Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 373--375)

There are footsteps Rachna closes the window and Gunjan and Prabhu are at the door. They discuss a plan of action which will ensure Rachna can tie rakhi to Mayank , shayl to gopal and prabhu and we are not told about it. Next morning gunjan and Dholu play phoolon ka taaron ka song Mayank is lost in Rachna s thoughts and switches it off. Dholu pouts and says he wants to hear it Mayank tells him to lower the volume. Rachna tells herself that she should fulfill her responsiblity and goes out to tie rakhi to Mayank but seema stops and scolds her. Shayl asks her to go to her room. Seema Sangeeta are discussing loudly that their brothers will be coming and Shayl is hurt remembering the time she would tie rakhi to Prabhu and Gopal. The bell rings and a parcel is delivered for Prabhu. Seema opens it and is happy to see a pretty saree. He tells Seema that the saree is for Shayl who looks very touched. Seema and Sangeeta are upset. The relative is tying rakhi to Mayank Gunjan Chaya and Rachna come down while Mayank and rachna keep looking at each other. Chaya asks Mayank that he has record that Rachna is the first person to tie him Rakhi. Mayank is heartbroken…

Sima and Prabhu ask Chaya to tie rakhi and she ties it. Mayank gives her a gift Rachna Shayl feeling bad. Chaya feels something is wrong and she leaves. Gunjan slyly puts Rachna s rakhi on the floor and both sisters bend to pick it. Gunjan insults Rachna saying she made a rakhi at night , she took Vihaan s side and proceeds to throw it in the dustbin Mayank asks her to stop and snatches it from her hand and he asks if he knows the meaning . Gunjan says its a thread he gets angry then tells its a promise between siblings. He explains the significance and then goes to Rachna and says he is an unlucky brother and apologizes to Rachna giving her his wrist. Everyone is crying Dholu comes with a bunch and says even he wants rakhi up to his shoulder. Shayl is doing rituals for Prabhu, Gopal and Rachna for Mayank. Seema is unhappy just as Rachna is about to tie it Vihaan enters and he says he wants to talk to her.

Mayank tells Rachna that she should not talk to him and proceeds to hit him. Rachna and Gunjan stop him , Seema provokes Mayank that Rachna is more bothered about Vihaan than him. Mayank drags Gunjan to his room. Vihaan begs that Rachna should listen to him she does not want to and Prabhu tells him that he will call the police. Shayl tells let Vihaan speak everyone is shocked but Shayl makes them understand that now they will send him but he will come again. She tells him to speak but he will have to agree to what ever Rachna says. Vihaan asks Rachna to speak up and tell everyone that they are in love and each others destiny. Rachna agrees that she likes him but she loves her family more so she wont do anything to hurt them . She tells him to go Vihaan pleads her not to do this and to tell her family he has changed and why is she putting him in between her and the family . Rachna leaves and Shayl asks Vihaan to go

Rachna is in the room Shayl comes in and tells her to start afresh. Rachna agrees says sorry and promises she wont do anything against the family. Shayl tells her not apologize and that she should be saying it as she could nt understand her daughter. Shayl hugs her Rachna is blank.

Seema and Sangeeta gossiping about Shayl and Rachna that they want to patch up as they cant bear their expenses, if Rachna had half of the values their kids have this day wont have come. Shayl overhears and Seema is in a fix .

Shayl gives an emotional speech that now they are made paraya as they dont have money. Gunjan is in tears listening to it. Dholu is crying and asks her why is everyone fighting and will they be living separately Gunjan assures him nothing will happen. Mayank is worried after recalling what happened in the hall Rachna comes in and says she is not a good daughter or sister but wants to tie him rakhi so apologizes. He leaves the room as she feels he cant protect her. Dayal tells he wants to cool everything and get Rachna married. Shayl asks him to wait till she finishes her studies , he says finding a guy will be difficult due to a broken engagement, jail stint and Vihaan . On questioning about financial condition he says he will sell a portion of the house. Shayl

is unable to light diya next morning and Gunjan helps her. Gunjan tells everything can be split but not bhakti they do arti together and Seema has a mini heart attack seeing this and realizes gunjan was faking it. Seema tells Sangeeta everything and calls herself dumb. Sangeeta provokes her to scold Gunjan in front of everybody. Gunjan brings food for Mayank and Seema blasts her and accuses her of the rakhi drama and making her fight with Sangeeta. Prabhu supports her and says even he was in the plan as her intentions are right

Piu comes home and screams everyone comes and she tells that she got a proposal for Rachna. She boasts about the proposal ,Gunjan is sad Rachna comes and Piu tells her the same tells her to go up and slyly taunts Sangeeta Seema who make faces. Piu tells Dayal before Rachna finds faults in the guy they should get her married. Shayl is hesitant. Gunjan is telling Rachna why is she doing this, why is she betraying her love. she is in love with Vihaan but about to marry someone else. Rachna tells she cant create more trouble and hurt her parents. Gunjan tells her to look at her she is married to Mayank the person she loves. Sangeeta and Seema fighting about the monthly expenses and Gunjan feels till Shayl was managing expenses no one knew. Dayal decides the family will come tomorrow and Rachna overhears

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