Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 104-106)

Kamla and the others are beautifying the chowl, Pakiya comes to Vitthal and shows to him the present that he got form Kalpi which makes everybody laugh. While Paki is attempting to make Sahil comprehend that what she did was right, Nettu comes and reveals to Paki that she has begun talking like Kamla which irritates her. Paki and Nettu gets into a contention after Nettu requests that Paki leave the house yet Sahil stops her. Paki discloses to Nettu that she ought to be grateful that Raghav didn't file a complaint against her for forgery. Sahil calls Mehta and reveals to him that he need Raghav's address as it's urgent. Kamla alongside Kalpi welcomes Paki to the chowl. Paki reveals to Kamla that she disclosed to her dad's manager to give Raghav's address to her. Kalpi discloses to Paki that everybody is wasting there time as Raghav won't go to the party. Sammy asks Raghav is he being shallow, Raghav answers that he needs Sahil Kapoor to feel powerless and small in front of him. 

Pakhi gets Raghav's data, she demands Kamla Maa to accompany her, as she supposes Raghav can't decline Kamla Maa's invitation. Kamla Maa says Pakhi that she needs to see Kalpi's felicitation occasion, then she will join her, yet she is not prepared for that. Afterward, Kamla Maa prepares to go with Pakhi to meet Raghav. Then again, Pakya invites Manda Tai to dance on the stage, and changes the song in the middle of her dance, which spreads a loud laugh in the chawl. Afterward, Raghav declines to meet Pakhi and Kamla Maa. Pakhi discovers him discourteous, while Kamla Maa gives her blessings to Raghav. Raghav gets nostalgic and recalls his days with Kamla Maa. On the Kalpi's felicitation ceremony function, everyone asks of Kamla Maa as she was not there, which creates a sad minute for Kalpi. Menawhile, Pakhi and Kamla Maa tried to achieve Kalpi's felicitation function, with a heavy heart, as Raghav declines to accompany them.

Raghav gets ready to overlook all disputes with Sahil, yet with one condition that, Sahil need to apologize in front of chowl members and Kamla Bai. Sahil gets stunned with this, yet feels helpless. Then again, Manda prods Kalpi by getting asking about Kamla Tai. Kalpi gets nostalgic with his Baba and recalls her old days. Afterward, Kamla Tai ranges at chowl with Pakhi. Pakhi takes Kamla Tai's consent as she needs to leave that place, while Kanta Bai and Manda Tai interfere with them. Afterward, Manda Tai uses a some lines just to hurt Kamla Tai, however as she uses her brain, and stays quiet. On the following day, everyone wishes Kalpi good luck.

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