Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 261-263)

Akash praises Aditya but he keeps staring at Gunjan then he says he is hungry and Shayl tells him that s good. Gunjan is told to show him the room and Mayank is standing there. Addy introduces himself while Gopal introduces Mayank they shake hands. Charu hugs mayank s arm and introduces herself. Addy goes up while everyone is furious with Charu Mayank walks away and Rachna starts screaming at Charu Shayl shuts her up that guests are at home and tells her to arrange the table. Mayank is lost in Gunjan s thoughts! mayank has been terminated as the company policy says he cant have a police record. He thinks how can he tell his family and will only tell them once he get s a new job. He thinks its because of him that his parents had to go to jail at this age. Mayank is frustrated and he hears his dad s voice he hides the letter. Prabhu tells him to come down for dinner and he refuses. Prabhu convinces him Mayank is worried about the termination letter in the drawer. Rachna does not want to serve Adi Shayl convinces her. He asks Shayl to sit with them . Adi says his parents will be coming soon to India. Mayank and Prabhu come and sit. Mayank-Gunjan have an eyelock. Adi tells his parents want to move to India and he is searching for a place for them. His business is in Australia so he wont be able to stay with his parents.asks Gunjan to pass the salad and both Mayank Gunjan reach for the plate at same time. Charu interrupts them and Gunjan passes the plate. Dholu is angry and Addy keeps praising the food.

Addy says he cant eat anymore as his stomach will burst. Gunjan tells him she can make pudina chach. Gunjan – Addy keep talking while Mayank and Dholu are upset. adi tells gunjan that both of them will cook and give party to everyone.Dholu drops a glass of water on addy and Sangeeta scolds him Dholu says he wont apologize. Addy wants to wash his hands Gunjan says she will show him around . TUM ho BG MUSIC Bua tells their jodi is nice na Shayl agrees and Mayank gets up from the table. charu is happy that everything is happening as she wants.

Rachna tells Gunjan that she likes Addy and even gunjan agrees. Akash is happy . gunjan talks to Addy s mom on phone and shayl is in tears that gunjan will be leaving. She is happy for Gunjan and Charu is really happy. Shayl wants to clean Addy s room he refuses her. He tells Rachna you are my Saali so I want a favour from you , he wants to go to market with her. Charu goes to give Mayank kheer and tells Gunjan s rishta is fixed he throws the bowl on the floor and tells if Gunjan goes out or not but she will go out. Charu says she wont go out of the soon ever so Mayank says he will go out. He sees gunjan in the hallway and he tells her about man of her dreams. She asks him he tells her dont spoil your mood for me as you took your decision dont worry for me. He says he does not want her advise and goes to sleep on the terrace. Akash sees this gunjan is in tears. Charu gets a call from her mom she shares Gunjan is getting married and is happy. The mom talks about some baba who knows hypnotism and tantra mantra and tells to write the address. Charu finds mayank s termination letter and is happy she will not need any baba. Mayank on terrace unable to sleep Akash comes he tells that he wants financially independent liberal guy for Gunjan and tells Mayank lost his chance with Gunjan so since its not working out with Charu he offer to respect Gunjan s decision and tells him to move on.. Akash says his words are harsh but its a father who is speaking . Mayank says his concern is right but does he know what Gunjan want, Aditya will keep her financially stable and give her luxuries but can he keep her happy. He says its her marriage but was gunjan asked even once. Akash says I know her very well and my responsiblities as well and you look after yours ie your marriage.he says some emotional dialogue (i could not hear)

Mayank apologizes and says its not his business. He goes to his room charu does not let him take the key he snatches is out of her game. He is going out of the house Gunjan asks where he is going but he does not answer. Mayank goes out . Akash looks

Gunjan thinks if her father said something to Mayank she asks her dad what he was doing on terrace alone , he says he is not a kid. Gunjan asks her dad if she said something to Mayank and she becomes upset Akash says I am your dad and know what s best for you so there was no need as she moved on and said yes to Adi. Maynk hears this and is hurt. Akash says I can be your father not your Mother and he just wants her to be happy. He tells her that she should not say yes under emotional prressure. akash says its no use crying over a guy who rejected her .Mayank hears everything.

