Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 367 -370)

Siddharth hears him and thinks to make friendship with him. He comes to him and says he came to know that he is a good astrologer. Parimal says yes. Siddharth asks him to bless him and says his wife can leave him anytime. Parimal says Siddharth want to ruin their life. Siddharth calls him guru ji and says he have given him a high place in his life. Parimal asks him not to waste time. Siddharth says this Shishya came to meet him first time and brought dakshina for him. Parimal’s eyes pop out seeing the money. Siddharth keeps bundle of notes on the table and says he will take it back as he is inauspicious. Parimal says he should accept his talk, and asks him to bring kundli. Siddharth says okay and says he will bring Kundli. He gives the money. Parimal thinks Roshni is really lakshmi.

Siddharth asking Roshni why she is angry at him. Roshni says she is not angry at him. Bansi looks on. Shakuntala looks at Raj’s photo and thinks she wants to do shringar for him. Bansi comes and whispers a plan into her daughter's ears to do some important work. Shakuntala agrees to do her work and she immediately gets to action. Bansi looks on. Siddharth tries talking to Roshni. While Roshni is expressing her disappointment towards Siddharth for not involving her in his plans and further tells Siddharth she wants to know what is going on about his plan. Siddharth says so much is happening and tells something which is muted. Shakuntala unwinds the screws of a window and the glass window comes crashing down.

Siddharth sees the falling window and manages to saves Roshni on time. Shakuntala smiles. Roshni asks Siddharth why did he save her and got himself injured. The family comes downstairs and Bansi claims that it is a sign of inauspiciousness thing as theirdaughter in-law is living with a stranger man. Roshni says he is not stranger, but her husband and that Bansi Maasi is inauspicious and not her husband.Bansi says she will protect herdaughter in-law and no one can come in between her way. Durgardevi asks Roshni to go to her room and asks Siddharth if he is fine. Siddharth says yes. Bansi looks on. Siddharth looks atBansi. He understands that BansiMaasi is responsible for the window falling down and thinks many guests have come in this house, and their target was his family, but nobody could harm his family as he was covering them like a protective sheild. He says he know who is doing all this and that he won’t let anything happen to his family.

Later in the morning, Naani comes and asks who made this breakfast? Siddharth says he made it for her. Naani sits to have food. Siddharth serves her. Naani says it might serve good. Siddharth asks her about the secret which is torturing them, and asks if she will hide it from him. Nasni nods no. Siddharth says he is always with her and promises to support them. Naani is about to say, but just then Durgardevi comes and stops Naani asking Siddharth not to trouble Naani. Siddharth says she ( Durgardevi ) have fought with thousands of troubles and asks how could Bansi Maasi and family made her helpless. He says Bansi have slapped him in front of her and she couldn’t do anything. He asks about her helplessness, and promises that no one can touch or harm her. He promises that he will set everything fine and gives Roshni’s promise.

Durgardevi says she can’t tell as she is trapped badly. Just then she hears Roshni’s scream and runs to her room. They finds Roshni's face dotted withrashes because of allergy. Mona tells Durgardevi that Bansi might be right about the inauspicious thing. Bansicomes and once again calls it a sign of inauspiciousness. Siddharth says he think she is right and if something big happens then he will not be able to forgive himself. He then says they have to stay separately for sometime. Roshni says he can’t take the decisionsalone. Siddharth says he will also take decision and it’s final. Roshni is shocked and cries. Later Siddharth feels apologetic and says he should make Bansi feel her win, and thinks to win Premal’s trust. He says he is sure that Bansi Maasi and her family are behind this, and promises to make them pay for their doings.

