Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 107-109)

Afterward, Manda Tai uses a some lines just to hurt Kamla Tai, however as she uses her brain, and stays quiet. On the following day, everyone wishes Kalpi good luck.

Kalpi takes God's blessings and goes to check her result on the college result board's list. Pakhi likewise comes there to check her name and gets eager to see her name on top. Kalpi gets strained, as her name was not on the list, but rather she can hardly imagine how, she can be flop, as she was the toper. Then again, Kamla Maa cooks Kalpi's most loved dishes and brought some of gifts, to make her cheerful. Afterward, Pakhi suggest Kalpi to go to the collage exam department and request the purpose for such result. She goes and gets a rechecking form. While, In chowl everyone is sure that, Kalpi had scored well. Vitthal imagines that Kalpi could have topped and may be happy to the point that she forgot to call him. Kamla Tai gets stressed as Kalpi haven't reach home in time, she calls Pakhi but rather she didn't pick up. 

Pakhi abstains from picking Kamla Tai's call, as she doesn't know whether Kalpi has her result to Kamla Tai or not. Afterward, Kamla Maa comes to meet Pakhi and feels proud of her, in the wake of realizing that she topped the college. Pakhi's mom tells Kamla Maa that, Kalpi flopped in the exam. Kamla feels hurt knowing this and requests an explanation. In the wake of, having discussion with Pakhi, Kamla gets stressed for Kalpi as she isn't home yet. Then again, Kalpi is on a bench, reviewing what her teacher said to her. All of a sudden, Raghav comes there and tosses some cruel words on her. Pakhi chats with her mom and demonstrates her disappointment, how her mom acted with Kamla Maa. Afterward, After conversing with Raghav, Kalpi feels a little bit confidence. Kamla Maa asks Vitthal to look after Kalpi, while Kalpi enters in the house.

Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 316-318)

Rachna agrees and before she can close the door Shayl enters and Rachna cuts the call. Shayl tells her that for a few nights she will sleep with Rachna to give her company . Rachna is unhappy but has no choice.

Shayl is making preparations in the kitchen to help Gunjan Seema slyly tells Shayl that its better if Gunjan does everything alone. Gunjanc comes in and agrees . She starts her preparations and she keeps making a mess Seema and Sangeeta see her preparations and are happy that they can scold her Mayank comes in and fans her and offers her cold drink as he cant do anything else.The kheer gets burnt and Rachna tells her to remove the good portion and add Kesar and elaichi.

Rachna and Dholu announce the food is ready everyone is shocked to see a lavish spread . Gunjan says that she spent the whole night searching recipes on the internet and Prabhu praises her. Everyone eats while Gunjan Rachna and Dholu are serving everyone praises her food and Bua says that even Seema Sangeeta and Shayl could never prepare such tasty stuffed bhindi. Gunjan serves Kheer to Seema and she says its burnt even Sangeeta says that but prabhu says that there is so much good food only you can say such stuff. Prabhu says that Seema does not even know to make one good cup of tea. Prabhu gives her 15/10. Akash gives her cash saying shagun and on bua s questioning Prabhu gives Seema money and she has to give it to Gunjan as shagun.

Gunjan apologizes for not wearing sindoor yesterday andsays her role model is her mom and she never wore sindoor not that she dint love her father and Mayank agrees that she should not wear sindoor.. Everyone is impressed and Seema is shocked. Prabhu supporting Gunjan for not using sindoor, Seema also supports but forcefully. Gunjan tells everyone that she will be following all other riwaaz and cultures properly. Mayank tells Gunjan that they will go for their honeymoon at Goa and for teasing her he behaves like he is going all alone for office work. Mayank asks her to wait as he will give her one more surprise. Door bell rings n Seema takes the courier on the door that contains a stripped top, Mayank n Gunjan smartly takes the dress. Dayal telling that he will be coming late due to work. Gunjan and Mayank having some fun at their room. Aakash gets ready to leave for australia, Gunjan acts emotionally. Aakaash after having a meet with all gives a cheque of Rs. 5 lakh, Seems acting snatching the cheque Gunjan sees her reaction. Aakaash hugs Gunjan, she cries and asks to see off her father at the airport but Aakaash asks her not to do that as it will make difficult for him to go away n then a final good bye. Gunjan goes to her room and cries Mayank following her and supports her. Tells her that he has booked the ticked for the same day as he was known with the fact that she will cry after Aakaash’s arrival.

