Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 267-269)

Charu gets disturbed after receiving a phone call from an unknown number. She also receives an image of her lighting her own sari. She further gets the same call from a female who blackmails her. The blackmailer calls Charu to certain places and provides her the images that revealed her ploy. The blackmailer happens to be Rachana, who decides to take revenge from Charu for the pain Charu caused her

The Gargs plan about the engagement ceremony of Gunjan and Aditya. Rajiv on the other hand decides to give a resignation from his job after Vihaan informs his about Gunjan's wedding. Charu panics in fear after receiving a letter from the blackmailer that informs her about allotting the evidence of her ploy to the family. She further gets scared after watching a strange shadow of a person in the house itself. 

Mayank assures Charu there is no one at the window Charu is really scared and then Mayank tells her to wash her face and get a bottle of water. Charu goes to the kitchen where Rachna has kept the burnt saree and she is hiding behind some sacks. Rachna makes some noise and Charu says she knows someone is hiding behind the sacks. Mayank comes then and Charu tells him the same.. Mayank talks to her and till then Rachna pulls the saree . Mayank tells Charu there is no one. Charu talks about the saree and is shocked to see it missing. Mayank Charu leave. Rachna comes out and is relieved. Mayank Rachna remember how rachna posed wearing Charu s clothe and Maynk clicked the pic s and they photoshopped them. Rachna was the one who called her to the temple.

Mayank says is the soldier ready for the final plan Rachna answersyes commander and Maynks announces it is Good bye Charu.

The staff is telling Rajeev he will be missed and Chaya comes in Rajeev asks where is her heroine mandali and she tells him about Gunjan s marriage. Rajeev is heartbroken Vihaan witnesses this and he asks him if he is fine. Rajeev says of course he is.

Charu talking to her mom that the blackmailer may be a family member. Rachna calls Charu and Charu says how much money should she shell out Mayank Rachna decide on 10 Lakhs Charu agrees and asks where should she get it. Charu thinks if she can send Mayank to jail she can send blackmailer to shamshan ghat.

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