Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 34-36)

Prem abhors Raghav in the wake of being forced to share bedroom with him. Kamala Tai's love and affection for Raghav when he injures himself leaves him annoyed and he requests her not to play the mother. Raghav is by all no happy with his new family members and he avoid from conversing with everyone. Vitthal and Kamala Tai bless Pallavi for her great show in the exams. Kamala Tai Prays for Pakhi's great show in the exams.

Neetu discovers that Raghav was unhappy being at home. Kalpana returns home and informs Kamala that she has topped in school. Then again, Pakhi flops in her exams. Out of envy Neetu affronts Kamala and censures her for Pakhi's failure. Kamala asks Pakhi to take in maths from Kalpana. Neetu bursts into wrath on spotting Kalpana teaching Pakhi. 

Kamala Tai tells Vitthal that Neetu pointed the finger at Kalpana for Pakhi's disappointment in exam and admonished her. Vitthal requests that Kamala Tai not meddle in matters relating to Pakhi's family and also to keep Kalpana far from Pakhi's family. Neetu plans to get a tutor for Pakhi while Pakhi secretly wants to get rid of the tutor when he arrives. Kamala Tai sees Pakhi disrespecting her tutor, she tries to inform her about being attentive while studying. Neetu comes there and shouts at Kamala Tai for crossing her lines as a maid.

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