Mayank and gunjans room where they are spending romantic time suddenly dholu comes in and says that they are going to goa without takinghim along.He remind gunjan when she promised of taking him to a honeymoon all laugh . seema enters the room with a glum face saying that they planned a trip to goa without even informing her . mayank tells her that everything got planned in such a rush.gunjan is trying to reach a bag and asks mayank for help. seema gets annoyed and leaves the room. Later seema pretends to be sick and hav a headache she tells sangheeta to go and call gunjan to disturb her packing. gunjan comes and says shes not going anywhere until a doctor comes and check her. seema says its not that serious and for them to go shail agrees and seema annoyed.

Dayals friend comes telling him that they r friend since long time and to be sure to give the money for the items in the shop or the factory will b angry. dayal agrees and says that you have done me a big favor in return i have to do this much. he says he will give the money within 7 days. Dayal tells shail that he is going to a meeting and will be late so when the delivery comes to tell either prabhu ar gopal to bring it in the shop, he leaves. meanwhile its started to rain and storm outside and a call come ,rachna answers it informing them that the delivery for the shop has arrived. rachna tells them her dad is not home so she will call an inform him. she calls dayal during his meeting and tells him that delivery arrived and prabhu or gopal r not in the house. dayal is surprised that it arrived so fast.rachna asks him if she can go and attend them. dayal first says no but then he agreestelling her all the steps of what to do. shail tells rachna to go carefully as its raining hard.

Rachna goes when the delivery is coming inside she recalls what dayal told her. after everything was done she leaves the shop.as she leaves she forgets what dayal told her about sturning off some switch. scene shifts to the shop where the switch which rachna forgot to off is flickering with small flames of fire.

The phone rings at home and dayal picks up he suddenly becomes shocked and drops the phone unable to speak. shail then picks up and also is shocked she tells everyone that their has been a fire in our shop and everything ig gone she cries.Everyone is horrified. later, dayal, prabhu, gopal go to the shop where they see it burnt. dayal becomes depressed and faints seeing it.

Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 373-374)

The goons hitting Sid on his head. Roshni gets shocked and sees blood coming out of his head. Just then Kunal comes on his bike. Roshni runs to Sid and says nothing will happen to you Sid. Kunal beats the goons while being on bike and takes out his helmet. Roshni sees him. Kunal fights with the goons (to impress Roshni). Roshni calls the police station. The goons hit Kunal on his head. Roshni shouts. Kunal fights with them, but gets beaten. Sid gets up and fights with the goons while Roshni asks Kunal to open eyes. Police reaches there and arrests the goons. They take Kunal to hospital. DD opens the door and finds Kunal injured. She gets shocked and goes to call the doctor. Bansi asks who did this? Inspector says they will arrest the goons soon. Bansi gets angry at Roshni and asks who did this? She says my son is in pain and you are taking him of Sid. Roshni says Sid is my husband and Kunal is my friend. I know we are alive today because of Kunal. Kunal opens eyes, hears them and silently closes eyes, takes Roshni’s name. Roshni comes to him and apologizes. Kunal says it was my duty. Bansi says first she hurt my son and now apologizing. She says once Kunal saved you from falling off the tree and got hurt. He was in the hospital for two days and was hanging between life and death.

Nani says it is an old thing now. Bansi says there is nothing beyond Roshni for Kunal, but you, DD and Roshni couldn’t see his love. Kunal asks Bansi not to tell all that, and says he is fine. Doctor says he has prescribed the medicines and now he will leave. DD asks Doctor to check her Jamai Sid as he is hurt too. Sid says I am fine. That bleeding will be there for few mins. DD asks him to clean the wound. Just as Roshni is about to go, Kunal feigns pain to stop her. Roshni asks him if he is fine? Kunal nods yes. Sid thinks there is something for sure which is unseen by them. He says Kunal reached there on time and was beaten too.

Raj sings song……Shaku comes and massages his feet. Simran asks what you are doing in my room and asks her to go. Shaku says she has accepted Raj from her heart, although they are not married. Raj coughs. Simran asks Raj, if she is saying right. Raj says one gets moksh by taking care of husband. Simran gets angry, brings the brooms and beats her to kick her out. Krutika comes and asks what happened? Simran says other woman came to my room, to massage his feet. Krutika looks angrily at Raj. Raj asks her to make her mum understand. Krutika is still angry and goes to Simran. Raj asks God to take care of his married life.

Premal asks Sid to go away from their life and accept that he can’t take care of Roshni. He says Kunal had saved Roshni, else we would have lost her. He says you are not a good husband, and asks if he understood what he said. Sid gets up angrily and asks him to sit on the table. Premal sits on table. Premal sits and keeps his phone beside Sid’s phone. Sid asks him to say Roshni. Premal says Roseni…..Sid asks him to drink milk and practice saying Roshni, then only come to him and give lecture about a good husband. He asks did you heard about Sid Mata. Premal says yes. Sid says you know that Ravan had kidnapped Sita and asks if you know you tried to save her. Premal says no. Sid says Chatayyu tried to save her. He asks him about Sita’s husband and says he was God Ram Chandra. He says Chatayyu tried to save Sita, but her husband was God Ram Chandra, just like Kunal tried to save Roshni, but her husband is me. He says I will sent greeting or bouquet to Kunal, but Roshni will be my life always, like the way Sita was of Ram all her life.