Mayank going on bike Gunjan comes to her room BG music tu mujhe chod jaaye yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya. Mayank in some forest smoking he remembers the past both are sad missing each other. Gunjan sees a photo and says no one can snatch memories but time has come to let this go and tears it.

Pandit says good muhrat in 15 days Akash says its fine . 15 days is perfect. Everyone upset.. adi says he wants to talk to Gunjan before deciding the date mayank is also present adi bends dowmn on his knee with a rose proposses her Gunjan staring and mayank hurt . She says yes of course and takes the rose . Mayank is shattered tum hi ho BG music.. Everyone congratulates Gunjan Dholu bumps into Mayank and asks if Gunjan will leave . Gunjan Rachna hug . mayank says yes Dholu upset and leaves. Seema tells Mayank that she will give him tiffin but he says he will eat outside. Charu asks him where he is going Seema tells her to back off but Charu says he has been kickeed out of the office. Akash takes Adi to his room to talk about the marriage preparations. Everybody is shocked. Charu puts mirchi that you neeed to share your joy and sorrows. Seema asks mayank what the truth is Mayank says Charu is telling the truth he is jobless. Mayank says he will do something. Charu says because of divorce case and they should be grateful to her. Shayl tells her to shut up. Charu says what is the big deal he will get another job and her father can make one phone call rachna says no need to involve her father. Charu s temper rises and she says if anyone talks rudely to her she will send them to jail. shayl tells her to stop but charu says the truth is in police records and where is the proof. Rachna gives Caru a dressing down that she is so ghatiya and ghin aati hai. Mayank tells Rachna to shut up and to believe Charu and no discussions on this topic anymore.

mayank says all a woman wants is love and I could not fulfill that so its my fault..mayank says he does not mind if Charu s dad get s hima job. Charu is really happy while everyone is shocked. mayank leaves. Charu is giving her evil smile and sings titli udi . Gunjan looks shocked.

Chaya and Rachna in college and Vihaan comes near htem and falls chaya teses him and he says he does not know when he fell. He tells Rachna to go on a date with him and she refuses then he says let s hang out she says no she has to go to class in 2 minutes.. Then Vihaan takes her for a two minute date (How I Met your mother style) and woos her on main kya karun.. Rachna is unimpressed but the whole college claps for him. Vihaan is hurt and thinks Rachna is khadoos and complains to Rajeev . Rajeev tells him his past is like that and he has to do prayschit. Rajeeev slyly questions him about Gunjan but Vihaan notices something fishy. Rajeev thinks he should call Gunjan but decides against it.

At home Gunjan and her dad deciding which jewellery ro buy. Shayl gives her nani s jewellery even Charu wants to give Gunjan a set but she refuses. Rachna comes back from college and behaves rudely with Charu and she complains to Mayank. He tells her to get tea and takes Rachna in his room Rachna is upset that Mayank is scared of Charu Mayank says its a plan and he wants to throw Charu out of the house and wants her help. Rachna agrees.They join hands and within 3 days Charu will be out. Rachna is scared Charu might put the case again Mayank says he has a plan. Charu is talking to her mom very happy seeing Maynk s change , her mom says it s because he went to jail. Charu says only mayank matters and she wants her dad to get him a job out of benaras. Rachna talks about telling Gunjan that Charu will be out . Maynk says he has no right on Gunjan and he hopes he will be able to fix his life. Mayank tells about his plan in mute and Rachna says this plan will work and Charu overhears. Mayank sees Charu outside the door and tells Rachna that this plan is good hopefully every one in the family will accept Charu. Charu overhears this and is happy she gives him tea and asks him that why he is drinking tea does he have plans to stay up the whole night Mayank says he has to send hhis resume. Everyone is pampering Gunjan she get s sentimental and asks them to come to Australia to meet her every year. Adi says he will become ghar jamai and Rachna tells himshe cant go to australia then. Maynk comes and Gunjan and he stare at each other. The saree wala has come and the ladies are shopping. Gunjan says she likes all and asks Shayl to select Adi says he will select and takes one saree and puts it on her head. Mayank-Gunjan stare.

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