Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 293-294)

In the terrace its starts raining and Mayank runs into the shade and Gunjan stay and spins in the rain. He looks at her and smiles. Gunjan comes and drags him into the rain. They dance and are really happy and Mayank puts a necklace on Gunjan’s neck and they hug each other. Shail is worried where Rachana is and that she can’t reach her phone. Shail calls up the tailor and asks if she is there and finds out that Rachana isn’t there. Gunjan says she forgot to tell Shail that Rachana went to a designer. Seema says to call the designer but Gunjan says she doesn’t have the number but not to worry as Rachana will be back soon. Shail tells Gunjan she is soaked and to go change her clothes or she’ll fall sick.

Rachana changes back to her original clothes and leaves the hut. Rachana leaves the hut and Vihaan follows her and says not to be stubborn and he will drop her. Rachana says its not necessary. She says she will go herself. Rachana hails the auto and says to take her home. Vihaan chases after the auto and gets in. Rachana says that being rude has a limit and asks him to get down. She asks why did he come along and he says because he loves her and she says its all to late and Vihaan says its never to late. He tells her to look at him and listen. He says its not like what she thought and he put hi hands on her shoulder because she was worried. She tells the guy to drive faster. Vihaan holds her hand and tells her to understand what he’s saying and that he loves her. She says she doesn’t want to listen to him and just wants to reach home and that if anyone at home saw them together it will be a problem. Rachana then sees Gopal driving at the side of the auto they are in from the side mirror. She tells Vihaan if he sees them they will be in trouble. Gopal is honking at the auto to allow him to cut from the side. Vihaan says he is not looking their way. Vihaan tells the auto guy to let him pass and move to the side. Vihaan and Rachana cover their face and Gopal’s car passes by and turns to look. Rachana and Vihaan look at each other. Seema’s aunt says that girls shouldn’t be out this late and they shouldn’t have let her out alone. Gunjan says Rachana will be back in 5 minutes. Mausiji says that Gunjan has a lot of love for her sister and keeps saying that she will come soon but its already late. The doorbell rings and Gunjan opens the door to see Rachana. Gunjan asks Rachana where has she been and asks her to enter quickly. Shail asks Rachana where was she. Shail says she took so long. Rachana stutters and says the tailor but Gunjan says the designer right and signals to Rachana. Rachana stutters again and says the designer when Gunjan says that she’s sure that Rachana loss her way from the designer’s place and on top of that the rain. Gunjan says she was explaining this to everyone. Gunjan tells her to go change and Shail agrees. Dayal then says why could they not reach her phone and the least she could do was call. Gopal comes and tells Dayal he wants to talk to him. Rachana is worried.

Gopal says something to Dayal. Dayal then turns to Rachana and she is about to say something when he tells her to bring the bill for the Halwa. She says its in her bag and he says to bring it quickly as there is a problem with the order. Mausiji gets a call from the pandit. Rachana in the room looking for the bill. Gunjan comes and asks her where has she been. Rachana looks worried and Gunjan guess she is with Vihaan and Rachana nods her head. Gunjan says but why so late. Rachana says he took her so far and his bike was spoilt and Gunjan says and then love. Rachana says if she were caught then she would been in trouble with Dayal. Shail calls Rachana and she continues searching for the bill and wonders where she put it. Gunjan finds it on the table and takes and it and says she will give while then Rachana should change her clothes. Rachana’s phone rings and she sees its Vihaan’s call. She says enough is enough and says her phone will remain switched off till the wedding. Shail says how to change the wedding date the cards have been printed and the money has been given in advance and even relatives have booked their tickets. Seema says what is more important the money or the children’s happiness. She say such a good opportunity has come and they can’t let it slip. She says that mausiji called her pandit from Mathura because she said so and they arranged an auspicious date. Prabhu says even they asked their pandit and has chosen the date. He tells Seema to say directly if she doesn’t believe in the pandit he arranged. Seema says that she wants Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding to be on the date fixed by Mausiji’s pandit. She says a lot of inauspicious things have happened. She says she doesn’t want anything inauspicious this time in Mayank’s wedding. She says they all know because of Mayank’s first wedding they had to suffer disgrace, going to jail and even the accident. She says this time she wants everything to be followed accordingly. Shail says how to have the wedding in 4 days. Gunjan says its impossible in 4 days and thather dress trial is in 15 days and her friends have already booked their tickets. She tells them not to change the date and its very inconvenient. Mausiji says are they to listen to Gunjan now.