Naani tells Durgardevi that she can’t believe that Bansi have made herpuppet and is playing with her. Durgardevi says she don’t know what to do? Naani says they should tell about this secret to Siddharth, and he will help them. Durgardevi says not now, and says Roshni will hate her if comes to know about it. She says seriously no. Bansi hears them and thinks mother and daughter are losing in front of her. She says questions are raised in Durgardevi's mind because of her doings. A flashback is shown,Bansi goes to Roshni’s room and applies some ointment on her face to make her face pimply with rashes. Siddharth comes to her room and searches for the proof. Bansi is coming to her room and calls Premal. Siddharth gets the medicine bottle in her cupboard. He hides before she arrives in her room. He then manages to escape. He thinks to talk to Durgardevi. Kesar tells him that Kunal went with Durgardevi. Siddharth calls Durgardevi, but she disconnects the call. Shakuntala thinks if she tells about her love, then Bansi will scold her for loving someone at the age of 40. She says there is no age for love and marriage. Siddharth comes there and says she right. He says she is still young and can bowl over anyone. He says he salute her as she is waiting for the right man and haven’t married due to family pressure. He says she have become like servant for her family and says they don’t want to let her go as 80 percent work is done by her. Shakuntala gets thinking.

Siddharth tries to brainwash BansiMaasi's daughter against her family and showing a dream to Shakuntala that she might have gotten married, have kids etc, but someone couldn’t let her have a married life. He says he is no one to tell anything, but he is saying what he have seen. He sings Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. He meets Raj and tells about Shakuntala. He asks Raj to romance with Shakuntala, and that it is an ideal situation for every man. Raj refuses to do it. Sid asks can’t he do it for Roshni. Raj refuses. Siddharth emotionally blackmails him that he don’t care about his son snd that he will face this situation alone. Raj says he will trap… I mean will woo her. Siddharth asks him to take his help in charming a woman. Raj says charming man and says he is his son.

Siddharth reaches home, and sees everyone standing. Durgardevi shows him the bottle that it is found in his room. Siddharth is surprised to see Durgardevi with the medicine that had cause the rashes on Roshni's face and realizes that he is being accused of being responsible for the rashes. He says he brought it to make Roshni’s face pimply, and asks her not to beridiculous. He asks Durgardevi if she is asking him this and says it is done by them. Bansi says how can Siddharth blame them. Siddharth says don't don’t want to convince anyone here and that it is done by Bansi Maasi. Bansi says Siddharth is lying again and again, and he can harm Roshni for his advantage. Roshni loses her calm and asks Bansito stop her crab that she won’t tolerate her nonsense. She asks her to wash her sins in ganga before blaming her husband. Bansi tells Durgardevi that she has given enough liberty to Roshni. Siddharth asks Roshni to stop it. Roshni says it is happening because of Siddharth as he preferred to stay in the house. She scolds her mother for blaming and doubting her son in-law today, who defeated death and returned to save her and Naani. She says they have waited for him for six days, and tells about his doings. She goes inside angrily. Bansi asks Durgardevi to see with her eyes.

Roshni is crying. Later, Kunal meets Roshni with a guava. Roshni thinks Siddharth is giving her and refuses. She is surprised to see Kunal there. Kunal says he is very apologetic seeing his family earlier behaviour. Roshni accepts the guava and thanks him. Kunal collides with Durgardevi and asks if she got hurt. Durgardevi says no. Durgardevi looks at Roshni.

Later, Premal compromises with the junction box. Siddharth happens to see it at right time. The decorative chandelier is about to fall on Roshni, while at the other end, Siddharth is repairing it. Siddharth sees Roshni standing right there and runs to save her, but Kunal saves her. Roshni hugs Siddharth and asks if she is fine. Bansi asks Siddharth to move away from her daughter in-law. Once again, Siddharth is accused. Roshni says it is not Siddharth’s fault. Durgardevi too starts to agree that Siddharth is the cause for this accident and asks Roshni to come with her that she is very much scared. Roshni says it was just an accident. Siddharth tries to speak, but Durgardevi slaps him. Roshni asks her mother if she have lost it. Naani asks Durgardevi what have she done. Durgardevi apologizes and asks Roshni to come with her. Siddharth asks Roshni to go with her mother. He thinks this is happening because of Bansi and family and thinks not to leave them as his Durgar mom is believing them.

