Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 321-323)

When DD watches the MMS, she is infuriated with Siddharth and insults him in front of the media. Roshni supports Siddharth and tells her mother to keep quiet. DD asks Siddharth to leave and Roshni says that even she would leave. At home, his family is not ready to believe him and at the same time, Raj receives a call from his company who says they have gone bankrupt.

The police meets Shabnam to arrest her. When she falls at Roshni's feet, she asks for her not to rebuff her. Siddharth tells Roshni not to forgive her. Then, Raj and Simran are held up by hooligans who debilitate Raj to give them his purse and car keys. Kritika's husband shows up and tries to battle the hooligans. Raj Stops him from battling and beats them up himself. In the interim, Roshni and Siddharth choose to send Shabnam to Dubai. Will she truly leave for Dubai?

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