He asks him to go and practice taking Roshni’s name properly. Premal picks the phone, and tells Sid, until when you will run from truth, and says Roshni will be of my son Kunal. Sid thinks this fool has angered me. He gets a phone call and picks the call. The goons tells him to give money according to the plan and also asks him to teach some acting to Kunal as he has beaten my goons. Sid thinks it is not my phone and thinks Kunal and Premal have planned this attack together. He gets up. Bansi comes to him and says you will ask me like a hero that why did I done this? I will tell reply you easily and asks him to see there. Sid sees Roshni in Kunal’s room and talking to him. She says did you understand why we have done this, and says if you tell Roshni about this, then there is three things. If you tell Roshni, then I will do something to prove you wrong and makes an issue, 2nd thing- I will expose your mum in law, and 3rd thing is nothing……She laughs and asks him to decide. She says Kunal is taking a big risk on himself to make Roshni belief that there is a love between them. She says this game will be on till Roshni accepts Kunal as her husband. She says it was written in the kundli and nobody can snatch it from us, not even God. Kunal looks on angrily.

Sid warning Kunal if anything happens to his friend Pinto then he will not leave him. Kunal asks him to think and says if Roshni comes to know that you had beaten me, then she will come to me and take care of me. He says you thought of playing games, but forgot that you have a father here. He suggests him to forget Roshni and leave. Sid says Roshni is my wife and not your dad’s wealth. He says people like you have come and went. I have faced big troubles and got back to life. Kunal says I am saying for the first and last time, Roshni is my wife, and you are her second husband and your marriage is null. He says he can take Roshni forcibly to his village after slapping her. He says if this villager get crazy then will ruin you and your family. Sid raises his hand and warns him. He says he will expose his cunning face to everyone. Kunal says he loves Roshni since 17 years and says your 2 years old love doesn’t exist. He says God has made him for Roshni. Sid says you have passed your years for time pass and says it was not love. Kunal says just 2 days, I will prove that I am wrong. He challenges that if he loses then he will leave Roshni and house, and if you lose then you have to leave her.

Sid agrees and says Roshni will decide who will stay in her life and who have to leave. He says rowdy rathode, game begins now. Simran asks Raj to sign on the divorce papers and says Sid and Krutika will stay with her after divorce. Raj asks where I will live? He asks can I stay without me for sure. He says he is fed up of acting to be in love with Shaku. Simran laughs and says I know. I knew that you can’t love anyone else except me, but just want you to accept it. Raj closes the door and hugs her. He asks her not to talk about divorce in life. Simran says never and asks what is the matter? Raj asks her to sit and says he got Sid’s call. He tells everything. Simran says you both are same, and says you would have gained information if you have involved me. She says she is the head of the plan now. Simran says we have a new mission, Sajjan ki saheli.

Roshni sees a statue wearing a dress in the house and thinks DD might have brought it. She calls DD. Kunal comes and says he has brought it for her, as she has taken care of him when he was injured. He says it is a small gift from my side. Sid thinks Kunal is doing acting. Bansi says my grand son takes care of my daughter in law and asks him to make Roshni wear the chunari. Roshni refuses to accept the dress. Kunal says Roshni….just today shall I make you wear this chunari for our friendship’s sake. Sid looks on. DD looks helpless. Kunal says I haven’t asked you anything till now and asks her not to refuse, just for the sake of their friendship. Roshni nods hesitantly. Kunal smiles and looks at Sid. He is about to make Roshni wear the chunari, just then Ayesha comes and calls Roshni. Sid tells Roshni that Ayesha have come. Roshni runs to meet Ayesha. Kunal fumes as he couldn’t place chunari on her head. Sid tells Bansi that Ayesha is his daughter. He laughs on Kunal and says Roshni have stepped on his chunari and left. He asks if you have an age to play with the doll/statue, and says you can try all life, but Roshni will not get you, and this statue will be helpful to you in that situation.

Sid covers the statue with chunari. He brings Ayesha and introduces her to Kunal. He asks her to say hi to Rowdy Rathore uncle and aunty (statue). He says my Ayesha is back home and goes to room. Kunal gets angry and says this will cost you much.

