Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 333-334)

Roshni recalls Siddharth asking her to have sweets and is stunned. She looks at him and goes. Roshni thinks why Siddharth, you are playing games with me. She thinks how to stay with Raghu? Raghu’s mother comes to him and asks if he is not hungry. Raghu says he is very much hungry. Raghu’s mum asks why did he agree to do wrong work for a girl, and asks him to go after her death. Raghu is shocked. Roshni thinks she has to consider Raghu as Siddharth. Raghu comes and knocks on her car’s door. He tells her that his mum came to know about their deal, and now he can’t do anything as his mother has instructed him not to do this job. Roshni says but you have promised me. He asks her to convince his mum then only he can work for her, He says time up, signal is open and leaves. Roshni is shocked. She comes to Durgardevi. Durgardevi asks her to convince Raghu’s mum and says we have to do it to give justice to Siddharth. She asks her to track their weakness and says I will guide you. Roshni says I will convince her. A lady saves Roshni from getting her foot injured by nail. Roshni and Durgardevi thank her. Mona brings soup and keeps it the table and it falls on the ground. Mona turns and is surprised.

Roshni comes to Raghu and asks what is his mum’s dream. Raghu says his mum feels bad for him as he works day and night in the work shop. He says his mum wishes for a AC car with all the luxuries. He sees her gone. On the other hand, Raghu buys a brand new AC car and presents it to his mother. His mum gets happy and question him as to how he got the car. At the same time, Roshni comes and claims to have given this car to Raghu. Raghu’s mum smile vanishes. Raghu tries to convince her. She gets angry and breaks the car mirror. She says you will not ask my Raghu to do wrong work for money and asks Roshni to stay away from Raghu and takes him with her. Raghu looks at Roshni.

Raghu’s employer kicks him out of his job and asks him not to show his ego to him. Roshni comes and asks him to look there. He shows him new garage. Roshni says it is your own garage, and says you have seen this dream. She says she is Siddharth Khurana’s wife and asks him to agree. Raghu asks for 360 Rs. Roshni asks if you are mad, can’t you see my helplessness. Raghu refuses to help her and says nobody talked to me like this. He asks her to find another lookalikes of Siddharth. Roshni apologizes to him. Raghu says everything depends on trust. Roshni thinks of telling Siddharth that she trusts him. Raghu says they can’t do partnership and tells her bye.

Raghu declares to Roshni that he is not going to help her anymore. He asks her to leave him alone and says bye to Roshni. Roshni starts shouting at Raghu to go to hell and says you can’t be like Siddharth, and says you are more black than coal. She asks him not to show his face again. Later in the night, Roshni talks to Siddharth's photo and asks where did you go? She asks herself as to what would she do next. She reminds of his promise that he will come back for her and says she is breaking down, and cries. She asks him to return and cries. The next day, the servant informs her that Raghu came to meet her. Roshni gets tensed and thinks what if Shabnam sees him. Shabnam comes out and spots Raghu, who is standing with Roshni. Shabnam is unable to see Raghu's face as he turned his back towards her. She asks who are you? She pats on his shoulder. Before Shabnam could see him as Raghu is about to turn his face, but just then Roshni comes and pushes Shabnam and also manages to pus Raghu in the elevator and enters with him. Shabnam thinks who is that man and what is Roshni doing with him. Raghu tells Roshni that he will help her. Roshni gets happy. Suddenly the lift stops and electricity is off. Raghu says he feels strange. Shabnam awaits for the lift to come down. She asks the guard to check. Meanwhile, Kritika gives pastries to her friends. They ask about her husband. Kritika says he went out of town. Bunty hears them. Roshni calls for help as the lift is stuck. Raghu sings Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Band Ho…………Roshni sings as well. They dance on the song. It turns out to be Raghu’s imagination. Shabnam awaits for them. Raghu sings Aye Kya Bolti Tu. Roshni asks him to stop the crap. Shabnam tells the guards that her sister is stuck in the elevator since 30 minutes. The guard says he is working. Shabnam thinks Roshni secret will be unveiled soon. Raghu asks Roshni to sing and as he sings song. Roshni asks him to keep quiet and is tensed. She tells Raghu that if Shabnam comes to know about him then there will be problem. Guard/technician says that the lift is repaired. Raghu holds her and come closer. Roshni asks him not to come near her. He tells that there is a cockroach behind her. Roshni shouts and hugs him. Just then the lift opens. Shabnam sees Roshni hugging a man and turns her face.

Roshni makes Raghu run from there. Shabnam couldn’t see his face. Raghu thinks I will not go to that building and says they don’t do even pest control. Bunty comes to Raghu and asks him to identify him. Raghu slaps him. Bunty tries to make him identify him. He calls him Siddharth Khurana. Raghu gets angry. Bunty says you are Siddharth, my wife is not accepting and made me leave the house. He cries. Raghu asks him to be a man and confess his love to her. He says there is so much power in love and asks him to never lose hope. Bunty comes home. Kritika scolds him. He looks smilingly at her. Kritika says she is talking to him and asks him to move and go. On the other hand, Raghu says superstar said be a man, don’t accept defeat. He smiles. Roshni recalls about her intimacy with Raghu, and thinks what is she thinking. She thinks how can he be Siddharth? Shabnam comes to her and asks what is the matter? Today Madam is looking happy! Did you get new lover or you are hiding something related to the past. She asks if she is afraid to be caught? Roshni asks are you scared? She says this house is yours, you sent my mom to jail, made Naani paralyzed and ruined my life. Shabnam is angry.
Raghu and Pinto plays carrom board. Roshni comes there. Raghu asks why she came here? Roshni asks him to stop talking in cheap language, and says she will make him meet a man who is classy and simple.

Roshni takes Raghu to a room where shows him the video and pictures of Siddharth as how he was and what his life style was like on projector screen. Raghu starts cracking jokes about Siddharth that he is like me which infuriates Roshni and says there is a difference and that her Siddharth was having a good heart. Raghu says how can anyone stay at her in-house laws with a hunter mum in-law. Roshni asks how did you know? Raghu says he is saying seeing her temple. He asks why did he have an affair with his sister in-law when he had a good wife. Roshni slaps Raghu and asks him to get up. Roshni cries and tells him that she does not want his help.

Later, Roshni meets her mother and shows her Raghu's photograph. Durgardevi claims that Raghu is Siddharth and she is sure about it. Roshni says he don’t have any qualities of Siddharth. Durgardevi says they have same similarities. Roshni says she has no doubt that he is Raghu. She says she will free her under any circumstances. Durgardevi says what is important is to punish Siddharth's guilty.

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