Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 370 -373)

Siddharth/ Guru asks if she have felt bad. Bansi says her feet is paining and Kunal is also in pain. Bunty tells her  to do. Parimal comes back to Guru ji Siddharth. He shows him a bottle and asks him to drink in one go.

Parimal does as the sage asks and drinks it. Guru asks what is bothering him. Parimal tells him that they want to take their daughter in-law home. He tells him something which is muted. Just then they hear some voice. Parimal assures to tell him later. Guru/Siddharth asks him to say it but Parimal says later. They goes to the hall and see Bansi beating Bunty. Siddharth is about to curse Bansi, but Parimal stops her. Siddharth asks who has become widow recently. Kesar tells him his sister in-law. Siddharth as sage asks them to take care of their widow Durgardevi just like Bansi took care of Parimal in his childhood. Later, Siddharth goes to the extent of gettingBansi Maasi to wash Durgardevi's feet and drink the water.

Kritika calls Bunty. Bunty’s phone falls down. Shakuntala picks the call and asks who is she? Kritika says it is her husband’s phone. Roshni comes and takes the call. Parimal takes care of Guru Siddharth and goes to bring ganga jal.

Siddharth mixes something and asks Parimal to mix the ingredients before consuming it. Parimal eats it. Siddharth asks what is worrying him? Siddharth steadily gains certain information regarding Bansi Maasi's association with Durgardevi when Parimal tells him their daughter in-law is not ready to come with them and they don’t know what to do as she doesn’t talk to them well. He says his mother's name is Bansi and she ruleson everyone. When she forces anyone then a storm comes. He tells sage Siddharth that Durgardevi and Naani have betrayed them 18 years back andthe secret is not yet open. When it opens then Durgardevi and Naani will go to jail. He further tells him that Durgardevi will have to forget her daughter once she knows her secret. Roshni will not want to see Durgardevi and Naan. Siddharth was shocked and determined to find out the secret.

Parimal tells Siddharth the deep secret that Durgardevi has been hiding all this while. He tells Siddharth that if the secret is out, Durgardevi and Naani can go to jail and Roshni will never want to see her mother's face again. Before Parimal can continue, he falls asleep. Siddharth wonders what this secret is that Bansi and family are blackmailing are Durgardevi since many years and thinks the secret is very deep. Just then, Roshni arrive, picks his moustache and recognizes him. Siddharth asks her to listen. Just thenBansi hears Siddharth’s voice and calls Parimal/premal. She finds Parimal unconscious in the room and understands something wrong going on. On the other hand, Roshni tells Siddharth that he is a champ and only him can do this. Siddharth tells her it is his family and he can do anything for them. Roshni asks why he is tensed? Siddharth says nothing. Bunty comes there and asks if she knows about them. Roshni pats on Bunty that she came to know when she talked to Kritika. She asks Bunty to talk to Kritika as she is thinking he is having an affair. Bunty goes to talk to her. Roshni tells Siddharth that if anyone see then together then they will think that she is having an affair with an old man. Siddharth tells her they are dangerous people. Just when Siddharth and Bunty are about to leave from the house, Parimal and Bansi stop him. Siddharth tells them they have to do betterment of other family. Bansi asks him to stay till they make food for 100 kids, and asks him to touch the food. Siddharth and Bunty agrees.

Bansiasks Roshni to come to kitchen and help her in cooking. Siddharth says he will help her. Bansi tells him that it is good to feed the kids and she will present the bhog to Ambe Maa first. Siddharth and Roshni romance silently. While the preparations begin, Bansisecretly lights Siddharth’s dhoti on fire. Bunty shouts seeing the fire. Siddharth automatically rushes to extinguish the fire off with his hands and burns his hands. Roshni blurts out his name and hugs him cryingly. Durgardevi, Naani and everyone reaches there and are shocked. Bansi slaps Siddharth for feigning to be a sage. She tells Durgardevi that her son in-law is playing games and this accident happened as they are together. Roshni asks her to cut the crab. Bansi holds the rod to beat Roshni but Siddharth holds her hand and warns her not to dear touch his wife. Durgardevi tells him that Bansi is right and asks Siddharth to go to his room for 2 days and also asks them not to talk to each other. Roshni asks Siddharth not to listen to her mother and asks him not to go. Siddharth looks at Durgardevi.

