Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 358-360)

Gunjan pours water on the floor and signals Dholu he falls on the same spot and the family gathers. Rachna says she will get ice Shayl tells her not to and sends Gopal. Dholu acts like he is pain and Gunjan is searching for cupboard keys. She is about to pick up and Shayl enters she picks a diary shayl takes the diary to call the encufr while Gunjan steals the phone and gets to Rachna s soon. They look at pictures Rachna shows the picture of the guy selling drugs and when Gunjan says they can prove Vihaan innocent Shayl enters and is angry. She says why are you trying find proof of Vihaan s innocence and tells Gunjan to stay away from Rachna. Gunjan is hurt Rachna tries to plead and asks her to sees the pictures but Shayl says she is responsible for the family s situation. Rachna asks her for one chance to prove Vihaan s innocence and he has changed. Shayl is about to slap Rachna again but controls she takes the phone back. Vihaan is remembering Rachna in jail and feels bad that he is unable to be by her side when she offer him the most.

Rachna is sharing her worries with Gunjan that only the phone could proud he is innocent gunjan shows her the memory card which she removed from the phone. Rachna hugs Gunjan. Seema calls Gunjan and tells her they are going to the temple tomorrow and to make suji ka halwa for tomorrow.

Vihaan sees a constable talking on the phone and begs him to make a call bribes him with his watch and takes his mobile but Rachna s phone is switched off. He calls the landline Prabhu picks up he disconnects he calls again and luckily Rachna picks up. Both of them dont speak for some time and Vihaan asks her how he is while Rachna asks for forgiveness and tells him she will get him out of jail whatever the circumstances. She tells Vihaan she has proof of his innocence but before she can continue the khadoos police comes and snatches the phone rachna tells him she has proof and he asks her to come to the station. Another policeman smirks .

Rachna asks Gunjan if she has the memory card and tells her about the phone call , they should go to the police station . Gunjan tells her that they should confide in Mayank. Rachna tells her it wont be of use but Gunjan says they will be in trouble if they dont do that.

Mayank’s office where his boss tells him to start the presentation. He explains about what he has researched and his decision about the project. Everyone are impressed and clap. The boss tells him that he’s allowing Mayank to handle the project since he is capable to do so. His boss tells him he will go far. His colleagues congratulate him. At home Gunjan inserts the memory card and is locating the evidence when Mayank comes from behind and covers her eyes. She guesses its Mayank and tells him he seems happy. He says that he will get a promotion soon and his boss is happy. Gunjan says then she needs a vacation too. He says that the promotion is important so that he can help Dayal out after all the loss from the fire. Even if not the whole thing at least he will be able to contribute a little. He asks Gunjan if she was doing something important on the laptop. Gunjan says she needs his help and he asks her what is it. Gunjan mentions about the rave party that Rachana went to. Mayank tells Gunjan that Dayal and Shail are worried about it and its better to not get involved in it. Gunjan says that Rachana is both their sisters and they have to help her in her time of need especially when they have the evidence. Gunjan tells him that the photos of the guy who framed Vihaan is in the memory card. Mayank tells Gunjan to stop worrying about Vihaan and that to him Vihaan is not a nice person whether he is innocent or not. He takes the memory card from Gunjan and says he will give it to Shail. Mayank tells Gunjan she can forget what Savitri said but he can’t.

Rachana asks Gunjan if she spoke to Mayank. Gunjan is silent. Rachana asks if she gave him the memory card. Gunjan says he snatched it and is going to give Shail. Rachana is surprised and says why is he doing that and that was their only evidence. Gunjan thinks and tells Rachana she would have copied the photos to the laptop before Mayank came and they should check to see if its there. A guy tells Rocky his phone is ringing. He tells him to get a lawyer ready as a girl’s call came and her name was Rachana Garg and was with Vihaan at the party. He wonders who Rachana is and tells his friend to find out about her and the family. Mayank is getting ready and Gunjan comes with tea and serves him. He says he needed it and she tells him to have breakfast but he says he needs to leave early as he has a presentation. He says all he needs is her best wishes and she says she’s sure he will do well. He tells her he will be back late and leaves. Gunjan transfers the photos from the laptop into a CD and says that she is sorry to Mayank for having to do this. Sangeetha comes to check on the dish Gunjan is making and Gunjan says it will be done. Seema says they all will be leaving for the temple and she should take care of the house. She comes and gives it to Seema and they leave for the temple. She tells Gunjan to lock the door properly. Gunjan tells Rachana once all have left they will head to the police station.

Mayank is at the office when the boss calls him. He comes and the boss introduces him to Rocky the same guy who framed Vihaan for pedaling drugs. The boss asks Mayank if he has a younger sister and asks her name. Mayank says its Rachana. The boss then tells Mayank all and then says to make Rachana understand and not to give the evidence to the police and he wants the evidence. Mayank thinks that even after telling them Gunjan and Rachana still are adamant to present the evidence. The boss tells him if he doesn’t stop Rachana from giving the evidence then he can be in big trouble and then he will have to forget about promotions and even might have to look for a new job. Mayank is riding home and thinks of what his boss says and what Gunjan said about Vihaan being changed. He thinks how can Rachana think of helping Vihaan after what he did to her. Gunjan and Rachana look to see Shail go and head to the door. They open the door to find Mayank standing there.

He asks them where are they off to. Gunjan tries and hides the CD. He says they are going to meet Vihaan in jail. He tells Gunjan that didn’t he say not to support Rachana in her wrong-doings but she still does and asks if they have any idea how much of trouble they will land into. He says this is their stuborness that is posing a danger to his job. Rachana and Gunjan are shocked. He says Gunjan knows how important this job is to him. He sees the CD in Gunjan’s hand takes it and asks what is it. He opens to see a CD and asks if this is the evidence. Rachana says to try and understand that this is the only evidence to proof Vihaan’s innocence. Gunjan tells him to understand but he breaks the CD. He says what if Vihaan is involved in the drugs and Rachana says no he isn’t. He tells Rachana that Shail and Dayal are in a lot of tension and to think of them. He tells Gunjan because of this they could cause him a loss. He says he could lose his job. He says she has to decide if she wants to support Rachana to proof Vihaan’s innocence or her husband’s job and his future. He tells that he is in trouble today and asks if Gunjan will help or will she support Rachana to help Vihaan. He asks her what is her decision. He says they might get into trouble helping Vihaan. Rachana gets upset and leaves. Mayank tells Gunjan if her answer is yes to all his questions then she will not help Vihaan and tells her to think carefully when making a decision and he leaves. Gunjan is left standing and is shocked.

Rachna is crying Gunjan tries to console her. Shayl asks her why she is crying Rachna asks her why is the family seeing Vihaan in one light Shayl tells her they already had enough problems. Rachna says you taught me to support the truth and he is innocent and in jail because of her.

Raghu (Arhaan) comes to invite the family for a wedding..

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