Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 341-342)

Raghu tells Roshni that he read her diary and learnt about her family. He asks her to give him 5 Lakhs 560 Rupees and tells what he will tell his wife about the marks. Roshni asks him to stop it and says you can’t be Siddharth. Raghu says really and smiles as she goes. Later Durgardevi comes there and asks why he is smiling? Raghu says he is happy as his mum in-law is released. He asks her permission to hug her and settles down on a kiss. A hesitant Durgardevi grants her permission to Raghu. Raghu kisses her on her cheek. Durgardevi says so middle class. Later, Durgardevi and Roshni reach home and are confronted by Shabnam as she stops Durgardevi from entering the house and says let me do aarti first. Roshni asks her to stop her drama. A brief argument breaks out between Shabnam and Durgardevi and the latter claims that she will not let her live a comfortable life. Shabnam says she deserves aarti, after all she has killed her son in-law and too revenge for her daughter’s respect. She says I am sure that you have done this for me. Durgardevi says I will do your aarti genuinely when we throw you out of this house soon. Siddharth says mom in-law said right and enemy should know about her value. Roshni says game is turned on and truth have win over evil. Durgardevi tells Shabnam that she along with her daughter and son in-law, will remind her of her value. Durgardevi does tilak of Roshni, Siddharth and herself. She holds Roshni and Siddharth’s hand and walk inside. Naani gets emotional seeing her.

Durgardevi asks how are you and asks her not to worry. Aisha says I miss you very much. Durgardevi kisses her and says she will not leave her. She tells her that she will go and freshen up. Kesar says he is happy as she came back home. Shabnam stops Durgardevi again and asks where is she going? Durgardevi says I am going to my room. Shabnam says you might have forgotten that this house is mine, you had signed on the papers and it depends on me if I let you stay in this house or not. She holds her hand and says I will show your room. Roshni asks her to leave her mum’s hand. Raghu/Siddharth follows her. Shabnam brings Durgardevi to the guest room and says you had given me this room when I came here. Roshni asks her mother not to worry. Durgardevi says I am not worried at all. She says I don’t need anything.

In Roshni room, she takes out her anger for Shabnam and thinks how dare she to throw her mother out of her room. Raghu/Siddharth asks her not to get angry and asks if she has a family problem. Roshni thinks of Siddharth’s words and says Siddharth used to talk like this. Raghu says may be, and says he didn’t say wrong. We have to do something so that Shabnam returns the room to your mother with her wish.

Shabnam is washing her face and sees her face red. She sees bloody water from the tap and gets scared. She runs back to her room and witnesses strange things happenings after electricity goes off. She panics and asks who is there. Kesar and Mona asks her to open the door. Shabnam shouts and runs saying ghosts is inside her room. She asks Raghu if he was scaring her and asks him to answer. Raghu says have you gone mad? Do I have 20-25 hands? He says I think this is done by you, or may be you have killed someone and the deceased person’s soul have returned to take revenge. He says anything can happen or you might be scared because of your win. Shabnam asks family together to come to her room to shows them the blood spatters all over the floor. She says these are the blood marks. Roshni and Raghu sign each other and smiles. Kesar and Mona ask where? Shabnam says there were blood stained but she is in for a shock when the room is completely clean and wonders where did it go.

Shabnam finds the room completely clean without any blood stains. She says how can this happen and says that she has seen it with her own eyes and has seen the blood spatters everywhere and asks Kesar to go and check the tap as blood water is coming from it. Kesar comes and says nothing as such. Raghu/Siddharth only adds to her fears by bringing the angle of a spirit in the room and says he heard something happens when someone is killed. He says if I was in her place then I would not have stayed here and wouldn’t have given this room to my enemy also. Shabnam demands to change her room and tells Mona that she will stay in her room with her. Mona refuses to let her stay in her room, but Shabnam orders her strictly. Mona agrees. Shabnam asks Durgardevi to stay in the supposedly haunted room and goes and this only makes Durgardevi and others happy as they have succeeded in their plan of getting back Durgardevi room. Durgardevi thanks Raghu. Raghu marks his words that Shabnam gave back Durgar mom's room with her own wish and asks her to enter her room. Durgardevi says you have done so much for us. Roshni thanks Raghu. He nods.

After a while, Shabnam couldn’t sleep in the night. She gets someone’s call who happen to be Pinto and he tells that they have conspired against her to make her leave the room. He tells her that the Siddharth in her house is a fake and says I can help you. Shabnam asks who are you? He says I will call you and ends the call. He reveals his face and it is Pinto.

