Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 290-292)

Family discussing about the catering for Mayank-Gunjan’s wedding. Seema tells Shail to confirm the date with the priest first. Gopal says to just inform the caterers early otherwise it will be difficult last minute. Prabhu says he’ll make a list. Mayank is thinking the family is busy with the preparations and Charu is not ready to divorce him and what is he to tell them. Akash asks how it went and Mayank says its been filed and the proceedings will take place. Akash says so everything is on track and Mayank say yes. Shail says this also will be done fast. Mayank looks worried. Gunjan notices this. Mayank says he will freshen up. Gunjan thinks to herself. Mayank thinks if Charu doesn’t divorce him then what will happen to Gunjan and him and why does happiness always come with a problem.

Mayank notices Gunjan is there and says hey Gunjan and she asks him what’s going on and he shakes his head and she says he can’t fool her. There is something going on in him. He says nothing he is just tired. Gunjan says that he is in her heart and like a hidden camera she knows what is in his heart and nothing is hidden from her. She says did Charu disagree to divorce him. Mayank says how did she know and she says because like she said he lives in her heart. She tells him to tell her all that happened. He says Charu is ready to stay in jail but is not ready to sign the divorce papers and she doesn’t want to agree with his conditions. Gunjan says its ok how long will it go on like this. One day she will definitely agree. She says if God is unable to keep them apart then this is nothing. She says they are together and will always be. She says somethings are to be left to God and till then and she hugs Mayank.

Mayank tells Gunjan when she close to him all the tensions and problems make no difference but when she is not with him then all the happiness and peace has no value. He tells her don’t dare to leave him ever and always stay with him forever. He leans closer to Gunjan and she says they will be even closer when she becomes his and she his. She says she will go before anyone sees them. Gunjan says as much as he is eagerly waiting she also is eagerly waiting. She says that day will come soon and it might be tomorrow as its his hearing tomorrow and wishes him good luck. He tells her he will go with her back to the house and she says no she will go first and later he can come. She says there’s another important thing and signals him to come closer and he leans and she says I love you and runs away. Mayank is smiling and blows her a flying kiss. Gunjan is all smiles and runs back home. Akash, Dayal and Shail looking at wedding card samples. Shail sees Gunjan running and says to be careful as she just got back from the hospital. Shail asks her to come to them. Akash calls her. Gunjan asks what is it and he says what is going to happen the event of his life. He shows Gunjan wedding card samples. He says as soon as Mayank’s divorce is finalized tomorrow they will send the cards for printing. Gunjan says the cards will be printed easily but for him to understand that Mayank’s divorce has not been finalized yet. Akash says he knows but Mayank has filed the divorce. Shail says that Mayank even met Charu and if anything was wrong he would have told them. Shail says no more delays and they should start preparing. Shail notices Gunjan’s worried face. Charu says she doesn’t want to divorce Mayank and she rather stay in jail but will never divorce him. The lawyer tells her not to shout and that Mayank’s case is stronger than hers. He says its best she agrees to his conditions or else her punishment would be at least 10 years. Charu’s father says he agrees with the lawyer and what is left in the marriage and to forget Mayank and move on. Charu says she doesn’t want to move forward. She says do they know what she went through so much of humiliation. She says 10 or 100 years but she won’t divorce Mayank. Her father asks whether she wants to spend her whole life in jail. She says why should she suffer in jail and that if her father loves her then to get her out of jail without divorcing Mayank and says the same way she is suffering Mayank has to suffer to and tells her mother to make her father understand. Charu’s parents look at each other.

Rachana is busy fixing her hair in front of the mirror. Gunjan comes and says that Rachana is looking pretty and sweet today and asks if she is meeting anyone special and Rachana says nothing like that. Gunjan asks if she got offended and Rachana says why would she its not that she’s doing it for Vihaan adn Gunjan smirks and says when did she even take Vihaan’s name and Rachana smiles and says to leave it. Rachana says she is late for college and Chaya is not even here and she has to go alone and says bye to Gunjan. Gunjan says to say hi to Vihaan for her. Rachana tells Gunjan to keep quiet and turns to go. Gunjan looks a bit upset and Rachana asks Gunjan if she is nervous for Mayank’s court hearing and Rachana says she shouldn’t as Charu will agree eventually and tells Gunjan not to worry and goes. Rachana is trying to hail an rikshaw to take her to SVC but the guy refuses. Vihaan wishes her good morning and says her driver has appeared. Rachana says that if someone sees him they will be in trouble.

Vihaan tells her to sit behind on his bike. Rachana tells him not to act oversmart and she says he won’t agree this way and walks away hailing an auto. Vihaan signals the guy to go off and the auto leaves. Rachana notices this and starts walking. Vihaan says by the time she walks the college would be closed. Rachana says what is it to him. Rachana says people are looking at them. Vihaan says let them see a poor guy whose so nice and loves this girl and is following her around. Vihaan pleads her to sit. Rachana says she is sitting on his bike for the last time and sits on it and tells him to go fast as he is busy looking at his hair. Mayank looks worried and Shail says not to worry all will be fine. Mayank apologizes and says he lied about the divorce and Shail says she knows as Gunjan told her. Shail says let Charu fight but they have a lot of evidence against her. Shail says today or someday they will get the divorce. Charu enters the court. All look at her. She remembers Mayank’s conditions.Mayank and Charu take the stands. The judge asks if Mayank filed for divorce and if they want to settle without divorce.

