Ekiti State NYSC Reacts: Says Story Of Alleged Brutalization Of Female Corps Member Was The Other Way Round

Read the official statement they posted:


Angel Eluna is unkown to NYSC Ekiti State. I wish our young Nigerians will be truthful and bold enough to narrate issues as they really are and put their real names on such narrations.

The real corps member involved in this matter is CONFIDENCE AZUBUIKE (EK/16B/2389).
Confidence was not molested by any official of NYSC Ekiti State. Rather it was the other way round. -

Confidence in her statement to the State Coordinator said she held the official’s shirt by his collar because she did not know he was an official. She quickly released him when the Local Government Inspector introduced himself. Investigation into the incident which required the call for the corps member’s file has revealed a whole lot about who Confidence is.

One wonders the source of Confidence’s confidence in being so unruly. You need to see what she wore for Community Development Service.
Her cap was wrong, White T-Shirt was something else, her canvas was Pink, Khakhi Jacket tied round her waist. Above all, she refused to be corrected and would rather fight the NYSC official.

Let it be known that the reddish patch on her arm was caused by the long chain of her handbag strap. It was as she held the officer’s shirt that the bag strap pressed on her arm leaving the reddish spot because she is fair. This is the Account of an individual that witnessed the incident.

NYSC Ekiti is coordinated by a mother who will not allow any of her corps members to be maltreated by anybody. However, she will not tolerate any misbehaviour on the part of the corps members. She calls them “My sons and daughters”. She will not hesitate to call her erring daughter Confidence to order and that she will do in this matter."

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