Randy Couple Caught Having S3x On A Balcony In Broad Daylight (Photos)

Two raunchy lovers caught apparently having s3x on a balcony in broad daylight. A stunned passer-by made filmed the passionate moment in the city of Salamanca, in the central Spanish region of Castile and Leon. The clip then went viral after being screened on Spanish TV - Telecinco and Antena 3.

The video shows a man and a woman on a high balcony in a block of flats overlooking Avenue Portugal.

The couple do not appear to notice that they are being filmed as they are both facing away from the camera.

Although they are standing up, a railing protects most of their modesty.

Some neighbours were reportedly scandalised at the brazen scene going on in broad daylight in full view of a public street.

But some said the couple had every right to enjoy the spring sunshine in whatever way they saw fit.

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