Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 253-254)

Abhi and Pragya returning home. Daadi gets happy and hugs Abhi and Pragya. Pragya meets her family. Abhi hugs Daadi, Dasi and others. It Mitali gets shocked seeing him and checks his eyes. Pragya hugs Daadi and cries. Daadi cries being emotional. Mitali thinks how can it happen? Mitali bites her hand to check and thinks it is reality. She thinks to inform Aaliya and Tanu, but then thinks let them see with their eyes. Neil beats the goon and asks where is Abhi. The goon says he was here. Neil beats him and asks to find Abhi till the evening else you can’t see the morning.

Sarla says Abhi looks weak, and will be normal when he eats my hand made food. Abhi says he has become dark. Akash says welcome back bro. Abhi says he also missed everyone, especially Daadi. Daadi says she was missing him. Sarla tells that Kidnapper told everything. She asks are you fine? Abhi says we were shot and fell in the lake. Daadi asks then what. Abhi says your love brought me from the death. Your bahu has become lazy tarzan and took me in the hut. She took out the bullet and saved me. There was a letter in my pocket. Pragya read it as it was written by her. She told me…..he recalls Pragya confessing love. Daasi asks what happened next. Abhi says nobody could kill us. Daadi praises Abhi’s choice Pragya and says she fulfilled all the promises taken during marriage. Daasi says our Pragya will save Abhi like a savitri.

Abhi says I brought her home and you all are praising her. Daasi says you said that she saved you. Abhi says I brought her here. Pragya says I got strength from you, as you came to saved me. Daasi says it seems kidnapper brought them closer. Bulbul asks them to stop questioning and asks them to rest. She asks Pragya to meet her later and tell about the jungle experience. Abhi asks about Aaliya and says he wants to surprise her. Sarla sees Pragya’s wounds and gets tensed. She asks Bulbul to bring warm water. Pragya asks her not to worry.

Aaliya is seen in her room and is sad. Abhi comes there and puts his hand on her eyes. Aaliya says she is not in a mood to joke and asks who are you. She feels Abhi’s hand and calls Bhai. She hugs him and gets emotional. She asks are you fine. We were afraid. Abhi says what. Aaliya asks why did you go without informing us. You should not had put your life in danger. She tells that there is no one for me except you. She says I would have gone there. She shows concern for him. Abhi smiles looking at her concern for him.
Abhi asks her to see and says he is completely fine. Tanu enters and starts kissing and hugging Abhi, saying Abhi came back. She starts her usual complaining and asks did you miss me. Pragya looks at them. Abhi stares Pragya. Tanu asks what did happen there. Pragya wipes her tears and leaves.

Daadi tells Sarla that she is feeling bad as you people are working in the kitchen. Sarla says they are cooking for Abhi and Pragya. They discuss the dishes to be made for Abhi and Pragya. Biji asks Daadi to make sweet dish. Sarla says she will make Gopi parathas. Daadi says she will make dahi bade and desi halwa. Bulbul comes and asks what are you making. Biji says she is making sarson ka saag. Bulbul says I know you are excited, but that doesn’t mean that you will over feed them. She says they shall eat soup.
Sarla says you wants to show that you loves them very much. Bulbul says I didn’t think like that, and asks her to make Pragya drink the soup. Daadi asks what did I do? Bulbul asks her to give soup to Abhi. She asks Biji to inform the relatives that they have come. She thinks to call Purab. Purab is in jungle. Bulbul calls and informs him about Abhi and Pragya returning home. Purab asks her not to joke and asks about them. Bulbul asks him to come home. Purab asks when did they come. Bulbul says 2 hrs before. Purab says you should have tell me then. I am searching for them madly in the jungle. He disconnects the call asking her not to talk to him. He thanks the God.
Bulbul tells Sarla that Purab got upset. Sarla says he did right. Bulbul says she will make soup for him to make him agree. Someone from film industry tells Abhi that the Music industry was shaken without him and says they are happy as the rockstar Abhi is back. They say they want to throw the party in his honor and wants to tell everyone that Rockstar is back. Daadi says no. Abhi says he will feel good. Aaliya and Tanu say that it is a good idea. Lakhani says they will throw a rocking party. Abhi says everyone shall enjoy and gives them arrangements. He asks where is Purab? Bulbul tells him that Purab went in search of him. Abhi says he is going to rest now and looks at Pragya shyly.

Daadi tells Sarla that they are lucky to have bahu like Pragya. Sarla says we are also lucky to have your family as her inlaws. They think to celebrate in the party. Bulbul asks Pragya what did you talk to him. Pragya thinks Abhi is alone in the room, so she have to face him alone. She insists to go to Sarla’s house. Daadi says you came just now. Pragya says she will come in the morning. Daadi asks is everything fine. Pragya says he didn’t say anything. Bulbul asks Pragya to listen to jiju and takes her to room. Pragya says she wants to go home with Maa. Bulbul asks why you are running from him and asks what happened between you both.
Pragya says I will come home and tell you everything. Bulbul says she wants to listen in detail and says she will hear from them both. Pragya is tensed. Bulbul took her to room. Abhi thinks what is happening to him and hides his face. Pragya thinks to sleep in the store room. Abhi pretends to sleep. She takes out the blanket and thinks about his medicines. She thinks to send Robin and goes out. Abhi gets up and looks tensed

Abhi hearing Daadi’s voice calling Pragya and getting nervous. He gets up from bed and tries to run when Daadi comes there and he hides behind pillar. Pragya sees Daadi and she also gets nervous. Daadi says she wants to speak to her. Pragya says she will speak to her after getting water from kitchen. She sees Abhi and asks where is he going. He says to kitchen. She says then why they both are going in opposite direction. He then says commissioner has come and wants to meet them.

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