Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 330-331)

Roshni confronts Siddharth as he appears as a vehicle machanic and fixes her car. Roshni is surprise as Siddharth does not remember her. She is happy that Siddharth is alive however is stunned since he has lost his memory. Afterward, Roshni asks another mechanic about Siddharth  and discovers that Siddharth has got his name changed to Raghu. Afterward, Roshni meets Durgadevi, who is in prison, serving her punishment, Roshni then offers "Halwa" to her mom and claims to have prepared it for her. In the wake of enquiring about Siddharth, Roshni chooses to meet him. 

Roshni discovers Siddharth in a fair, she races to him and hugs him. Roshni begins crying, however the latter is left blank as he doesn't understand as to who Roshni may be. Roshni then narrates the story that had happened with her family six months prior. Siddharth discloses to Roshni that her story doesn't make a difference to him as he is not who she supposes he is. Siddharth calls himself Raghu and claims to be a mechanic. At the point when Siddharth is about to leave the scene, he finds Roshni losing consciousness and attends to her.

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