Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 326-327)

Shabnam shoots Siddharth and he tumbles off the precipice. He has flashbacks of his time with Roshni. In the mean time, Durgadevi gets a call informing her about Roshni. However Roshni has been taken by Shabnam and is currently waiting for Durgadevi. However when Roshni comes to her senses, she looks for Siddharth. 

In the wake of losing her husband, Roshni is candidly broken and reviews the best moments they had spent together. SIddharth's family too is broken and are still unaware that it is Shabnam, who shot Siddharth. Simran is totally broken in the wake of losing her son and points the finger at Roshni for Siddharth's death. Roshni is floored hearing what Simran had said. Simran pronounces that Roshni is not her daughter-in-law from here onwards. At the point when Roshni reaches her home alongside her family, she finds Shabnam waiting for them. 

Media gets to Roshni's home and begins scrutinizing her about Siddharth's death and Durgadevi's hand the crime. Shabnam appears before the media and reveals to them that Durgadevi is innocent and another person has killed Siddharth.

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