Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate (Episode 230-231)

Abhi sees car’s light and road and happily tells Pragya they have found a way and will reach home soon.In the morning, Janaki prepares food. Daadi sayswhen no one is hungry, why did she prepare food. Janaki say she knows that, but is preparingfood for Pragya as she knows she will come back. Door opens, Sarla gets happy thinking Pragya must have come,but Suresh comes, gives her kumkum bhagya’s papers and says she has won the case and he was tracking everycase hearing. Sarla says Pragya would have been very happy seeing papers, but she is not here.Abhi and Pragya walks till road. They then hide seeing kidnappers. Once they leave, he comes back on road and says he is rockstar Abhi and will get lift easily. As soon as he sees cars, he shouts that he is rockstar Abhi, but nobody stops. Once again, it is night. They continue walking and see a dhaba. Pragya says they can take a help from there and takes Abhi there. Dhaba owner speaks only in Marathi. Abhi jokes with him and asks to speak in Hindi or English.

He gets angry. Pragya interfers and speaks to owner in Marathi. She asks distance between mumbai and this place. He says 70-80 km and they will not get bus till morning. Abhi yells what will they do now and says he wants to speak to daadi. Owner speaks in English and says he has to pay money. Abhi gets irked and asks when he knows hindi, why did not he speak. Pragya again interferes. Abhi says he is rockstar Abhi. Dhabewala jokes then he is SRK, his man jokes that he is salman khan. Pragya again interferes and says he is Abhi’s fans and thinks himself as Abhi rockstar. Abhi asks why did she lie. She says to get transport, they have to lie and asks toget money. He checks his pockets and does not find money. she goes in to get mobile. Abhi sees someone eating food and stares at him. Man offers food. Abhi takes whole food.Pragya brings mobile and says if he had requested, owner would have given it to him. Abhi calls Dadi who is very tensed. Dadi gets happy hearing his voice and asks how is he and Pragya. He says both of them are fine and he will come soon once he finds a transport. Dadi called Sarla and told her to come tomorrow and told her that everything Is fine when she asked if Abhi and Pragya have been Found. 

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