Siddharth agrees and goes. Bansirecalls seeing them together in the store room and executing the accident plan. Parimal tells Bansi Maasi that this guy has fooled him, and he won’t leave him, will make Rahu and Ketu follow him. Bansi asks him to sit down that she knew it from beginning, but was waiting for the right moment. He says he came to his net and was trapped, it is just the beginning and says Lakshmi will come to their house only.

Kunal comes to Roshni and asks her not to cry as he can’t see her tears. He promise her he will talk to Durgardevi and Siddharth. Roshni asks him not to and thanks him for supporting her as a friend. She holds his hand and thanks him. Kunal looks at his hand and kisses it. He smiles. Kunal looks at the photo and says he can forcibly take Roshni even now. Bansi tells him they can take her at any time. Kunal says Roshni is his jaagir/belonging and she is his. Bansi says he is right. Kunal tellsBansi Maasi that he is Roshni's husband and knows how to handle her. It will be good if she agrees lovingly else she will agree after getting kicks. He vow that he will move the person from their way even if he is Roshni’s lover Siddharth. He moves the knife on his picture.

Siddharth is worried about Bansi’s planning. Raj is worried too. Meanwhile, Bansi tells Kunal to make a place in Roshni’s heart and woo her. Kunal assures to do so. He tells Bansi that he will ensure that Roshni takes good care of her and swears that Roshni is his and will always be his forever.

Siddharth is worried and tells his father that Roshni is upset with him. Raj assures him that she isn't upset for real. All will be well soon.

Kunal apologizes to Roshni for all the mess. Roshni tells Kunal that she isn't upset with him. Kunal tells Roshni that he has heard about her NGO and wants to visit it. Roshni agrees to take him along right away. They are leaving when Durgardevi asks her where she is going. Roshni tells her mother that she is not with Siddharth so why did she care. They walk off.

Bansi tells Durgardevi to notice how Roshni left with Kunal. After all he is perfect match for Roshni. All will be well now. Durgardevi is worried about Roshni and calls Siddharth up and asks him to meet her.

Twinkle (of Tashn-e-ishq) notices Siddharth in adjacent car and covers her face with veil. She prays that Siddharth doesn't notice her. Siddharth feels suspicious and decides to call Kunj. Siddharth calls Kunj and tips him about seeing Twinkle in car with Yuvi.

Kunal and Roshni arrive at the NGO and the kids ask about Siddharth. Kunal tells them he couldn't come today but they will all play and study too. He gives them chocolates and allthe kids are delighted. Roshni is delighted too. She notices a painting on the wall that has her and Siddharth’s hand impression. She is sad and misses Siddharth. Kunal notices and decides to intervene. He pushes one of the kids in such a way that he falls and ends up breaking Roshni’s phone. Kunal offers to fix her phone but she says surely and asks him to give her his phone so she can inform her mother. Kunal lies that he forgot his phone at home. She goes tomake call to Durgardevi from PCO as Kunal smirks.

Siddharth tries calling Roshni's number but it's out of coverage. Durgardevi is worried but Siddharth assures her he will take care of Roshni. He is walking out when Bansi Maasi calls out to him and asks him not to waste his time as he can't find Roshni. Siddharth fumes on Bansi and asks her to tell him where Roshni is or else. Bansi teases him and Siddharth tells her anyone who tries to harm Roshni will be finished by him. He asks Bansi Maasi to him where Roshni is. Bansi tells him Roshni is with her husband and tonight Kunal will make her his.

Raj calls Shakunte and stammers to say ..i li… and Kritika comes there saying her mother is looking for him. Shakunte is confused and Raj gives the phone to Kritika. Siddharth reaches NGO and asks of Roshni. The kids say she went to a nearby village. Siddharth is worried and rushes in search of Roshni. Meanwhile Kunal spikes Roshni’s water. Abhi from kumkum bhagya watches this and asks what he is mixing in the water. Kunal tells him he is mixing meds in the water for her as she is unwell. He rushes away. Abhi feels suspicious.

