Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 311-312)

As Roshni is about reaching the switch to turn it on, Siddharth saves her from being electrified. During the time spent sparing Roshni, Siddharth gets electrified. Shabnam's arrangement falls flat and she saves Siddharth using a plastic cover. Siddharth is then rushed to the hospital. Afterward, Siddharth discloses to Roshni that something is wrong and somebody is attempting to hurt her. 

Shabnam is prepared with her another arrangement to strike, Roshni. In the meantime, Shabnam's uncle calls her and enquires about her future plan. Her discussion is overheard by Kesar, who asks her about it. Shabnam manages the situation and does not give Kesar a chance to realize her plan. Then again, Biji finds Kritika sad and asks about the reason. Before Kritika could say something, Bua Dadi shows up and stops Kritika from uncovering the story of her wedding. A sad Kritika then leaves the scene. Biji noticed something fishy and chooses to check with Kritika. Will Biji discover that Kritika is been forced for her wedding?

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