Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 258-260)

On dinning table, Seema and Sangita managing table, Sangita asks her to go inside and suggest her to take rest but Seema declines. Seema says that Mayank has not done her dinner properly. Chaaru comes and says that she can take the food for him but Seema declines. Chaaru says that she can call Police and get her remembered all what happened in jail. Sangeeta says her to give the plate to Chaaru.

Mayank comes back in the room, Chaaru offers the food but Mayank asks from where she came. He asks her to go out and never come back, he is all ready to go to jail.

Seema and Sangeeta listening all from outside. Sangeeta asks Seema to tell Mayank not to do all these things. Seema goes. Gunjan’s father sees Mayank going and thinks. Chaaru comes to dinning table and puts the plate forcefully.

Here Gunjan and Rachna in the college. Rachna asks her to rethink about her decision but she takes that in a joke. Chaaya comes shouting anout Vihaan. Rachna asks, Chaaya takes them to a dark room and left. They both calls for Chaaya. Suddenly, lights got on and there was a decorated room, celebration for the fresher of the year. All congratulate Gunjan. Rachna says that she should go at a side as she is a fresher of the year.Vihaan comes and says for all she both are the winners. Vihaan gifts Rachna, a teddy bear, from the whole college’s side. Rachna smiles after seeing it. Rajeev asks from Gunjan about what has happened the earlier day. Gunjan replies that all was good. Rajeev asks again and again.

Suddenly coffee falls on Rajeev’s hand, Gunjan got feared and blows by her mouth on his hand. Rajeev simply see her and gives a romantic look to her and after that takes the hand back and goes. Chaaya asks about the name of the teaddy, Vihaan comes and says that he had already put a name and that’s Vihaan. Rachna says that she’ll put the name of a chimpanzee as Vihaan. Vihaan smiles after her.

Dayal telling Shail to leave the tension as being Gunjan’s father, he has all the right to take any decision about her. Shail opposses that If Snehal would be there she would not let this all happen. Dayal says that Snehal is not there now so he all doing all this. Gunajn’s father enters in their room.

Gunjan’s father tells Dayal and Shail that Aaditya is coming India to meet Gunjan and he wants both of them to meet once. They both got shocked.

Akash telling Shail and Dayal that Aditya is on the way. He says that Aditya had a seminar in Lucknow and is directly coming to Benaras. Dayal says its a good thing. Akash says he will find a hotel for aditya. Dayal says that Aditya will stay at their house and Shail agrees. She says that they will be able to get to know him and if he is worthy to be with Gunjan. Shail tells Akash that he and Gunjan has agreed to the marriage but she hasn’t said yes and Gunjan is her daughter too. Akash tells Shail that her approval is important. Akash says he is sure that Shail will think that Aditya is the perfect match for Gunjan. Akash then says he has to go to the airport to fetch Aditya and Dayal says he will follow and Shail says she will prepare the room and Akash says that its sweet of her and that if she needs anything to let him know. Shail says she will manage in English and laughs. Shail leaves the room and Dholu ask if a guy is coming to see Gunjan. Shail says yes. Dholu asks if she will get married and leave. Shail says maybe and Dholu says she can’t go and Shail asks why and Dholu says because he loves her so much and he won’t let her go and leaves angrily and upset. Shail is sad thinking about it. Akash comes and asks Shail if Mayank is ok with Aditya staying at home after seeing his reaction. Shail says it is justified that Mayank is angry but if its for Gunjan’s happiness then Mayank won’t feel bad. Gopal tells Shail that Dayal called and said Aditya’s flight has landed and that they will reach in a while. Dholu is standing on the dining table and Sangeetha tells him to get down but he is stubborn and remains up. He tells Sangeetha to say no to Gunjan’s marriage and will not let her go and everyone is smiling hearing him say that.

Bua then asks Dholu does he want Gunjan to stay at the house unmarried all her life and Dholu says why unmarried and that he will marry Gunjan. Everyone laughs. Sangeetha tells him to learn to write his name properly before getting married and carries him down and tells him to go. Charu says there must be something in Gunjan that Dholu wants to marry her. Charu asks Shail if she can help her but Shail ignores her and talks to Gopal about the sweets she ordered. Charu then asks Seema to make her tea. Shail is shocked and asks Charu if she is ordering Seema and Charu says yes isn’t that what Shail is doing too. Charu says for to prepare the house before the guy comes to see Shail’s niece Shail has ordered everyone to do work and did Shail get offended just because she asked for a cup of tea. Shail says she is stretching the matter. Seema says its ok she is going to make for everyone anyway. Shail asks Seema if Charu really scared her that much. Seema tells Shail to leave it since the guest is going to arrive. Sangeetha pulls Charu and tells her isn’t she saying too much and Charu says what did she say wrong. Gunjan and Rachana return home and Charu says its a good thing they came back early. She orders Gunjan to get ready as Aditya is coming today.Shail tells them to go in. Rachana asks Shail what is going on and that Aditya was in Australia then how can he be here. Shail says he had something in Lucknow and he will straightaway come to the house. Charu tells Gunjan that she should be happy that Aditya is here to see her so soon. She tells Gunjan to act a bit shy. She then takes the bouquet from Gunjan and says she will put it in a vase or it will wither. Rachana says that Charu is always poking her nose in everything. Shail says to ignore her and tells them to freshen up. Rachana tells Gunjan it seems everything is pre-planned. Talking about Aditya in the morning then her decision of getting married and now he has even reached Benaras. Rachana asks why is Gunjan saying yes and is it because she fears she will not find a nice guy. Rachana says he is not that special that Gunjan could have fell head over heels over him. Gunjan says she doesn’t want to take a chance. Rachana leaves angrily. Charu comes and tells Gunjan to get ready well and give a good impression. Gunjan says thanks for the free advice but she knows what to do and not to do. Charu says not to act smart and that she can charge them with the dowry case and this time for 7 years. Gunjan says to stop threatening and that what Charu decided is happening and that she wanted Gunjan to leave and that’s what she is doing. Gunjan says that Charu blamed her failed marriage on Gunjan and she is getting married to someone else so that all roads leading back to Mayank is closed. Gunjan says everyday and all the time she is hurting Mayank so that he hates her until he doesn’t want to see her face.

