Two G*y Men Face 100 Lashes After Vigilante Mob Find Them Naked Together (Photos)

Two g*y men were descended upon by vigilantes who broke into their home before handing them over to police. The men, both in their 20s, are being detained in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where they could face 100 lashes for having homosexual relations.

The footage shows one of the distressed men, who was completely naked, speaking to his family on a phone, while telling one of the vigilantes: 'Please brother, please stop.'

The were taken to Wilayatul Hisbah, a Sharia police facility, after their arrest on March 28. They have been identified by the initials HB and MT, and were reportedly in the room of HB to have sex.

Phelim Kine, deputy Asia division director at Human Right Watch, said after the video was shared around the world: 'These men had their privacy invaded in a frightening and humiliating manner and now face public torture for the ‘crime’ of their alleged sexual orientation.'
Kine said it demonstrates the 'abuse' embedded in anti-LGBT laws in the province of Aceh, where members of the public are encouraged to enforced strict Islamic laws.

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