On the other hand, Kunj asks Siddharth about Twinkle. Siddharth informs that he registered missing person complaint for Twinkle. Kunj thanks Siddharth. He asks Siddharth what is the matter. Siddharth shares about Kunal taking Roshni away. Kunj is worried too. Kunj prays for Twinkle and Roshni’s safety.

Kunal drives Roshni through some isolated road. Siddharth asks Abhi if he saw Roshni and he shares about the incident of Kunal spiking Roshni's water.

Meanwhile, Roshni feels dizzy and Kunal tries to get close to her. Siddharth is driving towards them.

Kunal try to get close to Roshni, but she moves him away. Siddharth reaches the spot where Roshni and Kunal are at. He spots Kunal misbehaving with Roshni and beats him up. Roshni asks why is he doing this and shows concern towards Kunal. Siddharth asks did she know what he was trying to do. Roshni tells Siddharth that Kunal is her friend and not a stranger. Siddharth says he is like a snake and will change colors. Roshni questions Siddharth and shows doubt on him. Siddharth tells Roshni she is his wife and life. Roshni asks him to stop it and asks what have he shared with her and that she is grinded between her mother and his ego’ classes and he have always kept her in the dark. Kunal asks Roshni not to fight with Siddharth that there might be some misunderstanding. Siddharth asks him to stay out of it. Roshni tells Siddharth that she fell from bike and Kunal was helping her like a friend when she was feeling like fainting. Siddharth asks her to use her mind and think why do the hell, he brought her here, and that he want to take advantage of her. Roshni asks him not to think wrong of Kunal and tells Siddharth that Kunal was not misbehaving with her, instead, he brought her here to save the children and get them to her NGO. Kunal says these talks doesn’t matter, and he just made Roshni drink glucose and nothing as such. He brings the bottle and drinks it to prove that it was just glucose. Roshni asks Kunal not to prove anything to anyone. She holds Kunal’s hand and asks him to come with her. They sit on the bike and leaves. Siddharth looks on shockingly and talk to himself that Roshni is doing wrong and that Kunal is a snake charmer that want to ruin their family by mixing venom within him and Roshni. He says they forgot that he is between them and his family and determined that he won’t let anything happen to anyone.

Siddharth comes home. He tells Bansi that he knows it is all her work. Bansi tells Siddharth that he can’t do anything and he is not good for his wife. She asks what will he do now and laughs.

Later in the night, Roshni gets a romantic chit from Siddharth. Siddharth comes with a bouquet and tries to agree her. Roshni tells him that he would have fall down from there. Siddharth holds her closer and tries to convince Roshni. He gets closer, and expresses his love for her that she is his life and love her so much and that he know she is angry with him and it is right, but Kunal sees them romantically involved and gets jealous. Siddharth tells her that he don’t need to tell her further about the love between them. They both lie down on bed while Siddharth assures her that he will never let any trouble come to their family. Siddharth and Roshni gets intimate. Kunal thinks Siddharth is touching his wife, although he tried to separate them. He gets angry. Siddharth spots silhouette of a man peeping through the window and realizes that it is non other than Kunal.

Bansi burns Shakuntala’s hand on the gas stove. Siddharth comes and asks what she is doing? If she is a mother or a killer. Bansi asks him to mind his business. Siddharth says it is their house and she can’t do this here. Bansi warns him and threaten to pull his tongue out. She tells Durgardevi that Siddharth’s father is trapping her daughter, and that Shaku was writing a letter to him. Durgardevi and Roshni read letter surprisingly. Bansi asks Roshni if Siddharth haven’t told her anything about it. Siddharth says he can explain. Roshni gets angry and tells him she don’t know what else he have hidden from her. Bansi asks Premal to send Shaku back. Naani asks her not to do that. She asks Premal to do as she says.

Siddharth tells Raj that his plan is backfiring and failing badly. Raj feels bad too. Siddharth tells his father that Bansi will send Shaku back and tells him about his next plan. He asks him to do as he says. Raj refuses. Siddharth insists and requests him to agree. Premal drags Shaku out while she refuses to go. Bansi asks Premal to take her. Raj comes there shocking everyone. Shaku runs to Raj and stands behind him. Raj announces that he is taking Shaku with him

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