Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 418-419)

Shabnam wakes up and thinks she is feeling hungry and need to eat food. She comes out of her room and sees nobody in the house. She wonders where is everyone? She checks in the kitchen and fridge, and finds it empty. Just then she hears Sid’s voice asking Roshni to have pizza. DD, Kesar, Sid and Roshni have food. Shabnam comes to room and says she is hungry. DD says you are staying in my house forcibly and asks her to cook food. Door bell rings, Sid says icecream have come. Shabnam receives icecream from the delivery boy and says she will eat it. Sid asks her to eat. Shabnam suspects him and asks him to eat first. Sid says it is difficult to stoop to your level. He eats the icecream. Shabnam takes the icecream and goes to her room. Sid rushes to his bathroom and goes to spit the icecream. He tells he is making Shabnam taste her own medicine. Shabnam eats icecream. Sid looks at her from outside. He thinks it will be fun now.

Later Shabnam vomits in the washroom. DD and Roshni look at her. DD feels bad for her and asks if Sid have done something. Roshni says sid is sleeping and he might not have done anything. Shabnam goes to doctor for a check up. Doctor checks her and says I can’t tell you anything now. He asks her to come and collect the reports in the morning, and then only he can say. Shabnam asks if there is anything serious. Doctor says let report comes first. Sid sings a song. DD asks Sid what is going in his mind and asks what is his plan. She says Shabnam had that icecream and vomitted. Shabnam comes home and asks Lakshmi to send green tea to her room. DD asks Lakshmi not to work for her and asks Shabnam to do her own work. Sid asks DD to calm down and asks Lakshmi to serve her green tea. DD says fine. Shabnam gets angry. Roshni tells DD that very soon she will understand. Shabnam gets vomiting again and asks Lakshmi if there is any home remedy to stop vomiting. Lakshmi says it seems a big disease happened to you. Sid tells DD that big disease to big disease. DD says it is good. Shabnam gets a report and reads that she is having only food poisoning. She is relieved. Just then she sees report in Roshni’s hand as well and gets doubtful.

Later Shabnam comes to Sid and Roshni’s room and steal the papers. Sid and Roshni are just pretending to sleep. Sid says Shabnam is trapped. Shabnam reads the report and says I have a blood cancer, and this bad people don’t want me to know this so that I couldn’t get my treatment done. DD tells Sid that this is his plan. Sid says I will torture Shabnam and will make her feel death like experience. DD likes his plan.

Shabnam crying after reading the report and says I am going to die. Roshni searches for reports in her room. Shabnam asks if you was searching these reports. She says I don’t expect this from you being my sister, says you have hidden this report from me so that I don’t get my treatment done. Roshni says when you tried to kill my husband and gave injections to me, don’t you get scared. She says you will die a silent death and nobody will care. Shabnam says she will not die, but will kill everyone. She says she will not die before swallowing them. DD tells Sid that Shabnam might take a second opinion. Sid asks her to forget everything and enjoy the show with a popcorn. He says we will torture her very much and her game will be over in 24 hours. Shabnam comes to the hospital.
She finds other doctor there(Pinto indisguise of a doctor). Pinto asks what happened? Shabnam asks him about the old doctor. Pinto says he went out. Shabnam shows him report. Doctor acts as shocked and says this report reminded me of the old patient. Shabnam asks if that patient is fine? Pinto says your eyes will swollen, and your bones will have immense pain. Shabnam says I thought this report is fake.

Pinto says your hairs have started to fall. Raj and DD looks at them. Raj calls Pinto and asks him not to do over acting. Pinto says complicated cases are coming today. Shabnam cries. Pinto says I will try to lower your pain. DD says he will ruin our plan. Raj is upset. Shabnam takes the report and leaves. DD scolds Pinto for overacting and says don’t know if Shabnam was convinced. Pinto thinks I have done right. Raj calls Sid and tells him about Pinto’s overacting. Sid says he will handle Shabnam and DD. He tells Roshni that Pinto have over acted. Roshni says our plan will fail. Just then they hear a girl coming home while dhol is played by the drummer. Kesar asks who are you. The woman happens to be Resham Chachi. DD comes and says she is very happy. Resham hugs her. Sid says she is looking changed, but she is like old. Shabnam comes home and thinks they are celebrating for my disease. Kesar asks Resham to come inside. Shabnam collides with Resham and scolds her. Resham calls her white naked ghost. Shabnam asks Kesar to make his wife understand not to take panga with her. Resham asks her to keep far from her and takes Kesar with her.