Roshni and Ayesha are playing with a soft toy. Roshni falls off the balcony accidently. Kunal asks her to give her hand. Sid asks Roshni not to worry. He gets down the balcony and holds Roshni’s hand. Roshni holds him. They manage to climbed up the balcony. Roshni hugs Sid and cries in shock. Sid asks Kunal what you have done? Bansi tries to interfere. Sid asks her not to interfere between two man and slaps Kunal. He asks what you have done to harm Roshni and gets angry. He says you will not get Roshni even after 2000 years.

Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 371-372)

DD says by the time I reached there, she was already married. The priest declared them married. DD asks what is going on and tries to take Roshni with her. Premal says she is our daughter-in-law. DD asks how dare you? Nani asks DD to come with her, and takes her to side. DD asks how can you let it happen. Nani tells her everything and says Bansi knows everything. She says if we back off, then we will lost Roshni, and I will get jailed. DD says Roshni is mine. Nani asks her to agree for now. DD agrees for Roshni’s sake. She apologizes to Bansi and says she was not aware of the fact, and agrees. Bansi says do you realize your mistake? She says I will come after 18 years and take my bahu back. Back to present, DD says they had shifted to Mumbai and thought the past would not follow them.

Nani says Bansi will take Roshni with her. Sid asks why did you hide this big fact from Roshni? DD says everything would have ruined and don’t know what Roshni would do. Nani says Heeralal will ruin us, if comes to know about this truth. Sid says nothing will happen until he is here. He says Roshni is a mature adult and values you. He says let me tell everything to her. DD says we have stolen her from her parents and hid this fact. Sid says it is her right to know and I am her husband. I will tell her. DD falls on his feet and asks him not to tell her now. Sid agrees and says he will not tell her for sometime. He promises that he won’t let Bansi and family take advantage of the situation, and asks DD and Nani to tell Roshni about the truth.

Roshni tells Simran about Raj and Sid’s plan. Simran says she knows how to handle Raj and says everything was happening in my house under my rose. Roshni comes home. Bansi asks the women to take Roshni inside and dresses her up like a bride. Roshni refuses. DD takes her side, and asks what she is doing. Bansi says she is doing Shuddikaran puja of her and tries to pull her mangalsutra out. Roshni doesn’t let her touch it and tells about the power of it. Nani asks Bansi not to take it out. Bansi tries to break it. Sid comes and talk about its importance. Premal holds Sid and stops him. Nani falls on Bansi’s feet and folds her hand. Bansi asks her to make Roshni understand else she will call….She asks Premal to call Heeralal. Nani touches her feet. Sid says no…Premal calls Heeralal..Kunal thinks he can’t do anything in front of Roshni. Sid asks Roshni to do as they say and asks her to sit with Kunal in the havan. Roshni shouts asking him to shut up and says everyone has gone mad.

Roshni goes inside her room and breaks the things. Sid comes to her room. Roshni asks why did you come and asks why did you do this, asks did he forget the rituals/vows of marriage. She asks him to say that he is fed up with her and asks her to marry Kunal. She asks does she matter to him, and asks why don’t you fight for me. She says she knows mangalsutra value and no one can take it out until she is alive. She says she will talk to Kunal and will not let this happen. Sid calls someone. Roshni comes to Kunal and says she need to talk to him. Kunal says I know what you want to say and says he want to tell her something, says he is helpless, tried to make Bansi understand, but she is not in a mood to understand. He requests her to say her once for the peace of house, else a storm will come today. He says Bansi is angry with Sid and his dad. He apologizes and says he can’t help her. He thinks you have to take fake mangalsutra of Sid’s name and wear real of my name. He says your relation is swaha….gone…Roshni is shocked and sits down. Sid comes and says he knows about mangalsutra’s importance. Roshni says I will burn myself in the havan kund and no one can stop me, not even you. Mere Khuda music plays………………She hugs him.

Bansi waits for Roshni to come. She asks DD, where is your daughter? DD asks her to give some time. Bansi says Kunal is waiting for the puja and says she will make Roshni understand her way. Roshni comes and asks what to do. Bansi asks her to sit with Kunal. Sid signs her to do as Bansi says. DD signs at Sid. Sid nods her. He thinks just few mins. Premal ties Roshni’s hands. DD asks what they were doing? Bansi says she doesn’t trust on Roshni and that’s why getting her hands tied with rope. Pandit starts reciting the mantras and sprinkle gangajal. Bansi asks Pandit ji to give pot in her hand and pours gangajal on Roshni’s head. Roshni looks at Sid. Sid signs her to stay calm. Pandit recites mantras again. Bansi asks Kunal to pull her mangasultra. Sid and Roshni are shocked. Roshni says nobody can snatch my mangalsutra. She asks Sid to do something. Bansi and Premal ask Kunal to pull it out. DD and Nani panic and feel bad. Kunal tries to pull her mangalsutra.

