Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 269-271)

Charu talking to her mom that the blackmailer may be a family member. Rachna calls Charu and Charu says how much money should she shell out Mayank Rachna decide on 10 Lakhs Charu agrees and asks where should she get it. Charu thinks if she can send Mayank to jail she can send blackmailer to shamshan ghat.

Aditya wants to buy the ring and asks Mayank for help Shayl says Mayank has his own work and tells them to go.Aditya get s Mayank to a cafe as he wants to spend time with her . Addy says let s postpone the wedding as you are tensed. Addy says he overheard Shayl-Gunjan conversation and tells her that marriage will become a tragedy if there is so much stress. He asks her why does nt her sadness go and he is missing her smile. Addy says he is her friend ans she should tell him everything.

Addy and Gunjan in caffe while they were going for choosing their wedding ring. Addy takes her to caffe. Their addy asks Gunjan if she is happy with the marriage and if she is sure she wanna marry him. He also makes her clear that she had listen their last day talks(Shail and Gunjan’s talk)… Gunjan takes a toffee rapper and modify it to a ring, takes Addy’s hand and she put that Ring in his hand. Addy was on 7th cloud… everyone present their clapped for their sweet love.

They both back to home and showed Shail the ring which they choose everyone appreciated their choice.

Chaaru was talking to her mother about what is happening with her these days.. and also tells that she had a doubt on Gunjan.. she will keep an eye on her.. Mayank enters and she put the call off, talked roudly with Mayank.. even Mayank surprised and doubts that she got to know about Rachna and Mayank’s plan.

Here Gunjan enters the hall where ceremony going to take place she was not in her senses about what is happeningwith her and she thinks that everyone is welcoming her and his father took her to Addy and places her hand over his hand, but that was not actually happening… when she got out of the day dreaming she continously looks Mayank and tries to go there.. but suddenly Chaaru interrupts and takes her to a side and asks what was the final deal between them.. Gunjan ignores that and goes to her room, Chaaru follows her and between their convo she takes her cell and goes from their..

In her room she checks the last dialed called from her cell, Dholu comes and takes back the cell, after debating with her.. Chaaru thinks she must have called from some other cell, but she will follow her at every cost.

Here Rachna dancing and goes to take water from a waiter, the waiter was actually Vihaan with beard, moustaches and mole.. Rachna got shocked looking him there… and asks him to get back to his place.. Vihaan replies that he was in the mood to look her face so he changed his looks like a waiter… Rachna asks that she will never talk to him if he’ll not leave that place… In that fear Vihaan replies positive.. after him Rachna had a cute smile on her face.. Shail also comes there but she didn’t noticed Vihaan,

Here Gunjan, Rachna and Shail in the room, Pihu comes and congratuate Gunjan.. she in between taunts Gunjan about her cleverness.. Gunjan simple ignores it, Shail asks Pihu to get back to the hall.

Both the girls get ready for the function and enters in the hall.. Gunjan and Mayank staring each other while Addy looking Gunjan.. Shail notices Mayank.

Gunjan arrived aditya praising gunjan that she looks very beautiful.both are going to exchange their rings but unfortunately ring falls down from gunjan’s hand mayank pick up and gives back to gunjan.

mayank told gunjan keep ring safe aditya notices both mayank and gunjan.both are exchanging rings.family members clapping their hands but gunjan is sad mayank moves from that place shail praising gunjan for her life long happiness and she will always for her charu wishing aditya blackmailer calls charu charu thinks blackmailer not gunjan.

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