Gunjan says she kept all her promises and asks Charu what about hers. She says that Charu promised to take back all the complains and that she won’t hurt Mayank and his family. Gunjan says what happened. Charu tells Gunjan not to yell at her and that until Gunjan leaves as she doesn’t trust Gunjan. She says that when Gunjan leaves her life will turn for the better. Gunjan says she hopes so. Charu says eventually they will all forgive her and she will make a place in Mayank’s heart once Gunjan leaves. Charu tells Gunjan to fulfil her promise and she will fulfill hers. Rachana asks what promise. Charu tells Rachana that she was telling Gunjan that they should forget everything and start afresh and they should be friends. Rachana says after what she did no one wants to friend her and what she did one can’t forget it nor forgive her. Charu says she doesn’t want Rachana to forget anything. She says that Rachana doesn’t have much brains so not to put much stress on them. She then gives Rachana the teddy bear and tells her to play with it and be happy calling her baby Rachana. Gunjan tells Rachana not to bother talking to Charu. Gunjan says there is no point talking to people like her and Gunjan tells her to go as she has to get ready. Charu tells her not get ready but to deck up and tells her all the best and leaves. Gunjan is pacing on the terrace saying what does Charu think of herself and has made her like a puppet and that she is agreeing to every condition that Charu has laid. Gunjan think that if by doing this is for Mayank and the family’s betterment then the pain is all worth it. Gunjan turns and sees an angry Mayank there. Mayank asks why is she doing this and that he will not let her do this. Gunjan says he will not stop her. She says its her choice and he says he know its her choice but its not fair. Its blackmailing and forcefulness of Charu. Mayank says he knows Charu is like that. Gunjan says he doesn’t know anything. Mayank tells her to shut up and says she can fool Shail and Rachana but not him. He says he knows her very well and holds her telling her to stop fooling him. Gunjan tells him to let her go. Mayank says lets elope. Gunjan asks if he is mad. Mayank says what is so mad about it. The fact that he is a married man. He says the marriage that she is talking about has no importance to him and that he is going to divorce Charu. Gunjan says it doesn’t matter. She says there is nothing between them anymore. Mayank says then why does he see love in her eyes for him and why does she feel hurt when he gets hurt. He says isn’t another name for love sharing sadness and problems. Gunjan says he is mad and is all in his imagination. Gunjan says there is nothing in reality and she doesn’t feel anything for him and says she is going to start her life anew and is looking forward to it. She says whatever he wants or doesn’t want to do to Charu she doesn’t care.

Gunjan says she is marrying Aditya and its final. Mayank says really and holds Gunjan’s hand. Gunjan says yes. Gunjan tells him to let her hand go as she needs to go. Rachana call out to Gunjan. She comes and sees Mayank holding Gunjan’s hand tightly. Mayank lets go of Gunjan’s hand and Rachana tells Gunjan all are calling her down. Aditya is talking to the family how the people in the train were feeding him food when they knew he was from Australia. Dholu looks really pissed at Aditya

He says he will marry a girl born and brought up in India. He says when his mother told him about Gunjan he thought a known devil is better than an unknow devil. Akash says if Gunjan heard him call Gunjan a devil he’s had it and Aditya says he is not scared of his pocket rocket.

Aditya says he is not scared of his pocket rocket. Gunjan says really and they stare at each other. Adi checks out gunjan top to bottom and says hi gunjan. She asks him what he called her. Adi says she has started looking nice. Everyone is amazed listening to their conversation and dholu is angry. aditya teases Gunjan as he scares her saying rocket and makes a loud noise Gunjan tells him there is a lizard and he starts jumping on the sofa. Everyone laughs. Dholu places the toy on the floor Aditya slips Gunjan holds him Maynk sees this and is hurt Charu is happy. Aditya is thankful as he did not fall on Gunjan as everyone would call him gira hua Then. 

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