Roshni cries helplessly. Sid couldn’t bear and is about to stop them, just then women organization come there and ask them to stop. Bansi asks who called you here? Raj says I brought them here, and says Roshni is married to his son and nothing can get her remarried to anybody. Roshni cries. Bansi says how dare you and raises her hand. Sid holds her hand and says it is good that your hands are stopped. He says my hands are tied else I would have kept you in the havan kund. Raj says they are bad people who don’t respect their own daughter. The women organization say that they met Bansi’s daughter. She says you have done bad with her. She shows the cow’s dung and says they will do her shuddikaran today. Premal asks them not to do anything. The women apply cow’s dung on Bansi’s face. Raj asks Premal to get his shuddikaran as well. Bansi takes oath that nobody will be saved from her wrath.

Simran is trying to throw Shaku out of the house. Raj comes and she falls on him. Raj asks them not to touch her, and says whoever wants to stay with her, can stay out. Simran says she will stay out. Bunty says you are looted papa ji. Raj thinks Sid has trapped him. Roshni hugs Sid and says today you have saved me, but if they try to get me married to Kunal forcibly, what you will do? She says why you and mom keep me in dark and don’t tell anything. She asks him to tell everything, why she has to bear this. Sid says you need to trust me, whatever I will do is for you, this family and for our happiness. I am not saying for your betterment. Roshni says I do have the right to know the truth. Sid says you have right to know the truth, but time is not right. He asks her to wait for
some more time and says I promise that everything will be solved and you will know everything. I don’t want anything except your happiness. She hugs him. Kunal eyes them secretly.

Simran and Kritika are leaving the house. Raj and Bunty try to stop them. Bunty says Shaku should get a chance. Raj calls Simran, just then a car hits him. Raj gets hurt. Simran, Kritika and Bunty are shocked. Bansi tells she is a big game player and will not leave him and his dad. Sid asks her to stop and asks him not to go on his dad. He says that black color was suiting well on you, and it was showing your true color. He says I want to tell you three things, you can’t harm my family, you will find me every time you try to trouble my family, 2nd thing, if you try to harm my family then I will harm your family, 3rd thing is you have challenged me that you will take Roshni away from me, and says I challenge you that you can’t separate my Roshni from me even if you try all means. Bansi says you might harm someone else, while trying to save Roshni. Sid gets a call and is shocked. Bansi smiles, and says you will save whom now? Sid looks angrily.

Doctor checks Raj and says everything will be alright. Raj says it happens sometimes. Kritika asks Shaku to move from there. Raj asks Kritika to behave well with guests. Kritika is shocked. Simran asks her to let it be, and says I will ask him when he gets fine. Sid comes. Simran asks him to see his dad’s condition and refuses to talk to him. Doctor asks Sid to take care of his dad and inform him. Raj asks Shaku to leave them for sometime. Sid apologizes to Raj and says it was not an accident, but Bansi got it done. He says I will kill her. Raj asks him to control his anger, and says they can harm Roshni or DD, and asks him not to hurry up. Sid thinks you shouldn’t have hurt my dad and reminds of the promise that he will hurt her family member.

Kunal injures his hand. Roshni comes and asks him to leave the knife. She asks what were you doing? Kunal says he was about to snatch her mangalsutra and says he want to cut his hand. Roshni says I know that you are helpless and want to keep me out of this. She asks him not to do this again and brings first aid box. Roshni says you calls me friend a does this. Kunal looks at her. Roshni gets Kritika’s call informing her about Raj’s accident. She runs saying her Papa needs her. Kunal says you are my wife and felt other’s pain. You have left me in this condition, why? He acts madly and says you have seen my love and goodness, don’t force me to be inhuman.
Sid and Roshni are on the way back home. Some goons come there and tease Roshni. Sid asks them to back off and beats the goons. Sid fights with the goons like a true hero, but the goons hit him on his head injuring him badly. Roshni cries and shouts.

Mexico City Metro's Egg-Plant Seat Sparks Debate

When a new style of seat suddenly appeared on Mexico City's metro system, it was labelled as inappropriate, uncomfortable, humiliating and embarrassing.

It was supposed to be.The seat, moulded to include a protruding penis and chest, was designed to highlight sexual harassment experienced by female passengers.

The explanation next to the men-only label read: "It is uncomfortable to sit here, but that is nothing compared to the sexual violence that women suffer on their daily journeys."

The seat is not a permanent fixture, but part of a campaign called #NoEsDeHombres, which aimed to highlight sexual harassment on public transport. But the response has been mixed.

