Update: Friday On Young Dream (Episode 255-257)

Sangeeta comes and scolds Charu and her mom ,that they have the best lawyer in town and its still not late to take the complaint back. She threatens that if need be she will be a witness against Charu and tells her that her name should not come in spoiling Rachnas a face kaand.

Rajeev is lost in Gunjan s thoughts BG music kaisi hai yeh rut ki jisme then he thinks its wrong. Vihaan comes and starts teasing him that why is he smiling. Rajeev does not answer and Vihaan informs both sisters have not come to college.rajeev gets worried and Vihaan notices.

The lawyers suggest s out of course settlement or file a fake dowryt case against them. Shayl is tensed about Mayank s life. rajeev calls Gunjan and he asks if everything is fine at home. Same time Vihaan has xalled Rachna and she tells him who is he, the prinicpal to check his attendance. Rajeev hangs up and thinks he should not have called.

gunjan is lost in Seema s words. Akash says everyone will be worried and why it happens only with good people.they talk and Akash says there must be many guys behind her but she will like someone special. Gunjan is upset and says she had done but no one now. Her father shows a picture in his phone ‘The surprise’. the guy is four or 5 years older than him. These two were inseparable friends and he came back from US after doing MBA. His name is Aditya Kapoor and his mother neena who was Sneha s friend has sent a rishta for gunjan.

Akash tells gunjan about the proposal and the best thing is that Gunjan can be with him in australia. She is tensed and he says the decison is up to her and she can reject it , the guy will come in two days.Dayal tells Akkash they will put a case on Charu s parents, the bell rings Seema Prabhu MAyank are at the door step. Everyone is happy Dholu tells Rachna Gunjan that Mayank is back both are happy. The police come and says that Charu has taken back her complaint and that he will keep a close eye on the family. Mayank is furious clenches his fist and the police tells him to control himself. Seema assures him he will.

Charu is thinking that she will make everything fine soon. Charu s mom tells them to forget eberything and start afresh She says that she has talked to Charu and they should talk to Mayank.

Charu tells the police that she has his number and will call him if need be threatning Gargs indirectly. Mayank says Charu should not be in the house Seema tells him to keep quite thinking about the time spent in jail. Shayl says that even they want the same thing he wants and soon they will find a way to throw Charu out of his life completely. She says she will make halwa and the family will sit and eat together after 2 days

Prabhu talks to Akash. Charu trying to serve halwa to Maynk at dining table he refuses then she tries to serve Rachna. Gunjan comes and Shayl asks what the surprise is

Gunjan tells about the rishta she keeps staring at Charu and then she agrees to it. Everyone shocked and akash is happy. shayl says let her study and Akash says they will only get married after her studies but the boy s family wants the rishta to materialize soon so he will talk to them. Gunjan says she has to marry him some day so why not soon . Mayank is heart broken and leaves. bua supports gunjan s decision that girls should marry .

Mayank is thinking about Gunjan s decision to marry . Rachna questions Gunjan and tells her she would teach her then why is she taking this decision.Gunjan says let s go to college Rachna says if you want to marry then dont go to college. rachna says dont make fool out of me you are hiding something from me . Gunjan says aditya is a gem of a person Mayank calls her and she disconnects. Rachna is furious.

Shayl asks her why she dint ask her even once she questions if she took the decision of marrying because of what is happening at home even rachna agrees to it and Gunjan is silent.

Rachna and Shail asks whether this decision has been taken by her because of all what happening in Garg’s house. Mayank calls her, she picks it up and puts the call, and side by side talk to Shail that she had to go one day, whatever it is. And she is not doing all this because of any pressure. She is happy with all. And Mayank was listening all. Gunjan says that Aditya is a very good guy. Shail says that she is satisfied that Aditya is a good guy but on the cost of her studies she should not sacrifise. She also adds that she is all doing because of her, Chaaru doesn’t matters for her. She’ll complete her studies after her marriage. Shail says that Marriage is not worth managing. It’s a very important part of one’s life. Mayank crying listening all.

On dinning table, Seema and Sangita managing table, Sangita asks her to go inside and suggest her to take rest but Seema declines. Seema says that Mayank has not done her dinner properly. Chaaru comes and says that she can take the food for him but Seema declines. Chaaru says that she can call Police and get her remembered all what happened in jail. Sangeeta says her to give the plate to Chaaru.

Mayank comes back in the room, Chaaru offers the food but Mayank asks from where she came. He asks her to go out and never come back, he is all ready to go to jail.

Seema and Sangeeta listening all from outside. Sangeeta asks Seema to tell Mayank not to do all these things. Seema goes. Gunjan’s father sees Mayank going and thinks. Chaaru comes to dinning table and puts the plate forcefully.

Here Gunjan and Rachna in the college. Rachna asks her to rethink about her decision but she takes that in a joke. Chaaya comes shouting anout Vihaan. Rachna asks, Chaaya takes them to a dark room and left. They both calls for Chaaya. Suddenly, lights got on and there was a decorated room, celebration for the fresher of the year. All congratulate Gunjan. Rachna says that she should go at a side as she is a fresher of the year.Vihaan comes and says for all she both are the winners. Vihaan gifts Rachna, a teddy bear, from the whole college’s side. Rachna smiles after seeing it. Rajeev asks from Gunjan about what has happened the earlier day. Gunjan replies that all was good. Rajeev asks again and again.

Suddenly coffee falls on Rajeev’s hand, Gunjan got feared and blows by her mouth on his hand. Rajeev simply see her and gives a romantic look to her and after that takes the hand back and goes. Chaaya asks about the name of the teaddy, Vihaan comes and says that he had already put a name and that’s Vihaan. Rachna says that she’ll put the name of a chimpanzee as Vihaan. Vihaan smiles after her.

Dayal telling Shail to leave the tension as being Gunjan’s father, he has all the right to take any decision about her. Shail opposses that If Snehal would be there she would not let this all happen. Dayal says that Snehal is not there now so he all doing all this. Gunajn’s father enters in their room.

Gunjan’s father tells Dayal and Shail that Aaditya is coming India to meet Gunjan and he wants both of them to meet once. They both got shocked.

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