Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 98-100)

Kalpi gets staggered to discover that the stranger she is battling with is Raghav Singhaniya himself. She seeks for his help however he declines. He puts a condition before Kalpi that he will accompany her to Mumbai just in the event that she finishes the given task. Pakhi notices some conspiracy behind Kamala's meeting with Raghav. 

Pakhi and Kamla witness someone sneaking the chawl late during the evening. On following, they discover it is Manda. Manda admits that she was sneaking to meet a baba who has promised to help them save their chawl. Kamla advises her not to lose hope not realizing that Manda is really working with Kapoor' against them. Then again, everybody in the chawl is stressed over the approaching court case. 

In the wake of hearing Manda allegations, Kamla tells Manda to search her home. Manda while searching Kamla's home takes out the cash she planted in the house and shows it to everybody. Kamla breaks down because of everybody's accusations. Meanwhile, finding Raghav finds Kalpi standing outside his office. Raghav calls somebody and tells them that he is going to Mumbai and takes the file from Kalpi hands.

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