Top Maldivian Model Who Was Once Praised By The President For Her Striking Looks Commits Suicide (Photo)

A model and medical student who appeared on the cover of Vogue and even received praised from the president of her native Maldives for her striking appearance has reportedly committed suicide at a dormitory hostel in Bangladesh.

Raudha Athif, 21, a second-year student at Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi city, was found dead in her room. Her body was recovered by police at around midday after her classmates found her dead.

The body was sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for an autopsy. Mahmuda Begum, the superintendent of the female hostel, said the model 'always looked happy,' and added, 'it is hard to believe she would commit suicide'.

Ms Begum said: 'I was in my chamber. Suddenly, I heard screams of my students.

'Rushing to the second floor of this six-storey building, I saw some of the students trying to break the door of Athif's room

The door was locked from the inside and students broke into the room.

'We primarily suspect it is a suicide case. However, we can't come to any conclusion until we get the autopsy report,' said the officer-in-charge Zillur Rahman.

The picture made her an internet sensation in 2014.

Her fame grew and she eventually landed on the cover of Vogue India in October last year.

31st March: Today In History

Today is Friday, March 31st, the 90th day of 2017. There are 275 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlight in History:
1917:  The United States took formal possession of the Virgin Islands from Denmark.
1492:  King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issued an edict expelling Jews from Spanish soil, except those willing to convert to Christianity.
1889:  French engineer Gustave Eiffel unfurled the French tricolor from atop the Eiffel Tower, officially marking its completion.
1923:  The first U.S. dance marathon, held in New York City, ended with Alma Cummings, who had danced with six consecutive male partners, setting a world record of 27 hours on her feet.
1933:  President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Emergency Conservation Work Act, which created the Civilian Conservation Corps.
1943:  “Oklahoma!,” the first musical play by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened on Broadway.
1957:  The original version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s TV musical “Cinderella,” starring Julie Andrews, aired live in color on CBS.
1968:  President Lyndon B. Johnson stunned the country by announcing during a televised address that he would not seek re-election.
1976:  The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that Karen Ann Quinlan, a young woman in a persistent vegetative state, could be disconnected from her respirator. (Quinlan, who remained unconscious, died in 1985.)
1986:  167 people died when a Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727 crashed in a remote mountainous region of Mexico.
1993:  Actor Brandon Lee, 28, was accidentally shot to death during the filming the movie “The Crow” in Wilmington, North Carolina, when he was hit by a bullet fragment that had become lodged inside a prop gun.
1995: Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, 23, was shot to death in Corpus Christi, Texas, by the founder of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.
2005: Terri Schiavo (SHY’-voh), 41, died at a hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed in a wrenching right-to-die dispute.

Actor William Daniels is 90.
Actor Richard Chamberlain is 83.
Actress Shirley Jones is 83. Musician Herb Alpert is 82.
Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is 77.
Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., is 77.
Actor Christopher Walken is 74.
Comedian Gabe Kaplan is 73.
Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, is 73.
Rock musician Mick Ralphs (Bad Company; Mott the Hoople) is 73.
Former Vice President Al Gore is 69.

Men Who Impersonate Top Government Officials And Have Made N20m Paraded (Photo)

Some suspected fraudsters, who specialised in cloning phone numbers of ministers, politicians and aides to President Muhammadu Buhari, have been apprehended by the police.

The suspects were identified as Chief Ovie Ogogo, 47; Abdulazeez Eragbe, 40; Babatunde Oshamoto, 49; and 25-year-old Samuel Idah.

Fourteen phones with SIM cards allegedly registered with names of top government officials were reportedly recovered from the suspects.

Among those impersonated by the syndicate, according to the police, are Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari; the National Security Adviser, Babagana Moguno; the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibeh Kachukwu; and the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

They were also accused of impersonating a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; the Senate President, Bukola Saraki; the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi; and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal.

Punch Metro learnt that operatives of the Inspector-General of Police, led by ACP Abba Kyari, trailed the syndicate to a hotel in Kaduna State on Tuesday, after receiving complaints from some victims.

A police source disclosed to one of Punch's correspondents that the suspects impersonated Moguno to collect N13m from a Ghanaian, who wanted to get an oil block in Nigeria, and posed as Lawal to swindle one Nnamdi Udo of N4m under false pretences of helping him to get a federal appointment.

“They also posed as the Chief of Staff to the President and collected N2.5m from one Mr. Bishop, who was looking for a contract, and another N700,000 from one Shehu Dan Yahaya, who was seeking a federal appointment.

“Ogogo, a native of Omoku Rivers State, impersonated prominent citizens from the South-South and South-East; Eragbe impersonated prominent persons from the North; Oshamoto posed as prominent citizens from the South-West and North-Central; while Idah supplied them SIM cards registered with the names of the top government officials.

