Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 363- 365)

Roshni in a fit of anger as Bansi Maasi slapped her mother, tells her mother that she would not be quiet seeing all this and asks how dare the old woman raised her hand on her for no reason. Durgardevi tells Roshni as to whateverBansi Maasi saying is right and that Kunal is Roshni first husband. Naani tells her she was married at the age 5. Roshni says they are talking about child marriage. Siddharth tells them Roshni is his wife and nobody canclaim his wife to be theirs. Durgardevi says nothing is in her hand. Siddharth asks Roshni to pack her bag and leave with him. Naani tells Durgardevi that if Roshni and Siddharth don’t stop here then Bansi can’t speak out the truth which is hidden since years. She asks Durgardevi to stop her. Roshni and Siddharth are leaving the house while Durgardevi follows them and sits on the floor with folded hands. Naani also folds her hand. Siddharth asks them to tell what option is left for them and asks Naani to tell everyone the truth and asks what is this nonsense.

Bansi Maasi tells Siddharth that she will tell him the truth. Durgardevi gets tensed. Bansi Maasi tells Durgar that she thought she will hide with their eye sight, and vow to get their Roshni anyhow and that she is ready to tells everyone the truth. She asks Roshni to come near her, and then tells Roshni the unrevealed truth that her Naani is her childhood friend and brought Roshni to her village and got her married to her grandson when she was 5 years old. Everyone was happy. She says her mother promised that they will keep her as their amanat and will do vidaai at the right time. The old woman further says they agreed, but her Naani and mother had changed and changed the city, house etc. And that she might be thinking why her mother did this. As the old woman goes on to reveal the story,  Naani intervenes and requests her not to tell anything further. Bansi Maasi says she have to tell the truth. Durgardevi stops her and says not now. Bansi tells Durgar that she thought that they will not find her and they found her whe she went to jail. Roshni and Siddharth are shocked and annoyed. Bansi holds Roshni’s hand and asks her to come with her.

On the other hand, Raj stops Simranthat he will stay with her always. He brings flowers and asks her to give Siddharth and Roshni as they like it.Simran tells Kritika that their Roshni is coming home. Kritika is elated that she will pamper her brother. Simran asks her to check in the kitchen. Bunty comes and says everything will be fine once Siddharth comes. Simran says yes.

Meanwhile, Bansi tries to make Roshni wear the shagun chunari. Roshni refuses. Siddharth asks Bansi Maasi and her family not to do anything with Roshni else he will go mad and will tell her something which he may repent later. Bansi says Roshni is Kunal’s wife and not his wife. Bansi asks Roshni topick the chunari. Roshni refuses that she is very stubborn. She raises her hand. Siddharth asks her not to think them weak and that he is talking with respect with her. Bansi asks her relatives to take Roshni forcily. Just then, Naani collapses and falls on the floor. The men hold Siddharth. Seeing Naani’s condition, they leave Roshni’s hand while Roshni, Durgardevi and Siddharth take Naani inside the room.

Bansi’s son tells her that if Roshni doesn’t come with them with her wish, then Lakshmi will also not come. Bansi tells him they have to do something. Roshni asks her mother and Naani, how can they get her married in her childhood even when they are so progressive. Siddharth tells them they are going and promise to take care of Naani. Kunal comes and assures them that he can help them. Siddharth says she is his Naani and he can take care of her.

Bansi Maasi threatens Durgardevi claiming to reveal some sort of truth. Durgardevi requests Bansi Maasi to have some patience and understand the situation. Mona hears their conversation and thinks there is some big secret between them. On the other hand, Kritika is busy with the decoration arrangements. Bunty asks her not to work in this condition. Kritika gets angry. Simran and Raj are happy as Siddharth and Roshni are coming. Roshni tells Siddharth that she forgot her mangasultra inside. Siddharth tells her they should go from here and promise to buy her a new mangalsutra. Roshni insists on taking her mangalsutra. Siddharth goes inside to bring it for her. Later, Bansi’s son talks to Roshni that she doesn’t want to come with them and  that she doesn’t come with her wish then Lakshmi will not come and asks her to follow his instructions, if she needs to evadeBansi Maasi. Roshni insult him and asks him to leave along with his mother. Bansi looks on. Mona and Kesar asks Naani why Durgardevi is scared of Bansi. Naani thinks there is a big secret which will shattered the family. She comes to Bansi and tells her that she can’t think that her friend would do such a thing and stab her on her back.

says these words don’t suit her and that she have kept her daughter in-law since many years and she thought she will return their daughter in-law, but instead got her married to another man while still married to her son. She says her childhood friend has betrayed her and she will not leave them both and will settle scores with them both. Siddharth comes inside the house and takes Roshni’s mangalsutra. He thinks he understands Roshni’s fear and promises that nobody can snatch her Siddharth from her. He gets Raj’s call informing him that Simran made so many dishes for them. Siddharth asks him to relax that he is busy. Simransays they were thinking to send them on a honeymoon. Siddharth talks to himself that so much is going on here and tells his mother he will call her later. Simran and Raj are happy and hug each other. Simran asks him to taste kheer made by her.

