Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 145-147)

The party begins and during the dancing session Raghav makes a blunder by saying he loves Kalpana to Kalpana instead of saying it to Pakhi. Kalpana is astonished at this and leaves the party. Pakhi arrives at the party late. Raghav is irritated and wants to leave the party but just then Pakhi reveals her love for Raghav to him.

Pakhi leaves the party after confessing her love for Raghav. Raghav too leaves the party. Kalpana on the other hand is surprised to know that Raghav loves her. She wonders how can Raghav love her. She recalls him scolding at her. Everytime he was so rude to her. She then recalls the dance with him and she smiles. She feels good about it. She calls Kamla but she doesn't have credit. The song Kuch Khaas' plays in the background and she is smiling all the way. She gets an auto to go back home and recalls Raghav saving her from drowning. Every moment she has spend with Ragahv and the way he hugged her. Pakhi talks to two dolls and expresses her feelings to them. She suddenly realises that Raghav did not reject her love. She has hope that Raghav might actually be in love with her as well, but is afraid of commitment. Meanwhile, Kalpana is happy to know that Raghav actually loves her.

Kalpana can't sleep and recalls what Raghav said to her earlier. She goes to the balcony and sees Raghav standing downstairs. She wonders what is he doing there? He is coming up stairs but then he looks at her again. He is coming up and Kalpi is scared. She goes inside the house and locks the door. Raghav thinks he didn't know that he love Kalpana but just wanted to see her. Call it coincident or luck that he said it in front of her. He goes back to his car. Kalpi opens the door a little. He turns back and she shuts it again.

Kamla make Kalpi's lunch ready. Pakiya says whats so special to Kalpi as she look good and got ready so earlier. Vitthal has given a chocolate to Kalpi. Kalpi leaves. Kamla says she looks so happy. Vitthal says she is liking her work.

Nettu asks Pakhi if she is up? She says yes. She tells her to come and have the breakfast. Nettu serve Pakhi to have the breakfast. Prem sees that Nettu is not giving him anything and tells his mother that he is getting late as well. Nettu says so is Pkahi and adds that something good has happened yesterday.

Pakhi enters the office and asks Ramu if Raghav here? He says no. She conclude that Raghav must be scared and thinks how will he face her. Kalpi comes in as well. She feels uncomfortable. Pakhi says she will tell Ragahv how committed she is. Meanwhile, Kalpi thinks how will she face Raghav.

While Pakhi decides to impress Raghav by showing her commitment towards her work, Kalpana decorates Raghav's cabin with flowers. She goes back to her desk as Ragahv has come. She thinks he is coming there. She stands up. He looks at her and leaves without saying anything. Raghav asks Ramu to ask Kalpana to give him new Mumbai project's file. He sees the flowers and touches them. Ramu asks for the file. He sits back on his seat. Kalpana gives Ramu the file. Raghav goes through the file and says not this one and he have to discuss the first project file. Pakhi asks Kalpi why she didn't come to the party. Kalpi says she came there but left before she came.

Kalpana comes to submit some files to Raghav. The files fall from her hands and she starts picking them up. Raghav comes to help her. They look at each other. Raghav finds Kalpana to be nervous and asks her for the reason. She gets up and tells him that these are all the files and that she is placing them on the table. She is about to go when Raghav holds her and turns her face towards him. He asks her to look at him and asks what is she scared of? Kalpana talks about the huge difference between herself and Raghav are like sky and earth. She steps backwards. Raghav wishes the regular flowers in his office to be replaced by, 'Gendhe Ke Phool'. Raghav says stop Kalpi to him a favor this replace these flowers with the marigolds. Kalpi smiles. Kalpana is trying to avoid Raghav as she is too nervous to face him but Raghav is only looking at opportunities to talk to her.

Sammy comes to the office with a flower basket filled with marigolds. Sammy says its raining out and everything is changing like roses with marigolds. Love is in the air. Raghav tells Sammy to stop kidding him. Raghav says his mind is just thinking about her but she says they are too different and what should he do. Sammy admit that she is right and the differences will take time and tells Raghav to give her sometime to feel it but It takes a long time.

Meanwhile, Kamla gets a call and she rushes out of her house without informing about the matter to Vitthal.

Ragahv says without any preparations how will they go there. Sammy assures him that Kalpana will make the presentation ready in 2 hours. Raghav asks if he is sure? Sammy asks if he doubt Kalpana? Pakhi comes in and Sammy leaves. Pakhi asks Raghav what happened yesterday. Raghav says he wanted to talk about that as well. She tells him to leave it thinking that he might change his mind. She tells him she have done all the work and will complete the presentations in an hours. He thinks Pahki has got that her act was childish. Raghav calls Kalpana and asks her to get the file. He has to discuss with her. Kalpana is hesitant. Kalpi sit with the file. Raghav calls her again that he need coffee. She asks if she could send it? He refuses and asks her if they can we meet in cafeteria? He asks her to come there with the file and they need to talk.

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