Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 129-131)

Raghav and Kalpana try to find a way to reach home safely. While walking Kalpana steps on thorns and hurts herself. Raghav sees this and removes the thorns from her feet himself. Raghav continues to blame her for their condition and decides not to follow any of her advices further. Kalpana is upset with Raghav's behaviour and decides to put an end to it.

Kalpana who is irritated with Raghav's attitude decides to quit and even decides to give her resignation. Raghav accepts her resignation, and both go their separate ways. Kamla Bai and Pakhi are worried about Kalpana and Raghav as even their phones are not reachable. Kalpana is trying to reach a place but, is stopped by Raghav. Raghav tries to warn her about the danger of the pond that contains still water. But Kalpana finding no other way decides to cross the pond. Sammy is concerned as Raghav and Kalpana have not still checked in at the hotel. Kalpana starts to drown in the pond. Raghav sees her and jumps into the pond to help her. He gets her out of trouble.

Raghav takes Kalpi out of the water and makes her sit on the ground. He looks exhausted. Kalpi tries to explain but Raghav shut her up and asks what she think of herself? He have never sees a girl as stubborn as her and he falls on the ground the moment he says that. His entire back is bleeding. Kalpi tells him to please get up and asks what's wrong him? She wonders why is his back bleeding so much. She tears his shirt and finds out that the leeches that suck blood are all over his back.

Meanwhile, Sammy and Maya are at the police station. The inspector tells them that the car went from one check post but never reached the next one and they have alerted all their stations and they will let them know if any information reaches their station. A lot of robbery incidents take place there and maybe he is a victim of that. They will convey him ( Sammy ) all the informations.

Kalpi screams for help. She asks Raghav to get up that she doesn’t know what to do. On the other hand, kamla can’t eat in tension of Kalpi. Vitthal asks what's wrong with her. Kamal tells him she knows that Kalpi phone is not working she would have informed her from other phone. Vitthal says she must be busy. Pakiya tells his mother not to worry that everything is okay. Vitthal a reassures Kamla that Kalpi will call her the next morning and beg her to eat.

A man comes with a lantern. Kalpi stops him for help and tells him that there are leeches all over his back. The man tells her to get these leeches off his back or else it will kill him. He tells her to just burn these leeches. He gives her a matchbox. Kalpi tells Raghav to please try to get up but Raghav is so stubborn and tell her to leave him alone. Kalpi starts burning the match sticks but they blow because of the wind.

Meanwhile, Paki is super excited while watching Tv about the Zee cine awards. She is worried about Kalpi and Raghav. She calls Sammy and asks him. He tells her that both Raghav and Kalpi haven’t checked in and that himself and Maya are here at Ali bagh. She asks why he didn’t tell her about this. Sammy replies to her that they didn’t tell anyone and they are both looking for them and promise to inform her if they locate them. Paki wonders if she should tell Kamla or not. She is so worried for them.

Kalpi is not able to burn the matchsticks. She looks for a piece of wood. She wounds her dupatta around it and sets it one fire. she gets it closer to Raghav while Raghav screams in pain. She is plucking the leeches out. Vitthal wakes up and finds out that Kamla is still up. She says when children grow old they think that their parents don’t worry about them anymore. Vitthal says when a baby sparrow flies her mother is proud and she should be proud of kalpi. Kamla looks at Pinky studying. She tell Vitthal that she she will help her out and Vitthal adds that Pinky will fly so high and he know how to make Kanta agree. Meanwhile, Kalpi is taking the leeches out. She asks Raghav to get up. She thinks to take him. The wind is blowing. Raghav screams.

Mummy ji asks Paki to rest. Nettu says she have talked to doctor shah and he is asking her to take Paki to the clinic and they should not take it lightly. Paki tells Neetu she don’t want to go any where and asks her where were she when she was young. She can take care of herself and don’t want to listen to anything. Neetu then tell Paki to do whatever she want and leaves. Kalpi gets Raghav up by her own. They start moving while Raghav is in so much pain and she leads him. They sit under a tree and he falls in her lap. She holds him and he holds her hand so hard. She covers his back as the rain starts.

Kamla is extremely worried about her daughter Kalpana. Her worry turns into fear when she finds out from Pakhi that both Kalpana and Raghav have not been traced. Kalpana and Raghav get help from a few people and a doctor. Raghav learns about how Kalpana had served him through out the night to take care of his safety.

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