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A nurse is a very respectable a very demanding job. As a nurse, youll have to deal with challenges and overcome obstacles every day. If youre considering becoming a nurse, but dont know whether you have what it takes, here are 5 qualities that every good nurse should have. You can find hundreds of healthcare and nursing jobs in your area on Jiji -  https://jiji.ng/healthcare-and-nursing-jobs

While youre at your shift as a nurse, 100% of your attention should be directed to the well-being and a good condition of your patients. You need to be constantly alert, so that you could easily spot even the minor changes in a patients health. While doctors dont spend their whole workday with the patients, nurses do, which is why its going to be your responsibility to give them urgent medical help when needed.

As a nurse, youre going to deal with sick people who are in pain every day. Empathy, compassion and kindness are something every patient needs, no matter if theyre young or old and regardless of the severity of their condition. Another group of people who need your empathy are your patients relatives, who also need to deal with a lot of stress and could use some help from a compassionate and caring nurse.

People skills
Often even the most easy-going people change when they become sick and are admitted to a hospital, and it takes a lot of communication skills to treat everyone fairly. As a nurse, youre going to be bombarded with hundreds of questions, will have to calm down crying or angry patients, and youll need to become the person who aids the communication between the doctor and the patients, which is why people skills are an absolute must-have.

Even though nurses work in shifts, they often have to accept changes to their work schedule, much like doctors. In many other professions you can be easily substituted, but if youre a professional nurse, there is a huge possibility that youll often need to work double shifts or have to work overtime, which is something not everyone is going to be happy with.

Emotional stability
Although it may not seem so at first, nursing is one of the most stressful professions out there. As a nurse, youll have to deal with a lot of pain and suffering, as well as watch your patients die. Of course, not every day of your work will be filled with sadness and gloom, but some days, when you feel like youre ready to quit, youll need emotional stability to get you back in action.

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