Mayank says that he won’t be able to come to a settlement with a woman that not only made his life a misery but troubled his family and at all times lied and even tried to harm Rachana and destroyed his personal, professional and family life. He says he even lost his job and after the criminal record was unable to find a job. Charu says she doesn’t admit to all the accusations. She says even for a moment they believe she did those mistakes then she is paying for her deeds. She says marriage, husband and household is important for a girl and which girl would destroy her household. The judge asks if she doesn’t want to divorce Mayank. Charu says her heart is not supporting her. She says that no matter how much she try she will never get her husband’s love or her right so there is of no use of the marriage. She tells the judge that she wants to divorce Mayank. She says she can’t live with Mayank. Mayank looks shocked.

Since Charu agrees the judje says that they will divorce and Mayank, Charu sign papers and officially will be divorced in a week. The family is happy Mayank thanks Charu and he tells him to take the case back. She smirks.

Gunjan is tensed and the family comes Seema tells her that she is very lucky as Charu agreed for divorce and she is very happy. Mayank tells her to come to the terrace but Shayl wants her to select the wedding card. Mayank callls her and tells her to come in 10 minutes . Gunjan is busy writing something on bua ji s orders and she cant go to meet him. Prabhu reaches terrace Mayank tries to hug him thinking its Gunajn behind a saree. There is a funny moment and he takes Mayank to see the wedding hall. Gunjan is about to go to the terrace making an excuse but Mayank and Prabhu come down. Shayl and Akash are talking about what he has to got Gunjan Shayl says there is no need as she is her daughter. Seema is overhearing this.and is feeling bad. Akash Prabhu and Mayank are about to leave to see the wedding hall.

Vihaan get s Rachna on his bike to a garden she wants to go back to college he tells her this is a date but Rachna says that many people can see us so Vihaan agrees to go to a farwaway place and that he will get the notes xeroxed for her. Seema convinces Shayl to be on Gunjan s side and then they will be samdhans. Shayl does not understand Seema s motive s and is happy.

Gunjan is waiting for Myank and Maynk says he is busy but he finally goes some cute nok jhok moments between Maynk Gunjan . He says he has come as it s hot to take a stroll and decides to go Gunjan does not stop him.He comes back and tum hi ho BG Gunjan apologizes he just says a hug is enough and they are very close to each other.

marriage and he asks Gunjan if she will become a Dayan after marriage she says she can become chandi also. She teases him that he is scared about his mom while he tells her she wants joru ka gulam and he says he will become typical benarsi husband. Gunjan run s and he runs after her. BG tum hi ho. Rachna Vihaan still out and he get s her to a place she says it s beautiful while he replies that not more than her Rachna thinks it s just lines. There is a thela where tea is sold. Vihaan goes to take two glasses when the guy asks with who he has come and asks Tina madam Rachna overhears this and when Vihaan offers her a glass throws it.
Rachna is furious that he has still not changed he tries to make her believe but she does not listen. The shop fellow tells him he will get other girls he explains this girl is different. Rachna leaves.

Seema get s men to remove furniture from Mayank s room as she wants new furniture and Prabhu says that they cant afford all this and to love Gunjan Akash overhears this and Seema knows. She is excited that even if Prabhu wont spend she will get what she wants. Rachna is back and Gunjan asks her where she was Gunjan sees 8 miss calls from Vihaan on her phone. Rachna tells her about the date but that he has taken other girls there before. Gunjan says you are jealous so must be love. Gunjan asks what action happened on the date did they kiss GRachna says she would have slapped him. Rachna asks Gunjan why is she asking all that and if something like that happened to her. Gunjan says she dint go anywhere and blushes and feels ackward.they tease each other.Gunjan says let s get married together the girls are still arguing when the land line rings and Dayal picks up he tells Rachna it s her call . Rachna is scared it s Vihaan and Dayal says the person has no manners to introduce themselves.It s a woman and Rachna is relieved. It s Vihaan on the other line he says that he has changed and Rachna challenges him to come home and say what he feels in front of all. Gunjan is happy

Akash gives a list of stuff which he wants to give Gunjan but Shayl is hesitant and he says only daughter and Shayl agrees . Seema Sangeeta very happy. Seema gives a list of relatives to Shayl and the list is big. Shayl says that and Akash says that no problem it s a happy occasion. The Dilli wali Mausi and her DIL have arrived but she says that she dint know there was a wedding so let s go back. She taunts them that their MIL gave her so much respect.

Masi is eating and her DIL is pressing her legs she is saying Seema is so lucky her first bahu was maaldar and her second one is even more maaldaar. She is dominating her Dil. Shayl gives her custard and juice but she wants some kachori which she gets. Masi wants to meet the bahu and Gunjan comes Masi is shocked taht Seema chose a bare leg girl everyone shocked.

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