Update: Monday On Reach For The Star (Episode 120-122)

Pakhi is in love with Raghav. It is Kalpi's first day at Raghav's office and she is exceptionally cheerful to see herself in such a big office.

Raghav Singhania works out his arrangement to destroy Kapoor's family value. He has employed Pakhi as manager and Kalpi as Pakhi's assistant. Raghav orders Pakhi to work on his new projects and asks her not to give anybody a chance to enter his cabin as he is busy with some work. He Tells Pakhi to take Kalpi's help as she is her assistant. Afterward, Pakhi is confused on how she will request Kalpi to work as an assistant with her. She goes to Kalpi's seat and shares about Raghav being a strict boss.

Kalpi is prepared to help Pakhi by watching out for Raghav's cabin. Maya enters Raghav's office and goes towards Raghav's cabin. Kalpi stops Maya and informs that Raghave is occupied and no one is permitted to come in his cabin. Raghav sees Maya's missed call and comes outside to meet her. He chastens Kalpi that Maya ought not stand outside his cabin and she ought to know the instructions well. Afterward, Pakhi is called by Raghav in the cabin. Pakhi is vexed seeing Maya embracing Raghav and being close to her.

Prem tried to bribe Kalpana. He offers her cash in return of the information and arrangements concerning Raghav's company. Kalpana declines point blank as she claims it's against her family's morals. Kamla Bai sees this and cautions Prem never to repeat this. Notwithstanding, Prem's mom successfully takes the documents containing the presentation of Raghav's company from Pakhi's home. Prem presents the project claiming it as his presentation. Raghav and his group are surprised at this. The blame comes on Kalpana and an irate Raghav chooses to fire Kalpana without paying any regard to her explanations.

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