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Siddharth and Roshni are both shocked seeing Durgardevi at Bansi’s feet. They are holding hands and Bansi moves towards them, Durgardevi is relieved. Bansi goes to Siddharth and asks how dare he take her daughter in-law out without her permission and she slaps him.

Durgardevi is shocked as well as Naani. Roshni in a fit of anger goes toBansi and question her for touching Siddharth. Bansi remind Roshni that her husband is kunal and that if she try to speak nonsense, she will take her tongue out and make pickle with it. Roshni repeat Bansi words that if she touch her or her husband, she will take her tongue out too and make pickle of it! Roshni then warn her that she won’t tolerate her nonsense.

Meanwhile, Kritika is furious thinking of child marriage and talks furiously to bunty. She tries talking to Siddharth and Roshni but they are not picking up their phone. Bunty talks nonsense. On the other hand, Roshni throws things in her room, kunal comes there and she asks him to leave. He says he only came to say sorry on behalf of his family. She asks how is his mouthgiving flowers now and why was he standing ding nothing when his Bansiwas insulting them. Kunal promise to try his level best to set things right, he goes away and Roshni thank god that someone is sensible and sensitive in this gawar family.

Pintu asks Siddharth why is he getting himself drawn into another thing? Siddharth tells him his mom in-law and Naani are too disturbed and he has never seen his mom in-law losing her nerves before. Siddharth asks Pintu if he will help him and Pintu agrees. He says he won’t tell Roshni as she will confront her mother upfront and bluntly but they need to find the raaz. Pintu has gone to gather information about the family from some village.!

Bansi finds Siddharth behavior fishy and tells pundit turban guy they have to do something about him. He agree with Bansi but he tells her they don’t have much time. Bansi tells him they have to break Siddharth and Roshni’s relation first. Just then, Raj comes there shouting where ihis daughter in-law is. Siddharth question his father that he is handling things here but Raj refuses to listen him, he take Roshni when he stumbles on another woman who is smitten by Raj. she daydreams of Raj and herself. He claps his fingers and asks what is she seeing? She begins reciting a poetry! He asks who she is? The woman tells him she Shakuntala but he can call her shakun with love. Raj is irritated while Roshni and Siddharth are amused. Raj asks forBansi and also assures her that he is going along with his daughter in-law.Bansi comes there, holds his hands that she is Bansi and Roshni is theirdaughter in-law.

Raj tells her that he is Raja Dushyant, his wife was Shakuntala and asks if anyone of them has the guts to stop him. He starts to take Roshni when Shakuntala begins to dance and everyone look amused especiallyRoshni. He asks Shakuntala that he think her regulator has failed and show her to an electrician. He insult Bansifamily that one is mad and one has worn helmet on pagdi. Siddharth takes Raj away stating he has to talk with him.

Siddharth tells Raj that his mom in-law is very much broken and he determined to help her. Raj says he understand him but he should think as a husband and not as a son in-law for once. Raj tells Siddharth not to blame him if his mom does things and to sort it out as soon as possible. Siddharth tells his father that he have to find out everything’s soon.!

Durgardevi thinking about Bansi’s threat that she will reveal the secret to Roshni which will shatter her. Just then Bansi comes to her and asks her to do something if she want to hide the secret. She sits on Durgardevi's chair and further blackmails Durgardevi asking her to tell Roshni her limits. Durgardevi tells her Roshni will never agree. Bansi says Durgardevi that herdaughter have to agree if not with her wish, then forcily and she have to do this being Roshni's mother. Later, Roshni sees her room locked and asks who has locked her room. Bansi says she has locked it and asks her not to sleep in the same room as Siddharth and instructs her to sleep in the room with Kunal. Roshni is shocked. Premal comes and asks her to agree. This infuriates Roshni, who starts shouting at Bansi Maasi and asks her to stop nonsense and asks for keys. Durgardevi reaches there. Bansi asks her to make her understand. Roshni asks for her keys. Bansi eyes angrily Durgardevi. Durgardevi says okay and requests Bansi Maasi not to create any problems. She also deals with Bansi Maasi saying that Roshni would not sleep in the same room as Siddharth. Roshni asks what happened? Durgardevi asks her to come to her room. Siddharth agrees with his mom in-law and asks Roshni to understand. Roshni says she can’t believe this. Kunal sits down on Bansi’s feet and asks her to agree. He says they are not wrong. Bansi says okay and says they can’t stay in one room. Roshni is angry and asks if they are happy. Siddharth asks her to trust him. Durgardevi thanks Siddharth. Siddharth asks her not to worry. Durgardevi says she really hope so. Siddharth looks on.