Sid tells Roshni that it seems Shabnam is convinced with Pinto’s talks. Kesar tells Resham that he asked her not to come. He asks about their kid. She says he is with mummy ji. She tries to get intimate with him, and tells Kesar that she is learning tantrik vidya, and will teach a lesson to Shabnam. Kesar escapes from his room. Sid sprays some medicine on Shabnam’s face cream. Resham comes and asks what you are doing? Sid makes an excuse and takes her out. Shabnam comes out of washroom and applies cream on to her face. Roshni feels pain on her back. Sid applies ointment to relieve her from pain. A music plays…

Sid gets closer to Roshni. Roshni says he is taking advantage of massaging her. Sid says he is her patient and takes appointment from her for life. He says your every moment is mine. Kyunki Tum Hi Ho plays……………Sid and Roshni get intimate and romance while the song plays…………

Roshni and Sid getting romantic. Resham comes to Shabnam’s room and shouts ghost…ghost seeing her. Everyone gather there. Resham says I came her to kick her out of Sid and Roshni’s room, but I got shocked seeing her. Shabnam asks if she is calling her ghost. Kesar asks her to look at her face in mirror. Shabnam gets shocked seeing her spoiled face. She blames Roshni. Roshni says they haven’t done anything and asks why she is so concerned about her face when she is going to die. Shabnam cries. Later she comes to Doctor (Pinto) and tells that she don’t want to die and asks if there is some way to be fine. Doctor says there is one way and tells about bone marrow transplantation. Shabnam thinks she can’t get bone marrow from Ayesha or Roshni, what to do. Sid tells Roshni
that Shabnam will to her and will talk politely. Resham and Roshni have a talk. Shabnam comes and tries talking to Roshni. Roshni makes an excuses and is about to leave. Shabnam calls Roshni and asks her to listen to her. She talks politely and says Doctor said that she can be saved by bone marrow transplant. She says she will get fine if Ayesha or her, gives her bone marrow being her relatives. Roshni laughs and says did you think about relation before killing Sid and giving me medicines. She refuses to give her bone marrow and warns her not to think about Ayesha or her. Shabnam thinks you have to give me bone marrow, now see what I will do.

Shabnam comes to Sid’s room and sprays some perfume while they were sleeping. She asks the goons to kidnap the person who is covered with blanket. The goons lift the person and take her out. DD looks at them. Shabnam asks the goons to enquire if the doctor have done all the arrangements, and takes her somewhere. She says I will take out your bone marrow Roshni, and will see who wins. She takes out blanket from her face and sees Resham sleeping. Resham slaps her and says it is an authentic slap. Roshni and Sid come there. Roshni says this is her reality and says we have played a game. A fb is shown, they hear Shabnam plan while she was taking to goons. Roshni says you will not get bone marrow even if you die.

DD tells kesar and Resham that she is very upset. She says she saw what happened in the store room. She says if anything happens to Roshni then. Sid tells situation is different, and asks Resham to be away from all this. Sid tries to convince her. Shabnam screams and says she will kill herself today. She pours kerosene oil on herself and says she will die, if they don’t agree. Roshni asks Resham to record everything. Roshni lights the match stick and says it is good if you die. DD says she is your sister, don’t do this. Roshni says if anyone wants to die, then they don’t do any show off. Resham asks Shabnam to take bath and calls her ghost. Shabnam tells her mad and goes.

Shabnam comes to the lawyer and says she wants share in DD’s property, and says she is step daughter of her. Sid comes there and says you have no share in this property. He says you will not get even a single penny. Shabnam says you will tell me what is mine or not. Sid says this is fact. He says everyone, all the money is of my saas which she has made on her own, after separating from her husband Shiv Patel. He says even Shiv had no rights on the property or money and that’s why you don’t have. Shabnam threatens to call media. Sid says I will call media, if you don’t call. Sid says I have a good video and shows it. He says the video in which Shabnam said that she will kill and trap everyone. Sid says what have you thought that only you have the copyright to make video, and says he is India’s cinematographer.

Sid tells Shabnam to agree to his sayings if she wants to be fine. He says Roshni will give bone marrow and asks her to agree. Roshni asks Shabnam to sign on some papers in which it is written that she don’t have any right on anything. Shabnam signs on the papers before her operation. Pinto congratulates them and asks Shabnam to die down as he is giving her injection. Shabnam gets scared seeing many medical instruments and gets unconscious. Later she wakes up and asks nurse to give water. She sees the room empty and wonders why she is not feeling any pain of operation. She thinks what happened here?

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