Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 54-56)

Kamla arrives with Sahil and Nettu at chowl. AMnda says look at kamla tai she first took Raghav here and now she is here with Kapoor to get the money. Kamla goes up along with them. Sahil says wow at your honesty. You have brought them here even when he said that he was not happy there. Sahil says kamla you are misunderstanding this all. Singhaniya always wanted me to take care of him after his death. Kamla says but he wasn’t happy there. sahil says i will try to make him now. kamla goes in along with sahil and Nettu she can’t find Raghav.Kamla asks Kalpi where is he? Kalpi says i don’t know he called and he went. Nettu starts scolding at kamla saying how much money you got from Raghav. Sahil says you have betrayed us kamla bai. Vitthal says that my Kamlacan’t do anything wrong. She must not have brought you guys here if she wanted to betray you. Vitthal says look kamla this happen when you do good with people like them. They never respect humanity how will they respect your honesty then ? ? They just know how to use people. nettu says shut up. Nettu throws money on kamla’s face and says this is all your payment by now and don’t ever enter my home again. I am firing you right now. kamla’s tears are falling on her cheeks.

Manda is happily celebrating diwali and is asking other people to join as well.Kamla and Vitthal are sitting kamla is crying. Pakiya sees her. He asks Vitthal what happened baba? Raghav got a call from America i dropped him at airport. What has happened to Ai? Vitthal says to kamla that you have not done anything wrong. Yuou stood by the truth. Our son also heard his inner voice. Was he wrong ? No. He is son of Kamla after all. Kamla hugs him and is crying. Pakiya asks kalpi whats wrong? Kalpi just tells him that madam has fires Ai from the work. Pakiya says i did what i thought was good.I made a mistake it caused you your job. Kamla says nothing has happened because of you. Your dad is right, you did what you thought was right and so did I and this is reality. We won’t talkabout this anymore Raghav has gone to starts his new life and so will we now. Your dad alwayssays that God always give what we need he gaveme kids like you and a husband like Vitthal, i want nothing else.

Nettu wakes up Poki she says kamla wont come now. Nettu gets louder and says i have fired her iwill haul you from bed if you don’t wake up. Sahilsays whats wrong? Nettu says look sahil whal kamla has made her ? Sahil says get up paki. She wakes up and is shouting that i don’t want tosee your face. Nettu slaps her. Paki closes the door. Nettu says do what you can, but i will neverlet kamla enter here again.Paki is crying and sond, ‘tujhy sab hai pata hai maa’ is playing in the background. She is crying so hard.

Kalpi asks kamla is she missing Paki ? Kamla says yes i am i just want to tell her once that i didn’t left this work with my will. I was compelledto. I should go there once. Vitthal says no you never will. Kalpi says paki will be alright. Kamla says i don’t know if they are taking care of her or not? Vitthal says these kids of rich people are like them. She says don’t abuse paki. Kalpi asks Ai you are not going anywhere ? Kamla says i will just go to find a new wok. Vitthal says i will be selling flowers in temple. you won’t work any more.

Nettu says to sahil look at your daughter she haslocked herself in the room. Sahil says this is all your fault. Paki syas stop fighting you both.Paki is crying and is missing kamla. There kamlais having a sleepless night as well.Nettu sees Paki screaming kamla’s name in her slumber.kamla thinks what was my fault God/ Why are you punishing me like this ?

Next morning Kamla hasn’t waken up whereas vitthal and kalpi have. Vitthal asks kalpi why is she sleeping till now? Kalpi says let her rest. Vitthal says let me check. He checks that kamla is having severe fever. Kamla is not waking up. She says in unconsciousness that she is feeling cold. Vitthal asks kalpi yo bring a blanket.Pakiya brings her the milk. kamla asks kalpi to apply tika on pakiya. Sahil asks her to go. Kamla falls in sahil’s arms. They are so worried about her.Vitthal asks Pakiya to get auto. He does everyinein chowl asks what happened ko kamla ? Vitthal says that we are taking her hospital.

Nettu says to Paki that she has made her sandwich and chips. Paki says i don’t want anything without kamla maa. Nettu gets loud what do you want ? She betrayed us and you want to bring her back. She is so selfish and if you don’t understand i will send you to boarding school. Paki thorws the tray away and she is crying. Nettu says i am so sorry i won’t send you but kamla betrayed us.Sahil comes in and says that i have a plan for usshopping and long drive. Paki says papa i don’t wanna go anywhere.Nettu says Kamla will rot in hell.

Doctor says to vitthal that its probablythe case of dengue fever. you have to take her tosome good hospital. Vitthal is sad and so are thechildren. Vitthal says to kalpi don’t worry we will take her there.

Nettu says that she has to send paki school today. She looks in her room but paki is no where she checks in the bathroom she is not there as well. She is in her closet crying for kamla. Nettu takes her out and says get ready it is too much now. You can’t bunk the school like this for a maid. I won’t let you sit home. Nettu gets a call from her friend. She asks mummy ji to get paki ready fro school. She has to go for her donation campaign. Mummy ji says you should stay here with paki. Nettu says this is important too i would have stayed if it ws not that important. She leaves. Muumy ji gets closer to paki and says how will this go on like this ?

Vitthal is in hospital. He is trying to get the slip but the receptionist is busy in talking on phone. Nurse says you should take her to private hospital we don’t have place here and we just have two doctors.Vitthal takes kamla from there.Mummy ji says to Paki that she should not do this to her parents. Paki says i love kamla maa the most why she didn’t come to meet me ? She promised me that she won’t ever leaves me. Mummy ji says don’t cry. Kamla maa would have wanted you to go to school and if you behave badly people says this is fault of kamla. Do you want this ? Paki says no. Mummy ji says then you should get ready.

Vitthal takes kamla to private hospital there nurse says that fill the form and 45 thousand along with it. Nurse says don’t admit her they don’t have money. vitthal says no don’t stop the treatment i will do something. He is in vain he doesn’t know what to do now. he sits on the chair and is in tears.

Paki gets ready for school she says bye to mummy ji.Vitthal says to doctor to save Kamla. he will manage money. Doctor says i will admit her but get the money in 24 hours Vitthal is running outside to arrange the money. Vitthal is calling all the people he knows and is asking for money.There paki is on road her school bus has arrived and she doesn’t sit in it. She plans to go kamla’s house. Nurse again asks Vitthal has he filled the form ? He says yes i will Vitthal is hitting his head on the wall.Paki reaches kamla’s house and sees a lock on her door. She wonders where has she gone without telling her.There Kamla is admitted in the hospital and Vitthal doesn’t kn ow what to do next.People wonder what is the girl doing there. Manda says this is sahil kapoor’s daughter. A man there tells her that she has got dengue and she has been admitted in the hospital. Manda says i have heard that her survival is so hard. Paki says nothing wil happen to my kamla maa. She asks the man can he take her to the hospital? Manda says yes take her so she can see her last time. Paki says don’t say this aboit my kamla maa.

A friend of Vitthal suggests him that he should ask sahil to get them the money. Vitthal asks doctor is kamla okay ? Doctor asks have to submitted the money ? Don’t force her to stop the treatment. Vitthal says pleas don’t do this i will arrange the money. paki listens all this he crying.

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