Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 313-315)

Maynk is talking to himself that he waited for so long for this day that Gunjan will be sleeping peacefully next to him.

Next morning all the guests have arrived but Mayank and Gunjan are sleeping.Sangeeta knocks on the door but no one gets up. The guests keep asking where the bahu is and Seema is getting anxious.Shayl talks to Rachna who says she will wake them up. Rachna keeps knocking on their door and screaming . Mayank wakes up and realizes it s 11. Rachna wakes Gunjan who asks her why is she ready so early for college and she wont go today. Rachna tells you were married yesterday you remember that na. Gunjan is shocked its 11 and asks Rachna why she dint wake her yet. Rachna says the whole house is trying to wake her up.

Mayank tells her to chill but Gunjan says how can she her day does not start without her cup of coffee. Mayank says he will make for her and goes to the kitchen where Sangeeta sees him and teases him that the night might have been really long and that s why he could not get up. She offers to make the coffee but Mayank says it s for Gunjan and then corrects it that its just one cup and he will make it. Sangeeta goes to Seema and laughs that Mayank who never took a glass of water from the kitchen (I remember him filling jugs before ) is making coffee for his wife. Gunjan realizes that her washroom kit is in Rachna s room. Gunjan hides and goes to Rachna s room only Dholu sees her . Gunjan enters Rachna s room and asks her to get her toothbrush. Mayank comes back and finds Gunjan missing Dholu tells him Gunajn was running and his=dink as if she was playing hide and seek.

Seema enters Rachna s room and tells her that she saw Gunjan running and that she should not come in front of guests like that and gives her a saree and jewellery. mayank comes in and gives Gunjan coffee and Seema is angry but she does not show instead taunts sweetly that from first day only he is doing gulaami. She says he never gave his mom one glass of water but coffee for his wife. Seema calls rachna and Gunjan tells Mayank that she does not know to wear sarees Mayank says he will help her. Mandy is eating and Sangeeta taunts her that usually people dont even drink water in their daughters sasural. Mandy gives it back saying Maasi even ate Halwa puri but had to go . Seema starts shouting on her but Prabhu comes and scolds Seema asks her to apologize Mandy says there is no need as his wife is not well and it happens during wedding times.

Gunjan and Mayank are trying to fix her saree and finally Gunjan does it in the end and calls him useless. Mayank istickling her and says that she spoilt his last nights planning. They are playing around when mandy hears and tells them to control as voices can be heard outside. Gunjan realizes she has not put sindoor. Mayank says its old fashioned and there is no need when gunjan says everyone applies it. Gunjan comes out and cant walk in the saree and keeps making a fool of herself . Sangeeta put s the ghungat on her. The function starts and when a lady opens her ghungat she realizes there is no sindoor and says it aloud. Mayank is watching everything from a window. everyone is shocked.

lady telling Seema that Gunjan hasn’t put sindoor. Seema checks and sees and asks Gunjan why she didn’t put sindoor. Gunjan stutters and Seema tells Sangeetha to get the sindoor and Gunjan asks but why and Seema says because its custom that a new bride wears sindoor. Mayank comes and tells Seema that Gunjan is fine without sindoor and he says that he doesn’t like the fact about putting sindoor and its all old fashioned. The lady says that its a wife’s duty to wear sindoor and it has nothing to do with fashion. The ladies get angry and leave. Shail tries to stop them but they leave. Mandy tells Gunjan it was a right decision and that she doesn’t need to prove that she is a wife and that Gunjan is not old fashioned in her thinking. Seema tells Mandy she knows who she is trying to point fingers at. Mayank tells Seema not to get angry. He tells Seema why did the ladies overeact and that Gunjan didn’t commit a sin by not wearing sindoor. He says what was the need of the women and that the women of the house itself can do it for the daughter-in-law. Seema says Gunjan is just his wife and not the daughter-in-law of the family. Seema walks away and Shail tells Mayank to stop her. Mayank tells her that she’s getting angry over a small matter and to calm down. Seema says that not putting sindoor is a small matter for him. Shail tells Mayank to apologize. Seema walks away. Mayank says he won;t apologize as Seema is dragging the topic and inviting her own shame by making a scene. Shail says she’s his mother and its not nice that she gets angry and Shail tells him to appease her. Mayank goes. Shail tells Gunjan not to be disheartened. Akash says what is wrong if Gunjan were to just put sindoor. Shail tells him that this generation of children think differently and that the matter will be resolved.