Bansi and Premal are having beetal leaves/paan. Bansi tells if the supari is not mixed in paan in proper equation then it doesn’t tastes good. She says Siddharth always stand with Durgardevi like a shield, and what will happen if Durgardevi doubts on him and thinks he is not right for her. Premal says you are great. Premal likes the idea and says Durgardevi will give Roshni’s hand in our Kunal’s hand, and laughs. Roshni sleeps in her mother's room and feels disgusted at her decision. Durgardevi tries speaking to her, but in vain. Later in night, someone pulls her blanket. She turns and sees Siddharth beside her. Durgardevi is also sleeping at a corner. Roshni gets angry at him for agreeing. He says this chudail will not agree and he should explain to her. He lifts her and takes her outside. Bansi hears their noise and gets up. Siddharth makes her sit on chair and says she is heavy. Roshni asks why he is showing love. Siddharth asks why she went to sleep with her mum and says he will spend some time with her. Bansicomes there. Roshni asks what do he need? Siddharth asks for kiss. Roshni says not allowed. Tujhe yaad karliya hai song plays in the background. They are about to get intimate, just then they hear someone coming.

Siddharth opens his eyes and seesBansi coming. He hides. Roshni opens her eyes and gets shocked seeingBansi sitting. Bansi asks why she is acting like duck. Roshni says because she like Duck. Bansi asks if someone is here. Roshni nods no. Bansi calls Premal. Premal and her daughter come there. Bansi tells she was making face like a duck. Siddharth comes from his room and asks if they don’t get sleep in night. He pretends to be sleepy, and asks Roshni what she is doing there near the pool side. Bansi looks on suspiciously.

He asks if there is jagran at home and yawns. He says can’t a son in-law take a son in-law. Bansi looks on doubtfully. Siddharth says he is coming from his room and talks about their values.Bansi asks her daughter in-law to take Roshni to Durgardevi's room. Siddharth goes to sleep.

Shaku imagines herself with Raj, and dreams about Raj admiring her beauty. She gets Raj’s call and gets happy hearing his voice. She imagines Raj singing Tune Maari Entriyan. Raj asks her to give call to Durgardevi, Siddharth or Roshni. Shaku hears the bell ring and goes without giving call to anyone.Bansi rings the bell. Durgardevi asks what happened? Bansi throws gangajal on Durgardevi and asks Premal to sprinkle gangajal on the place where Durgardevi has step her feet. Durgardevi is shocked. Premal sprinkles gangajal everywhere. Bansisays you are a widow and asks her not to forget that. She says you have made the place impure and asks her to move back from the temple area. Durgardevi steps back. Roshni thinks how can her mother tolerate the nonsense silently.

Bansi calls Roshni and takes her to in-house temple area. She asks her to do aarti from today. Roshni confronts Bansi Maasi and scold her for not instructing her to follow her order, as she has disrespected her mum, so she will never do what she asked her to do. Bansi Maasi tells Roshni that she would have to do aarti ( to pray ) at her house along with Kunal and not alone. Roshni feels disgusted. She asks Kunal to hold Roshni’s hand but Kunal is hesitate from holding Roshni's hand, but later holds her hand when Bansi Maasi forcibly holds Roshni's hand and places it on Kunal's hand. Siddharth looks on helplessly. Roshni takes back her hand angrily and says if she do Puja then she will do with her husband Siddharth. Siddharth smiles. Roshni goes near Siddharth and brings him there. Bansi thinks she will teach her a lesson and signal Parimal. Parimal adds something in the aarti thaal. Siddharth and Roshni pray to God. They take the aarti plate. Parimal signal Bansi that the work is done. Siddharth lights the match stick, and the fire catches all over the plate hurting their hands. Durgardevi says both of their hands are burnt. Bansi says it is inauspicious thing to happen. They see the plate burning still. Later Bansi tells Durgardevi that it is done by God as he don’t want Siddharth and Roshni to be together. Durgardevi says she don’t believe on all this. Bansi says truth is that they can’t be together. Durgardevi folds her hands and asks Bansi to go from their lives. Bansi sits down thinking about her next conspiracy.

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