Transgender Women Forced To Stand In Line For Army Conscription In Thailand (Photos)

Transgender women across Thailand, who are often known in the country as 'ladyboys', are being forced to attend conscription events for the nation's army despite not identifying as men. Thailand requires every man over 21 years old attend a 'lottery' day where they must enlist in the military for two years.

Trans women can get exemption certificates, but must still attend the draft day with approximately 100,000 men because Thai law does not allow people to change their gender on their ID documents.

Forcing them to partake has caused embarrassment and stress for many Thai trans women and caused outcry from LGBT communities, reports.
After a years-long battle, the Administrative Court ordered that biological sex doesn't have to match his or her gender so trans draftees could be exempt from conscription.

Still, trans women must present their exemption documents on the day of the draft to prove they are ineligible.

Among the recruits was Patra Wirunthanakij, better known as Nadia. She is the former Miss Mimosa Queen of Thailand, a contest only open to trans women.

In Thai culture, trans women are often known as 'Katoeys', controversially known in western culture as 'ladyboys'.

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