Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 304-306)

Seema comes to Prabhu and apologizes who tells her to say the same to Shayl.Seema does not want to and Mandy interrupts them and Prabhu starts talking to her. Seema is unhappy. Gunjan comes down and the function starts Chaya Rachna dance on Mehendi ki raat. Seema puts fake jewellry on Gunjan and Rachna has tears in her eyes. Shayl dances on Chalka Chalka re from Saathiya movie. Dayal comes in front of her and everyone is scared he sings yeh reshmi zulfein for Shayl. Everyone is very happy.

Some girl pulls Vihaan on the dance floor Rachna also jumps in and dances with Vihaan but Bobby interrupts them so Vihan pulls him away. Akash is in tears and so is Gunjan. Gunjan leaves the ceremony and Shayl follows Rachna sees her mom and she also follows her. Gunjan is in her room crying looks at Sneha s picture. Shayl and rachna console her. Shayl and rachna leave Mayank asks his taaiji if Gunjan is fine. Shayl says Gunjan is missing Sneha and so is she. Gunjan has switched off the light so Mayank makes peacocks using his fingers and Gunjan can see the shadows. She becomes cheerful as mayank continues the shadow act. gunjan sees Mayank at the window and she feels better Mayank asks in actions if he should come in she refuses . Mayank emotes he wantsto hug her and so does Gunjan.

Prabhu tells Seema to apologize to Shayl.Seema returns the keys to Shayl leaving maasi and Sangeeta tensed. Shayl says there is no need and she will even keep the safe in Seema s room but Prabhu is angry and asks Seema to hand over the keys and Seema does it. Prabhu says that he has Gunjan s jewellery and it s safe everyone is shocked he says that he did it to teach Seema a lesson. Seema is furious and when Mandy calls her careless Seema put s the mehendi bowl on Mandy s dress. Shayl apologizes on her behalf but mandy is unhappy. Maasi brainwashes Seema that she still has a hukkum ka ikka. She tells her that Shayl should be gunjan s Maasi and not her jethani Akash is telling Shayl about Gunjan and Sneha s relation. Seema and Maasi overhearing and maasi says the iron is hot its time to strike now. Seema enters with Maasi and asks who will do Gunjan s kanyadaan and Seema replies that akash cant do as husband wife do it and Sneha is no more.

Seema and Maasi say that the husband and wife need to do kanyadaan together and talks in an insulting way.Dayal comes and says that he and Shayl will do the kanyadaan. Akash feels bad but Seema and maasi are happy. Shayl is furious and Dayal is trying to console her. Gunjan comes to her room and finds a letter and a rose on her bed. Letter is written by Mayank. He says finally after tomorrow, you will be Mrs. Mayank Garg. Gunjan says to herself, never.. I will be Gunjan.. Mayank ki Gunjan. She continues reading and it says, tonight is last night when you will sleep alone.. from tomorrow you will see my face before sleeping. Shayl comes and asks her if all preparations done. She sees her mehendi and says color will come out to be strong because Mayank loves you a lot.

Seema and Maasi are celebrating the fact that Shayl will be the samdhan and not jethani while Shayl sees Akash seeing Sneha s pictures and decides that Akash will only do the Kanyaadan.

Rachna and gunjan are very excited about the wedding and Gunjan says it looks like a dream and Rachna pinches her. Gunjan bumps into Mayank and Gunjan does not want to show her face she hides behind a collumn. Ankhin ki Gustankhiyan BG music. Gunjan calls bua with gestures and Mayank thinnks he is holding Gunjan s hand but it is actually buas.

Mayank has laid down petals for Gunjan to walk on she is very happy and sees Mayank, she scolds him that they are not supposed to meet but e tells he wants to meet a member of his family. Gunjan takes him to meet Sneha s picture and Gunjan and Mayank express their feelings. Gunjan says that Mayank is the best and Sneha would be happy seeing him and that she probably knew that s why she sent her to benaras.

Mayank keeps flowersin front of Sneha s picture.Gunjan is all emotional and hugs Akash when Mayank promises Sneha to keep Gunjan happy. Shayl is listening to everything as she is standing near the door. Mayank gives Gunjan a rose. Gunjan crying for his dress which she is going to wear on her marriage day and by mistake she splits coffee on her dress, Shail coming and by putting sone vinegar she removed it, Mausiji and Seema asking her if she is ready for kanyadaan and shail replied actively in positive. Mayank sends some letter via Dholu for Gunjan.

Mandy teasing Gunjan, Mayank tries to call Gunjan from behind and gunjan smiles. All going in wedding hall for Gunjan and Mayank. Seema asks Mayank to get ready. Gunjan and Rachna in some parlour to get ready for the marriage. Shayl gets emotional as they reach wedding venue. Mayank gives gogs to Seema as a gift and she throws it after being teased by all. mausiji carries it with her. All gets ready for Baaraat, and lives from there after having Tilak ceremony, Girl’s side waiting for Baaraat on the door of the wedding hall, Rachna sees baaraat entering, Gunjan got excited.

Shail and all welcomes baaraat. Mausiji asks Aakaash to wash Mayank’s feets before entering in the hall. She says all in a teasing tone, saying its a culture. Mayank objects it.

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