Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 156-158)

Kamla opens the door and asks Pakhi what is she doing at that time? Pakhi turns aside its the lady here. She says I found her in the way, she has no home. She doesn’t remember anything. Kamla makes her sit and asks do you need something. She says thank God you are fine. Pakhi asks do you know her ? She says yes its old I will tell you later. Kamla asks Kalpi to call Raghav and ask him to cancel the report. Raghav is sleeping, the phone rings. He sees Kalpana’s name. He says Hi Kalpana I can’t sleep as well. Kamla has taken the phone from kalpi. She asks why can’t you sleep ? Because of Tai ? Pakhi found her. Please cancel the complain. Kamla asks Pakho to go back home. She says can I sleep here ? Kamla says Nettu madam will be worried. She thinks Nettu doesn’t have time for me.

Next morning Tai sees Kamla filling her hairline with sindoor. She does the same. She says Kamla I am not used to of bathing with cold water. She asks Vitthal to bring one English newspaper. Door knocks its the same cop there who fired the report. He begs Kamla to stop Raghav from getting him fired. He has complained about him. Kalpi is leaving. Kamla says why are you leaving ? She goes to Raghav’s cabin. He says I have got him suspended. Are you happy now ? She says whats his family's fault ? You are wrong once again. He says he was rude to you. Do you think I am wrong ? Kalpi says how will he feed his family ? Raghav says after what he did to you and your mom still you are favoring him ? She says I have problem with this system not with that man. Raghav says what do you want Kalpana ? Everything I do annoy you ? What should I do ? You get me closer to colors and then make my life colorless. How can I make you believe that I care about you ? I love you. Kalpi says this is thing that we are so different that you never understand me. He says what that rich people don’t have right to love. I have earned this all with my hardwork. You do it to for money. Who are you to classify when God doesn’t classify us ? The same air that blows in your chowl is the same that blows in my house. We have a heart too. Kalpi says I didn’t mean this. He says I get what you mean. He calls someone and says please take the suspension orders back and give him a box of sweets. Ask for his pardon from my side otherwise I will be labelled as the heartless person. He says are you happy now ? Or should I go and touch his feet or give him a medal for his behavior ? Go to your work. She goes out, Raghav is angry at peon for not giving his coffee.

Kalpi is working. Kamla calls her, she says he is still here and he is hungry. Kalpi says it was his fault why are you so generous? Kamla says what are you talking about ? Kamla says he has a wife and children too. She says you are someone’s wife too and I am someone’s child. His complaint has been canceled. He thanks Kamla and says your daughter is my daughter from now and you are my sister. Pakiya comes up and says i told you keeping her here is not safe. Pakiya takes them down. Tai is angry at people for washing the clothes in that way. She says they dry their clothes anywhere. Cops fine them in foreign if they do this. They were dripping on me so I threw them on the ground. Manda is really angry and so is Tai.

Pakhi asks Raghav to check a file. He asks where is Kalpana. Sammy comes and tell that she wasn’t feeling good. She left. Raghav asks whom did she inform? Pakhi says sir this file. He says I am busy I will check it later. Kalpi is in the bus line. She recalls all what Raghav said. She says I should say sorry. I am always ready to argue and fight. The bus comes and she goes in.

Ragahv is in his office. He recalls Kalpana saying to him you made another mistake. And he being a little loud to her. He says I lost control over myself. You wanted to be good with someone and I got angry. Kalpi is in the bus she recalls the day Raghav was in the bus. She says I over reacted and hurt him. Raghav says I was so rude, it must have hurt you. He presents a project to the team. He feels like Kalpi is there. He stands up and smiles looking at her. Suddenly Sammy stops him. Kalpi enters the chowl and sees Raghav playing with the kids and smiling at her.

Nettu is angry at Manda saying what have you done to Sahil’s shirt. Manda says there is a lady at Kamla’s house I guess she is her maid. She fought with me and speaks English all the time. The same lady i showed you at the holi. Nettu is dazed. She asks is she still there ? Manda says yes she is. Nettu tries to call Sahil but he doesn’t receive. She plans on going to his office.

Pakhi says yes Kamla maa I am coming to you. Raghav asks are you going somewhere. She says yes at kamla maa’s place. He says I am going there can I drop you? She says yes I forgot my car. If you don’t mind can we buy a shirt on the way.

Kamla asks Kalpi whats wrong with her ? She says I have headache. Kamla does her massage. Gauri comes and says give me your hand and open your mouth. She says nothing to worry about you have a mild throat infection. She tells her a medicine. Kamla asks how you know all this. She says my husband used to say all this as well. Where is he ? kamla asks who ? She says my husband? I want to talk to him. Kamla says we will find her.

Pakhi and Raghav arrive at the chowl. Pakhi says thanks sir. He asks which file was that ? Pakhi thinks he wants to spend time with her. She smiles. Nettu goes to Sahil’s office. Peon says he is in a meeting she call him its urgent. Manda sees Raghav. She calls Raghav and tells her. Nettu gets worried. Peon says she is busy. Nettu goes in the conference hall. She says i am sorry gentlemen, it was urgent. Sahil says what is this Nettu and she says Gauri is back at Kamla’s house ? Raghav is outside Kamla’s house. Just imagine what will happen if he sees her. Nettu says he will get to know that his mom is alive and why she is in that condition. Lets go and stop him. They both leave.

Kalpi holds Tai’s hand and says I am planning to go on a movie tomorrow. She says yes English movie. Pulp fiction is the last movie I saw. Tai says to Kamla that your daughter is a good girl. Kamla smiles. Kamla goes to balcony and sees Raghav and Pakhi coming upstairs. She says hello to Raghav. Kamla asks Raghav is there something important ? He says I just came. She says actually Kalpi isn’t feeling well so she came earlier? He asks how is she ? Kamla says she is fine.

Sahil and Nettu are on their way. Tai asks Kalpi where she work ? She says in a construction company of a man who is so good. He earned it all with his hardwork.

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