take care of his safety. Kamla and Vitthal together decide to search for Kalpna themselves. Pakhi tries to join them but Pakhi's father asks her to come back home. Sammy finally manages to find Raghav and Kalpana with the help of the police and the localities.

Kamla Bai gets a call from Kalpana. Kamla is relieved that Kalpana is safe and out of any kind of danger. Raghav assures Kamla that he will bring Kalpana home safely. Kamla, now relieved decides to concentrate on other kids. She tries to convince Pinky's mother to send her to school. Pinky's mother refuses and wants Pinky to work and earn. Kamla informs Pinky's parents that Pinky is eligible for a scholarship and all her expenses will be taken care of by the school management. On understanding this and realising Pinky's earnest desire to study, Pinky's parents decide to send their daughter to school. Raghav unnecessarily scolds Kalpana, Kalpana realising that

Raghav always has some kind of problem with her, gives her resignation. Sammy advices Kalpana to talk about it and not take any hasty decisions.

Raghav and Sammy offer lift to Kalpana. Though Kalpana is reluctant at the beginning, she agrees after the others ask her to enter the car. Kalpana reaches home safe. Her parents enquire about the injury she recieved. Kalpana reassures them that she is completely fine. Kamla gets a call from Pakhi to meet her urgently. Kamla leaves everything and goes to Pakhi. Kalpana again feels ignored by her own mother.

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