Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 107-109)

Afterward, Manda Tai uses a some lines just to hurt Kamla Tai, however as she uses her brain, and stays quiet. On the following day, everyone wishes Kalpi good luck.

Kalpi takes God's blessings and goes to check her result on the college result board's list. Pakhi likewise comes there to check her name and gets eager to see her name on top. Kalpi gets strained, as her name was not on the list, but rather she can hardly imagine how, she can be flop, as she was the toper. Then again, Kamla Maa cooks Kalpi's most loved dishes and brought some of gifts, to make her cheerful. Afterward, Pakhi suggest Kalpi to go to the collage exam department and request the purpose for such result. She goes and gets a rechecking form. While, In chowl everyone is sure that, Kalpi had scored well. Vitthal imagines that Kalpi could have topped and may be happy to the point that she forgot to call him. Kamla Tai gets stressed as Kalpi haven't reach home in time, she calls Pakhi but rather she didn't pick up. 

Pakhi abstains from picking Kamla Tai's call, as she doesn't know whether Kalpi has her result to Kamla Tai or not. Afterward, Kamla Maa comes to meet Pakhi and feels proud of her, in the wake of realizing that she topped the college. Pakhi's mom tells Kamla Maa that, Kalpi flopped in the exam. Kamla feels hurt knowing this and requests an explanation. In the wake of, having discussion with Pakhi, Kamla gets stressed for Kalpi as she isn't home yet. Then again, Kalpi is on a bench, reviewing what her teacher said to her. All of a sudden, Raghav comes there and tosses some cruel words on her. Pakhi chats with her mom and demonstrates her disappointment, how her mom acted with Kamla Maa. Afterward, After conversing with Raghav, Kalpi feels a little bit confidence. Kamla Maa asks Vitthal to look after Kalpi, while Kalpi enters in the house.

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