Mausiji tells Seema that she forgot to teach her daughter-in-law not to talk when elders are talking. Gunjan is about to say something when Akash apologizes on Gunjan’s behalf and says that Mausiji can do as she pleases. Gunjan tries to disagree but Akash stops her. Akash tells Gunjan that he is there to handle everything. They will find another designer that will get an outfit in time and they will rebook the flight for her friends. Gunjan still thinks 4 days is impossible and Akash says its for her and Mayank’s happiness and tells her to leave it to him and to go. Akash says the wedding preparations can begin. Shail says that if the marriage is to happen this fast then they have to start the preparations now itself. Seema says that Shail didi is nice and corrects herself saying from now on she will refer to Shail as her in-law and she says isn’t it Mausi. Bua says that Shail is Mayank’s aunt and the eldest daughter-in-law. Seema says that to ask Shail as she will be Gunjan’s mother. So she says that makes Shail her in-law. Seema asks Shail if she is right and Shail nods her head. She tells Shail they will start with the tilak and the mehendi and the wedding. Seema tells Shail taht Mausiji is very particular about the rituals and customs so its important to get some things for the groom’s side. Seema asks if she will get it. Seema nods. Seema asks Mausiji for the list and passes it to Shail. Shail looks at the list and is shocked.

Gunjan invites some people on the phone for her wedding. After that she is on the terrace, very nervous. Mayank comes and asks her why she is nervous. Gunjan says, I don’t know how we will do all preparations in such a short amount of time. She asks him to ask his mother to talk with Nani. But Mayank tells her everything will go fine. Your job is just become a bride and that’s it. They both are having a good time after that and Mayank gets down his knees. Nani sees this and she creates drama out of it. Nani calls out all family members out and tells them how Gunjan and Mayank are meeting this late in night before their marriage. Shayl signals Mayank and Gunjan to apologize her. Mayank apologizes her and says it won’t happen again.

Seema goes to Nani’s room where Nani provokes her saying her son has already became slave of his wife. She tells him to think about her budhapa and control bahu from now.

Rachna first records her own video and welcomes everyone for Mayank and Gunjan’s wedding function (Tilak function). She then takes camera to Gunjan, but she’s still getting ready, so Rachna then goes to living room to record all the decoration.

She asks Dolu to give a message for his sister. He sings a song Bhaiya aur Bhabhi ko badhai ho badhai.

Rachna records other couple of family members messages as well. Shayl is running here and there to do preparations and she gets minor injury on her leg. Rachna goes to help her. Nani comes out and she’s disappointed with the sitting arrangements. Shayl says she told guys, but they didn’t do it yet. Nani taunts her that this is what happens if you do last minute preparations. Seema supports Nani. Nani then tells Rachna to take care of guests. After both of them go away for work, Nani tells Seema this is how groom’s mother shows authority. Seema tells her I will learn all slowly slowly.

Seema then tells Nani that it should be groom’s family who should be doing all the preparations today. Nani says, no matter which function it is, always bride’s family do preparations. They see Akash and talk loudly how their relative’s groom’s family gave so many gifts and so much money. Akash goes to Shayl and they laugh.

Akash tells Shayl that they should add more gifts, but Shayl says what they have so far is enough. Mayank and Gunjan are on the phone. Gunjan tells Mayank it’s better if they don’t meet now after what happened yesterday and she has lots of preparations to do anyways. Seema comes to take Mayank to the function.

Tilak function starts and Nani, Seema are impressed seeing gifts or shagun that Gunjan’s family brought. Nani says but we all are from same house, who is from bride’s side? Shayl, her husband, Rachna, Dolu join Akash. Even Seema’s husband says that he would join bride’s side as well because Gunjan is like his daughter. Anyways the function starts and Gunjan’s family give gifts or shagun to Mayank. Gunjan is watching from her room and gets very emotional.

Nani and Seema are not happy with the gifts. Seema asks Nani how to tell them in front of everyone. Nani then tells Shayl that she didn’t like the saree much. Seema joins her and says, the one that Charu’s family gave was a lot better.

Seema rejects the saree which Shayl gives and even Masi saying the saree they got from Charu s was better. Dayal handles the situation saying that come to our shop tomorrow and select what you want. Seema and Masi are happy as they want 21000 rupees saree. Bua tells Shayl that she liked her choice. Prabhu tells Seema to behave but dhe decides the first time Shayl is under her thumb and she is getting respect which Prabhu was never able to give her but now Maynk is.

Gunjan is upset as she has a pimple and does not want to marry. Mayank sees she is upset. He calls her and tells her to meet on the terrace and he consoles her that since its dark he cant see the pimple. Vihaan is agitated as Rachna s phone is off and since he cant live without talking to her decides on a plan. Mayank is on the terrace sees a figure and ties to catch hold of him. Its Vihaan and Mayank is furious. Rachna comes and when Mayank is hitting Vihaan he is only staring at Rachna. BG music Mar jayya.

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