Seema says to herslef its just been a day and Mayank is taking Gunjan’s side. Mayank comes and says not to get angry and to forgive him. She says not to apologize if he doesn’t feel like it and that he’s only come here because Shail said so if not he wouldn’t. She says its a good thing that he showed his mother her place after one day of his marriage. Mayank tells her its not like that and that she is taking a small issue as a big thing. She says that putting sindoor is not a big deal for him but it is for her. Mayank says its not about how big the issue is but because he didn’t like her putting sindoor and so he told Gunjan not to. Seema says to do as they both please. Mayank says its a misunderstanding. She tells him to go. Gunjan comes and Mayank signals to her saying appeasing her is not working. Gunjan apologizes for not putting sindoor. Seema says sindoor is a married woman’s identity. Seema says its up to her if she doesn’t want to and who are they to force her. Gunjan sees the sindoor box and applies some. Mayank gives her a thumbs up. She shows Seema that she put sindoor and ask if its ok. Seema said what would have happened if she put it earlier and they could have avoided the embarrassment from the neighbourhood. She tells them to go as she wants to rest. Mayank hugs her and tells her to smile. She smiles a bit.

Sangeetha comes and tells Seema this is the way to do it and tells her to treat Gunjan in a way where Mayank doesn’t go far from her (Seema). Sangeetha tells Seema to explain the rules and regulations to Gujan. Seema is confused and Sangeetha tells her its teh rules that all DIL have to bend their heads and follow their MIL’s orders. Sangeetha says tomorrow is the ritual for Gunjan’s first home cooked meal and that is a good opportunity for her to act on. Mandy’s son (forgot his name) tells Rachana that she will realise what she misses and says he’s leaving this CD and tells her to accept it because Kajol realized she loves SRK only after he left like in DDLJ. Rachana says she will surely watch the CD and chases him off to leave. Shail gives Mandy her bags.

Mandy tells Akash that now that Gunjan is married he needs a long break and to come to London and to bring Gunjan and Mayank as well. Mandy says why not the whole family should come. Prabhu says yeah they will. Seema looks angry. Seema says it seemed like Mandy would stay in the house and Sangeetha says they are going to be rid of her. Mayank and Gunjan come and Gunjan gives Mandy a gift and thanks her for coming and making the wedding special. Seema looks at the gift. She says that she’ll miss her and Mandy says she’ll miss Gunjan too. Mayank says he’ll miss her too calling her mother-in-law and she says to call her Mandy and that he made her a mother-in-law at this young age and he says ok then to hug him. Akash says they’ll miss their flight and Mandy says that she had so much of fun and their hospitality was 10/10 and that she will leave her heart her and will come back soon. Prabhu blushes and Seema stares. Mandy and her son leave. Prabhu watches her leave looking a bit dejected. Seema tells him to stop floating on air and come back to earth and that his unfulfilled love story is over. Gunjan, Shail and Gunjan are talking when Seema and Sangeetha come. Seema says they came to give the list before its too late. Rachana asks what list and Seema says its the list of food Gunjan is to make. Seema asks if she will make food for all and Gunjan says of course and asks her to give the list. She reads it out and is shocked at the many food items. Seema says its long but because itsthis is the first meal she’s preparing and so it has to be special. Shail looks at the list and is shocked. Shail says its so much and Gunjan says she will manage. Prabhu asks what is she going to manage and that its impossible to manage Seema when he’s tried for many years and he laughs. Seema tells him to be quiet and that she’s talking to Gunjan. Prabhu asks Shail to pass the list and he looks at it.

Prabhu tells Seema is she mad and how it Gunjan to make all of this. Seema says why not its a ritual. Prabhu tells Gunjan to make a simple meal with vege and kheer as a sweet. He gives Gunjan the list and leaves. Seema and Sangeetha looks dejected. Gunjan is doing to bed and Mayank comes in and gives her a cup of coffee. She asks why coffee as this hour and Mayank says its strong coffee so that she will stay awake and not feel tired. Gunjan asks why. Mayank says because she betrayed him yesterday and fell asleep so he’s taking revenge for that today. Gunjan says even she doesn’t want to sleep tonight. Gunjan says because she has to put in some special effort. Mayank says good idea and says he’ll shut the door. He turns to see Gunjan at the laptop. She’s looking at recipes to make the dishes and thinks how is she to do this and thinks Mrs Gunjan Garg has to prove that she is a good daughter-in-law.

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