“They were arrested in a luxury hotel in Kaduna and had confessed to impersonating several prominent citizens,” the source added.

Another senior police officer disclosed to Punch Metro that the suspects confessed to have realised N20m in six months from their criminal activities.

He added that the mastermind of the gang was based in the United Kingdom.

He said, “Ogogo is their leader; but they mentioned one Prince Maurice, based in the UK, as their gang leader.  Fourteen different phones, several registered SIM cards, and a diary containing phone numbers of several top government officials, were recovered from the suspects.

“Ogogo further confessed that they had made over N20m from their criminal activities within the last six months.”

Parading the suspects on Thursday in Abuja, the police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, said all the suspects confessed to the crime.

He said, “On March 23, 2017, the Intelligence Response Team arrested these notorious criminals who posed as top government functionaries.

 “The four-man syndicate, led by one ‘High Chief’ Ovie Ogogo, was arrested in a hotel in Kaduna State. All the suspects confessed to the crime and admitted to have impersonated several prominent citizens and made over N20m within the last six months.”

The police said other suspects would soon be arrested, while those in custody would be arraigned in court at the conclusion of investigation.

See The Man Who Raped A 7 Months Old Baby In Kastina (Photo)

The picture isn’t clear, it’s just for you to see what he looks like. He is 55, and the seven months old baby is his step daughter. It happened in Kastina and he is currently being held by the police while the baby is responding to treatment at Turai Yar’Adua Maternity and Children Hospital.

UNILORIN Prof’s Ex-driver, Two Others To Die By Hanging

A High Court in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, presided over by Justice H. Saleeman on Thursday sentenced three persons to death by hanging for armed robbery and attempting to commit culpable homicide against a professor with the University of Ilorin, Prof. Abdullahi Onimisi.

The convicts, who are Onimisi’s former driver, Mr. Opeyemi Esan; one Mr. Benjamin Musa and Mr. Oluwasegun Ajiboye, were convicted of robbery, punishable under Section 1 (2) Robbery and Firearms Act, Cap R 11, LFN 2004

The Kwara State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Kamalden Ajibade, who led the prosecution, had told the court that the professor disengaged the service of Esan due to his unruly behaviour.

Ajiade added that Esan was aggrieved with his dismissal and organised a robbery attack to retaliate the sack.

Esan, in his confession to the police, was said to have owned up that he recruited Musa and Ajiboye from Lagos State to deal with his former boss.

Ajibade said, “On September 10, 2016, at the Senior Staff Quarters, University of Ilorin, the accused, while armed with weapons, including guns and machetes, robbed Onimisi and his family of their property, including a car, handsets, jewellery, and other valuables.”

EFCC Arrests Woman Over N45m Herbal Cure Fraud (Photo)

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibadan Zonal office, have arrested one Okiribiti Adunola Aminat over an alleged case of conspiracy and obtaining money under false pretence. In a rehash of the old infamous advance fee fraud tact of spiritual help and solution to all problems, a victim has recounted her ordeal in the hands of a syndicate to the operatives signaling a warning to the public.

Aminat alongside other three cohorts (still at large) conspired using the decoy of providing cure and spiritual solution to the health challenges of the victim’s (name withheld) children and fleeced her of the sum of Forty five million naira (N45M).

Aminat, 34, who is married to one Wande Sesan Okiribiti, 47 (still at large) confessed that some of the money obtained from the victim was collected by her through her bank account domiciled at one of the new generation banks located in Ibadan.

According to the complainant, she allegedly met Wande sometimes in October 2014 at Utako, Abuja while in search of a cure for the health challenges of her children. Wande who posed as a local herb hawker and a spiritualist capable of providing solutions to all problems of unsuspecting patrons lured her to believing he had the cure to her children’s challenges. She subsequently made different payments as advised totaling forty five million naira.

However, the wool fell off her eyes when the request for funds transfers continued unabated, hence a petition to the Commission.
Members of the public are however, by the experience of this victim, advised to be weary of this age long tactic to avoid falling prey.
Aminat will be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded.

Albert Einstein Lookalikes Set New Guinness World Record (Photos)

A Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Albert Einstein lookalikes was set in Toronto on March 28. A total of 404 Einsteins got together. The Next Einstein event, an online competition to find the next genius idea, kicked off its launch with the attempt at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. 

Many young admirers of the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist probably have genius ideas of their own under those fake curly locks.

