Lady Who Slept With A Man Because Of Phone Cries Out, Threatens Him (Photo)

Some ladies won't just stop making me laugh. Lack of self-respect is a big problem for many.

With things like this why won't a boy take a lady out and expect something in return after spending N3,800 like the one that is trending? Sadly, irresponsibility is 'normal' to many these days.

This lady was sleeping with a man because of Phone he promised her, ordinary phone that you can work and buy? Sigh! The man went ahead to sleep with her friends too...

Here’s what the Port Harcourt based lady wrote:
“THE USELESSNESS OF MEN. THIS MAN Abdullahi Mohammed... this a customs useless man. He likes girls alot he can sleep with 5 friends if given the Oppourtunity.
Many of my friends have slept with him because he is very useless.
He feels he has money and can ride on any girl he wishes no doubt he likes them slim 22-26 of age. I wish to let you know one thing you fail to understand is the fact that if one sleeps with you, that person will tell another add you up via chat and the next thing you foolishly fall. 
At a point we planned to kill you because you will sleep with a friend and deny that they are just friends. I slept with this bastard looking old man twice, promised he was going to buy me a phone and he ran just like that. Fair enough you left, fair enough am coming for you. Mr. abudulahi sir I know you to be a dirty man no doubt the entire custom officers. 
It’s a bad thing you sleep with anything under skirt. Just so you know at a point we planned to arrange your kidnapp just out of pity I let you be now you think you can just ignore me like that waoh great awsome feeling to. 
My name is kate ebonhimen here is my little piece of advice to all customs officers who are so into women kindly be carefull porth-harcourt is just too small for us all i have my eyes on all of you.

Am writing this piece with tears in my eyes just so you all on his contact can see.
I have not finished with you sir. just a reminder indeeed you think you can sleep with me and dump my ass sorry old fool you failed am in with you “wink’’ with your black spotted dots on your skin no doubt u have hiv and ready to spread yeah? Remember Saturday nite outting with the girl? lol. Watch your back always SIR ABUDULAHI M.”

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