Later in the night, Durgardevi is sitting at pool side. Bansi says you are not getting sleep as you have realized that she said right that her son in-law is not right for her daughter. She asks her to think about the troubles which Roshni faced since her marriage, and tells about Kundli, rashi etc. She asks if she check Siddharth and Roshni’s kundlis? She says No. She says first they got married, then divorce and again remarriage and even Roshni’s child couldn’t be saved. She says they can’t be together as there is no patni and pati yog on their kundlis, and asks her to accept it as soon as possible. She asks her to keep Roshni and Siddharth separated for a day, and see. She asks her to decide. Durgardevi comes in her words.

A Man wearing black long coat and white gloves comes to Roshni’s room and takes Roshni forcibly. Roshni opens the cloth from her eyes and asks him to leave her as he don’t know her husband. She folds her hands and asks him to leave her. Siddharth says how can he leave her for God. Roshni says why would he do this? Siddharth asks her to close her mouth and come with him. He shows her I love you in the sky and wishes her happy new year my love. He takes her to cut the cake decorated with flower petals. Roshni gets happy, and thanks him. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. Siddharth makes her wear ring. Roshni says I love you Siddharth. Siddharth says I love you Roshni. Roshni says he have managed it in this bad time. Siddharth says every time will be good and promises that every moment will be golden for them. He says he remember the 7 vows of marriage and he won’t let anything happen to her or her family. They cut the cake. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. They wish each other happy new year.

Siddharth reaches Durgardevi's house dressed as a sage ( guru ) and asks who is eldest in the family. Bansi tells him her son Parimal. He asks Parimal to take him to open air. Bunty comes as his shisya and asks Kunal to do teetra asan, and asks others to sweep the house. Siddharth manages to convince Parimal that he is from the same place where his guru had stayed and Parimal instantly believes in the divinity of the sage. He asks Parimal to do Parikrama and Surya Namaskar. He tells Parimal he will get parikrama punya when he do it bare feet. Parimal says it is very hot. Parimal asks Roshni to hold his stick till he does the parikrama. Siddharth as sage asks Roshni to sit with him. He takes out flower from his pocket and presents to her. Roshni asks if he don’t feel shame to do this in his age. Siddharth/ Guru asks if she have felt bad. Bansi says her feet is paining and Kunal is also in pain. Bunty tells her  to do. Parimal comes back to Guru ji Siddharth. He shows him a bottle and asks him to drink in one go.

Parimal does as the sage asks and drinks it. Guru asks what is bothering him. Parimal tells him that they want to take their daughter in-law home. He tells him something which is muted. Just then they hear some voice. Parimal assures to tell him later. Guru/Siddharth asks him to say it but Parimal says later. They goes to the hall and see Bansi beating Bunty. Siddharth is about to curse Bansi, but Parimal stops her. Siddharth asks who has become widow recently. Kesar tells him his sister in-law. Siddharth as sage asks them to take care of their widow Durgardevi just like Bansi took care of Parimal in his childhood. Later, Siddharth goes to the extent of getting Bansi Maasi to wash Durgardevi's feet and drink the water.

Kritika calls Bunty. Bunty’s phone falls down. Shakuntala picks the call and asks who is she? Kritika says it is her husband’s phone. Roshni comes and takes the call. Parimal takes care of Guru Siddharth and goes to bring ganga jal.

Siddharth mixes something and asks Parimal to mix the ingredients before consuming it. Parimal eats it. Siddharth asks what is worrying him? Siddharth steadily gains certain information regarding Bansi Maasi's association with Durgardevi when Parimal tells him their daughter in-law is not ready to come with them and they don’t know what to do as she doesn’t talk to them well. He says his mother's name is Bansi and she rules on everyone. When she forces anyone then a storm comes. He tells sage Siddharth that Durgardevi and Naani have betrayed them 18 years back and the secret is not yet open. When it opens then Durgardevi and Naani will go to jail. He further tells him that Durgardevi will have to forget her daughter once she knows her secret. Roshni will not want to see Durgardevi and Naani. Siddharth was shocked and determined to find out the secret

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