Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 296-298)

Gunjan comes back to her room and Shayl follows. She talks sweetly to Gunjan and she says they were not doing anything wrong. Shayl is doing champi for Gunjan and tries to explain about customs that they are not allowed to meet as it increases excitement . Gunjan is fascinated by the customs and says why could nt Seema explain so well.

Gunjan agrees not to meet Mayank for two days. Rachna comes to the room and is very upset Shayl enquires but Rachna covers it up. Seema Masi and Sangeeta slyly make Shayl do work. They ask her to make tea citing excuse of headache calling her samdhanji. Shayl complies. Gunjan asks rachna if she is upset with Mayank as he hit Vihaan Rachna denies but Gunjan says Vihaan has made a place in your heart and that she knows Rachna was crying last night.rachna does ot agree and Gunjan says her eyes dont lie

Gunjan s friends have come and Masi is shocked seeing their clothes and the way Gunjan is freely hugging the boys. She tells Seema how she tolerates all this but Seema says they have come here earlier and Seema says their traditions are different from the modern big town kids. Mayank comes and hugs one of Gunjan s girl friends and Seema and Maasi have no words.

Gunjan takes her friends to her room and narrates last night incident that Mayank said he does not look at other girls as he has her. Gunjan goes to the washroom to try her dress and show her friends. rachna comes with snacks and the friends want to have hatch a plan and they involve Rachna who is scared.
Gunjan comes out looking gorgeous in red. They tell her that we want a party and Rachna is scared and Gunjan agrees they wont get permission. Everyone pleads they want to do some masti and Gunjan agrees.The guy friends ask Gopal Chacha for advice as they are throwing a bachelor party and he sself invites himself. Dholu overhears this and wants to join as well.

He goes to Gunjan s room where all the girls are sitting and asks them where they are going for the party. Gunjan sends him out saying it s a girl discussion. The girls climb out of balcony using dupattas and both Gunjan and Rachna are a little scared. The bachelor party Mayank is surprised and even shocked to see his chacha there. He is told he will get a surprise and he thinks Gunjan will be coming.

A girl in ghoongat comes and dances on hua Chokra Jawaan re and mayank dances with her. He pulls off the Ghungat and is shocked to see a strange girl. Gunjan and the girls enter at the same time and the strange girl puts her arms aroud Mayank s neck leaving Gunjan shocked.

Gunjan hides and sees Mayank dancing with the other girl. Mayank is uncomfortable and is trying to escape while the girl is trying to get close to him. Gunjan is very happy seeing Mayank s discomfort and when he turns and is shocked to see Gunjan they hug. The strange girl is actually Gunjan s friend and this was supposed to be a test. Everyone praises Mayank and Gunjan.

Dholu is in no mood to eat as Gunjan and rachna have gone without him and he says that. Sangeeta makes him confess and goes and complains to Seema Shayl and Maasi who become agitated and leave to search for the girls.

Mayan Gunjan, rachna, Gopal Chacha and Anu , all the friends are dancing and Seema Sangeeta shayl Masi walkin. Chacha is very drunkand Sangeeta is upset and takes him away. Seema and Maasi are scolding Gunjan while Mayank intervenes saying he is responsible for all this and he tricked Gunjan into coming here.

Maasi is scolding Mayank while all the friends step up and take the blame. Shayl is also upset and tells everyone to come home. At home all the kids defend their actions saying that bachelor party is normal and Shayl says she can even forgive the lying but not the drinking.

She tells Rachna to sleep with the other girls on the terrace. Rachna is sitting and thinking that Vihaan got slapped on the same terrace. her phone beeps and she get s video msg from Vihaan who says no one will be so happy after getting thrashed but he is as he saw pain in her eyes. Vihaan says he knows she loves him and sings tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi. Rachna is touched Vihaan says to reply back with a messsage but she does not. Maasi is brainwashing Seema that she has to learn to rule not only over Mayank but the whole house. Mayank calls Gunjan but she disconnects and Mayank thinks he has to find a way to woo Gunjan.

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