The competition, which started in 2013, "awards people who embody the same creative and curious spirit as Albert Einstein." In addition to a cash prize, the grand prize winner also becomes eligible for a Einstein Legacy Student Scholarship to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Woman Rescued After Being Locked Up For 16 Years By Family Over Inability To Get Pregnant (Photo)

A woman has been rescued after being imprisoned for 16 years in a tiny room by her family as punishment for falling pregnant, it has been reported. In a room only 3x3 metres in size, Maria Lúcia de Almeida Braga, now 36, was forced to live in filthy conditions, often naked, and relying on her family to feed her in the Brazilian property.

The room had no toilet and stank of faeces and urine, police reportedly said.

Maria Lúcia was held there by her family after falling pregnant aged 20, sleeping in a makeshift hammock.

But she was said to have been freed this month after an anonymous tip-off led police to the property in the town of Uruburetama - breaking through padlocks at the building to find the woman.

A police spokesman reportedly: "She rushed over to the officers with open arms when she saw us."

The main family members responsible were her unnamed father and brother João de Almeida Braga, 48, who was arrested for illegally detaining his sister and mistreating her.
While the dad was not apprehended due to ill health, her mother is believed to have tried to resist the punishment for her daughter.

When she gave birth, she was said to not have been able to keep the baby and as the brother and father gave the child away.

Kenyan Millionaire Javan Bidogo Wed's 2 Friends Same Weekend (Photos)

A Kenyan millionaire, Javan Bidogo, spent millions in lavish weddings for his two brides on the same weekend. The brides Asha Juma and Elvas Kulengwa tied the knot over the weekend at different locations. 

Mr Javan got married to the first Elvas on Saturday the 25th of March, and the second Asha on the 26th of March. Both at different expensive location's and strictly by invitation.

According to reports, Asha Juma wed Javan at the Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam while Elvas Kulengwa said her vows at the Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam.

Former Montreal Mayor Also Gets 1 Year In Prison For Corruption

Former Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has been sentenced to one year in prison on corruption-related charges to be followed by two years on probation.

The 54-year-old Applebaum was found guilty of pocketing about $37,000 Canadian (US$27,000) in kickbacks from developers and engineering firms through his former aide. The charges stemmed from two separate deals between 2007 and 2010, when Applebaum was mayor of the Montreal's largest borough.

The prosecution had sought a two-year prison sentence followed by two years of probation for his conviction in January on eight charges.

Applebaum was interim mayor of Canada's second-largest city between November 2012 and June 2013 after a lengthy political career at the municipal level. He had vowed to clean up the corruption scandals rocking the city before he was arrested in 2013.

Ali Ndume's People Protest Over His Suspension By Senate (Photos)

A protest took place in Biu over Senator Ali Ndume's suspension by the senate. The protesters are saying No To Saraki and Dino, insisting that they stand with Ndume. More photos after the cut...

America’s Serial Killer Dies After Attack In Prison (Photo)

A former nurse's aide dubbed the "Angel of Death" after he admitted killing three dozen hospital patients in Ohio and Kentucky died Thursday, two days after he was attacked and beaten in his prison cell.

Donald Harvey, who was serving multiple life sentences, was found injured in his cell Tuesday afternoon at the state prison in Toledo, officials said. A patrol report said -the 64-year-old was beaten when an unnamed person entered his cell.

Harvey pleaded guilty in 1987 to killing 37 people, mostly while he worked as a nurse's aide at hospitals in Cincinnati and London, Kentucky. He later claimed he was responsible for killing 18 others while working at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cincinnati.

A relative of one of Harvey's victims expressed some regret but also suggested his death might be comeuppance.

"I'm kind of sad to hear it. But he was involved in about 50 people's deaths, and I guess maybe the good Lord gave him what he deserved," said Larry Bellamy, of Louisville, Kentucky, whose father-in-law is believed to be Harvey's second victim.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who was an assistant on the case decades ago, said Harvey caused a great deal of pain.

"It may sound harsh, but the reality is that I do not have any compassion for Donald Harvey," Deters said.

Harvey told his former attorney the killings began in 1970 when was at Marymount Hospital in Kentucky.

Many of his victims were chronically ill patients and he claimed he was trying to end their suffering.

Harvey used arsenic and cyanide to poison most of his victims, often putting it in the hospital food he served them, prosecutors said. Some of the patients were suffocated when he let their oxygen tanks run out.

Twenty-one of the people Harvey killed were patients at the former Drake Memorial Hospital in Cincinnati, where he worked as a nurse's assistant.

He was caught after a medical examiner smelled cyanide while performing an autopsy on a victim.

Harvey told a newspaper after he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty that he liked the control of determining who lived and died.

Former Hamilton County Prosecutor Arthur Ney Jr., who prosecuted the cases in Cincinnati, said Harvey was not a mercy killer.

"He killed because he liked to kill," Ney said.