Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 117-119)

It is first day of Kalpi at a hotel as a waitress, and she gets prepared by the manager for the same. In the interim, Pakhi cautions her mom that she ought not to insult Kamla Ma. Pakhi goes to meet Kamla Ma and invites her for lunch. Pakhi and Kamla go for lunch in a same hotel where Kalpi is working.

Kalpi's mom Kamla is stunned seeing her working as waitress in the hotel where Pakhi took her for lunch. Kamla Bai goes to meet Raghav in his office, Kamla Bai tells Raghav that Kalpi is working as a waitress in the wake of finishing her college. Raghav tells Kamla to send Kalpi to his office for work.

Kamla was able to get her daughter Kalpi back from waitress work.

Kalpi is so appreciative to her mom Kamla that she made her get work in Raghav's office. Be that as it may, Kalpi is as yet mindful regarding why Raghav had offered her a job on Kamla's words, however he didn't choose her prior. Then again, Pakhi is in love with Raghav. It is Kalpi's first day at Raghav's office and she is exceptionally cheerful to see herself in such a big office.

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