Later, Roshni comes to Raghu and tries to get intimate with him and insists that he is her Siddharth but sticks to his stand with a no answer. she asks him to stop lying. Raghu says I am not Siddharth. Roshni gets closer to him and asks if nothing is happening to him when she is touching him. She touches him sensually and asks if nothing is happening. Siddharth/Raghu gets moved in romance. Main Jo Jee Raha Hun song plays in the background. Roshni is about to kiss him, but Raghu pushes her and says he is Raghu and not Siddharth. He goes. Roshni thinks may be he is Raghu as Siddharth would never have stopped her from coming closer.

Raghu comes to his garage and is angry. Pinto asks what does he wants? He says you asked me to call Shabnam and asks what does he wants. Raghu holds the diary and says that we can’t tell this secret to anyone that I am Siddharth Khurana. He says I wouldn’t have answers for Roshni’s questions that day in the court if this diary was not with me, I have taken help from it's blank pages to answer her. Pinto asks him to tell Roshni. Siddharth says he can’t tell her as he has to take revenge on the person who has ruined his family. He says once again this son's turn have come to protect his house. He removes the band from his head and wears Siddharth's clothes in his style.

He says my plan is at it's verge of success and that is because of you. He says you wants to know about the truth and asks him to listen.

A flashback is shown, Pinto notices Siddharth lying in the unconscious state and takes him to the hospital. Siddharth gets in coma’s state. He says he is out of coma because of him and Sundari tai. A flashback is shown, Pinto asks the doctor about Sundari who takes care of Siddharth. The doctor says his son has died few days before and she is thinking Siddharth to be Raghu. Sundari takes care of Siddharth as her own son. He says that he rushes home and saw Shabnam threatening Roshni by trying to kill Naani and he left from there.

Siddharth says that day I wanted to slap Shabnam so hard and then throw her out of the house, but thought that decision taken in a hurry and anger is always wrong. I have to make Shabnam lose, and that’s why I became Sundari Tai’s son and your friend.

I have compromised Roshni’s car intentionally and made her see me. He recalls all the latest happenings. He says everything was done according to plan, but that day Sundari Maayi came in court. I got weak seeing her and doesn’t know how to handle the situation and I did something which I shouldn’t have done. I declared her mad in front of everyone. He says I am alive and sound because of her. He feels guilty and says I have done a big sin by playing with her emotions and God will never forgive me. He says the doctor told Sundari that Raghu’s face is spoiled and they did plastic surgery on his face and i then I appeared in front of her as Raghu. He says what will happen when the truth comes out that his son is dead. Pinto says I know you will do the duties of a son and asks him to concentrate on Shabnam. He says time has come to take revenge from your sister in-law.

It is finally learnt that the man who is pretending to be Siddharth is not Raghu but Siddharth himself. Siddharth has a plan under his sleeves which he decides to unveil at the appropriate moment. Siddharth finds Roshni asleep and walks up to her. He confesses his love for her and says few more days, then all the truth will be out. He says I want to tell you everything, but I have to settle down few things. He says he needs blessings from God, and seeks strength. He says everything will be same as before once Shabnam is out of this house, and with you too. Just then, Roshni wakes up and is left flabbergasted seeing him closer to her. She asks what are you doing on my bed? Siddharth says there was mosquito around and I was sacred of dengue. Roshni asks him not to act to get closer. Siddharth says I came to get my phone. He pretend to see a cockroach. Roshni scared hugs him. Raghu hugs her back and says there is no cockroach. Roshni says don’t know until when she has to bear him and leaves. Siddharth says all our lives.

Later, Durgardevi comes to the dining table and sits to have food. Shabnam comes and says she couldn’t sleep all night because of Mona. She confronts Durgardevi and argues with her about last night. Their argument is intervened by Siddharth who handles the issue by throwing water on her face. Shabnam gets irked. Durgardevi thanks him. Siddharth says you have learnt manners after going to jail and is appreciates her. Siddharth's word raises a doubt in Durgardevi's mind and she thinks his habits are same as Siddharth.

Simran and Raj come home and meet Kritika. They ask about Siddharth. Kritika says he is in his in-laws home. Simran says I will bring him home, and she didn’t give him birth to give him to his in-laws. Meanwhile, Roshni tells her mother that Naani will be fine now. Durgardevi's office employees come to meet her. Shabnam says what nonsense, I am your boss. The employees says she is our Madam and refuses to acknowledge Shabnam as their boss. Shabnam says I will see you. Roshni looks at Siddharth and asks if he have done this. Siddharth says intelligent people needs only one sign.

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