Durgardevi gives a blank cheque toBansi Maasi and asks her not to interfere in Roshni’s life. Naani asks her the same thing but Bansi tears the cheque and throws it at them. Siddharth wonders where everyone is.Bansi tells Durgardevi that she is showing her money and she don’t want this Lakshmi, but her Lakshmi referring to Roshni. She threaten to take her daughter in-law along with her. Durgardevi asks her to see Naani’s condition and to understand the situation on ground.

Kunal comes to Roshni and asks her to come to his village. Roshni insult him to look at his face that even her sandalhas rejected him. Kunal says he knows his grand mum and she will take her to their village. He asks her to agree by following his instructions, and he can see that she and her husband are very much close. Roshni asks him to leave along with his villager family back to his village. Kunal tells her they were childhood friends and that’s why he came here to explain things to her and it was his duty to make her understand and tells her not to blame him. Roshni thinks she can see fear in Kunal’s eyes and inform him that they won’t stay here and that she will take Siddharth far from here. Durgardevi asks Bansi to give her sometime to convince Roshni.Bansi gives her a day’s time and tells that if she couldn’t convince Roshni then she will tell some sort of truth to Roshni and that Roshni will beshattered then. Siddharth hears them and he too gets suspicious as he seesDurgardevi losing her nerves. He thinks Durgardevi is a very strong minded woman, and is standing helpless in front of Bansi. He makes his mind up to learn what that Durgardevi is  hiding from him and Roshni and thinks he can’t leave his family in this toughest time.

He thinks he can’t leave Naani and Durgardevi here and thinks how to convince Roshni to stay back. Roshni wonder why Siddharth is taken so long to come down. She comes inside and asks if he find her mangalsutra? Siddharth tells her they are not going anywhere? Roshni asks if he has been brainwashed. She calls her mother and asks what she said to Siddharth. Durgardevi assures her that she didn’t say anything and if Siddharth doesn’t know then it is good. Roshni blames her mother that she can’t see her happy. Siddharth tells her that it is his decision not to leave this house. Roshni then says she will leave from the house. Siddharth tells her not to go anywhere. Bansi says they are very close to each other and she will stop them but her son says not now. Roshni tells Siddharth that she will wait for him in the room and they will go together. Durgardevi thanks Siddharth.

It is almost time and Bansi says her time is running out and start counting backwards. She clicks her fingers at Naani and Durgardevi are scared. She later tells them time is over looking at the clock! She goes to her cellphone that she had waited for long, waited for them to return back but they both betrayed her. Durgardevi begs her and kneel down but she says they will come even if it is 5-10 minutes more. She starts counting from 10. Everyone are scared, she dials a number on her phone and says 1. Just then, Siddharth and Roshni arrive. They both are shocked seeing Durgardevi at bansi’s feet. They are holding hands and Bansi moves towards them, Durgardevi is relieved. Bansi goes to Siddharth and asks how dare he take her daughter in-law out without her permission and she slaps him.

Durgardevi is shocked as well as Naani. Roshni in a fit of anger goes to Bansi and question her for touching Siddharth. Bansi remind Roshni that her husband is kunal and that if she try to speak nonsense, she will take her tongue out and make pickle with it. Roshni repeat Bansi words that if she touch her or her husband, she will take her tongue out too and make pickle of it! Roshni then warn her that she won’t tolerate her nonsense.

Meanwhile, Kritika is furious thinking of child marriage and talks furiously to bunty. She tries talking to Siddharth and Roshni but they are not picking up their phone. Bunty talks nonsense. On the other hand, Roshni throws things in her room, kunal comes there and she asks him to leave. He says he only came to say sorry on behalf of his family. She asks how is his mouth giving flowers now and why was he standing ding nothing when his Bansi was insulting them. Kunal promise to try his level best to set things right, he goes away and Roshni thank god that someone is sensible and sensitive in this gawar family.

Pintu asks Siddharth why is he getting himself drawn into another thing? Siddharth tells him his mom in-law and Naani are too disturbed and he has never seen his mom in-law losing her nerves before. Siddharth asks Pintu if he will help him and Pintu agrees. He says he won’t tell Roshni as she will confront her mother upfront and bluntly but they need to find the raaz. Pintu has gone to gather information about the family from some village.!

Bansi finds Siddharth behavior fishy and tells pundit turban guy they have to do something about him. He agree with Bansi but he tells her they don’t have much time. Bansi tells him they have to break Siddharth and Roshni’s relation first. Just then, Raj comes there shouting where ihis daughter in-law is. Siddharth question his father that he is handling things here but Raj refuses to listen him, he take Roshni when he stumbles on another woman who is smitten by Raj. she daydreams of Raj and herself. He claps his fingers and asks what is she seeing? She begins reciting a poetry! He asks who she is? The woman tells him she Shakuntala but he can call her shakun with love. Raj is irritated while Roshni and Siddharth are amused. Raj asks for Bansi and also assures her that he is going along with his daughter in-law. Bansi comes there, holds his hands that she is Bansi and Roshni is their daughter in-law

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